"Why We Are Antisemites" - Text of Adolf Hitler's 1920 speech at the Hofbräuhaus

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Hofbrauhaus interior where Hitler spoke

National Socialist German Workers Party

Public meeting in the Great Hall of the Hofbräuhaus

Friday 15 August 1920

 Adolf Hitler

~~Why We Are Antisemites~~

Translation from German by Hasso Castrup (Copenhagen, Denmark), January, 2013, from the original published in Vierteljahrshefte für Zeitgeschichte, 16. Jahrg., 4. H. (Oct., 1968), pp. 390-420. http://www.ifz-muenchen.de/heftarchiv/1968_4.pdf   Edited by Carolyn Yeager. English Translation Copyright 2013 Carolyn Yeager - No republication without written permission.

 My dear countrymen and women! We are quite used to being generally referred to as monsters. And we are considered particularly monstrous because, in a question that certain gentlemen in Germany are nervous about, we are marching at the head – namely in the question of the opposition to the Jews.

The Heretics' Hour: Will Williams meets William Finck

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Jan. 21, 2013

Two men with very distinct personalities and followings meet each other for the first time on this program, revealing in the ensuing exchange that the division among White Nationalists over religion is deeper than any other disagreement. Will Williams, who was associated with William Pierce when he was alive, manages The Legacy of Dr. William Pierce and is a vehement foe of Christianity. William Finck is owner of Christogenea, a Christian Identity site, and it’s subdomain The Mein Kampf Project. Other topics discussed:

  • Was Adolf Hitler a Christian, a nominal Christian, or anti-Christian?
  • What sources for Hitler’s direct statements about religion are reliable?
  • The Sandy Hook “shooting” as a pretext for strict gun control laws;
  • How ordinary people can best lobby against the gun control legislation being pushed by the Obama administration;
  • What kind of guns do ordinary people need to own for effective self-defence;
  • The prevalence of false footage used in television news reports, as in a recent Anderson Cooper/CNN segment;
  • David Duke makes cozy with Gordon Duff on his radio show;
  • Public trust in government and business leaders is very low in a recent poll; time to take advantage of that?

Hadding Scott and Walt Hampton called in during the 2nd hour.

"The International Jew" Study Hour - Episode 27

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Dec. 27, 2012

Carolyn Yeager and Hadding Scott  read and comment on Chapter 22, Jewish Testimony on “Are Jews a Nation?”

How do the Jews consider who and what they are amongst themselves? Leading Jews proclaim Jews to be a race, or at the very least a nation. We read quotes from Louis D. Brandeis, Supreme Court Justice;  Rev. Mr. Morris Joseph, West London Synagogue of British Jews; Arthur D. Lewis, West London Zionist Association; Leon Simon, Jewish scholar and writer; Moses Hess, author of Rome and Jerusalem; and Israel Friedlaender, rabbi and biblical scholar, among others. All state that Jews are a distinct nationality of which every Jew, no matter where in the world he resides, is a member. Also, according to Brandeis, all must stand up and be counted, “counted with us, or prove himself, wittingly or unwittingly, of the few who are against their own people.”

It is also stated that Jewish spokesmen themselves have said that the troubles of the Jew have never arisen out of his religion. The attempt to shield the Jews under cover of their religion is, therefore, in face of the facts and of their own statements, an unworthy one.

Note: We are using the Noontide Press publication of  The International Jew — The World’s Foremost Problem which can be found online here as a pdf file.

Kevin MacDonald on End of Year Strategies for White Advocacy

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Dec. 17, 2012

Prof. Kevin MacDonald assesses the situation for White Advocacy as 2012 comes to a close. After the wake-up call of the national election, now there is the shock of the 20 children murdered in their kindergarten classroom in Connecticut.  Discussion included:

  • The good news is a crop of new writers and Internet sites that focus on White people’s issues;
  • The bad news is we can’t get onto mainstream TV, even for an interview;
  • Very strong anti-communist America First movement in the 30′s and 40′s was ended in an instant by Pearl Harbor, essentially a false-flag event;
  • Strategies to use when The Second Amendment is seriously challenged in 2013 in the wake of the Connecticut shootings;
  • The dismal state of psychiatry  today, and the overuse of poorly understood drugs;
  • Blame for most of what’s gone wrong can be placed on the liberal revolution that began in the 1960′s.

Problems with the call-in system plus human error caused some delay at the beginning of the 2nd hour.

    In the first hour, Carolyn attempts to put some finality to her researches into the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion by showing that the origin and authorship still cannot be known for certain. Thus their value lies in their ability to reveal changes in Western nations that result from wars and revolutions, just as they have occurred, and how they were carried out and by whom. If this is not good enough for some people, then they will see the Protocols as having no, or too little, value. Carolyn still rates this document as having, on balance, an important contribution to make.

    Saturday Afternoon: Interview with John de Nugent

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    Nov. 10, 2012

    Long time White Nationalist John de Nugent is gearing up for a new drive to lead Whites in America in this post-election period. John, in his own words, aspires to be a philosopher-king, while, at the same time, he works at the grass-roots level in his local Pennsylvania area. John is good-natured about host Carolyn Yeager getting a bit tough in her questioning as she seeks for precise  answers to our present travails.  Subjects ranged from:

    • Is the German-American experience of the World Wars  now being repeated in general White American experience;
    • What to do about the “nobility and naivety” of the blue-eyed Aryan race;
    • What is required in a White leader;
    • Do we even need a single White leader who will simply be a target;
    • The Northwest Front vs. John’s Pennsylvania-Ohio-Kentucky-W. Virginia location for a White Safety Zone;
    • Chemtrails and other neuro-chemical methods of numbing and dumbing Whites;
    • The importance of religion for long-lasting group survival.

    Why I will go out on election day and vote for Romney

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    By Carolyn Yeager

    As someone who gave up on the U.S. electoral system in November 2004, and has only voted for third party candidates since -- even sitting out altogether the last primary election in Texas where I live -- I have decided that I will vote for the Republican candidate for President. This, when it takes place, will be the first time I have ever voted for a Republican for President! There is a first time for everything, so it's said.

    Why have I made this decision to vote for someone I really don't like or trust, who doesn't share my politics, who I think will be bad for the country? In addition, my vote won't really make a difference anyway as I'm in a red state certain to give all it's electoral votes to Romney.


    Race, White Nationalism

    Saturday Afternoon: Can White racial consciousness prevail?

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    Sept. 29, 2012

    Don, a lawyer from southern California, is Carolyn’s guest for two hours of discussion ranging from the after-effects of the Trayvon Martin case, to the mentality of those on both sides of the slavery issue in America, to the non-credibility of the Barack Obama persona as sold to us by the media. In all cases, “untruth” triumphs over truth, yet Don remains optimistic that Whites will prevail in the end. Points of discussion include:

    • Obama: “Trayvon looks like he could be my son.”
    • Rush Limbaugh, Pat Buchanan and Ann Coulter speak against White guilt;
    • White self-hatred of Northern abolitionists who wanted to amalgamate the black-white races;
    • Early photo-shopped pictures of ‘Barry’ Obama and odd-ball errors and anecdotes in his alleged writings;
    • Obama hates Whites, favors Muslims, may be homosexual;
    • And more.

    Image: 19-year old Barack Obama and his Pakistani roommate Mohammed Hasan Chandoo at Occidental College in 1980, as described in the program.

    The Heretics' Hour: Interview with VOR's Dietrich and Mishko

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    Sept. 10, 2012

    Dietrich Mullis and Mishko Novosel of Voice of Reason radio network join Carolyn Yeager for a spirited show that some may feel became pugnacious at times, but not really,  folks. It’s all in a friendly effort to get to the heart of things – Whites talking to Whites doesn’t get much better. Among many subjects discussed, some highlights:

    • Dietrich to return to radio on a twice-monthly basis to start;
    • Bringing back the name Whitelandia, but will it replace Voice of Reason?
    • No more hosting of the old VOR shows – hosts are encouraged to take their archives and experience somewhere;
    • Discussion of the  number of listeners – depends on how they’re counted;
    • Questions from a listener about start-up costs of equipment, servers and how to thank contributors;
    • Another listener asks about D and M’s policy on  anarchists, non-whites, homosexuals and holohoax revisionists;
    • Both Mishko and Dietrich say a few words about Alex Linder.

    Image: A rare glimpse of Dietrich with his dog … or is it one of Mishko’s dogs?

    Saturday Afternoon: Crossed signals - What's up at VOR?

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    Sept. 8, 2012

    Are the stars crossed in perverse ways lately? Are unusual planetary formations involving Mercury (ruling communication) creating havoc here on earth amongst we poor mortals? Dietrich Mullis and Carolyn’s email messaging to each other got crossed just once and created confusion about  his appearing on this program. However, he eventually was able to call in during the 2nd hour with about 40 minutes left to go and the result was a helpful and informative chat. Thanks Dietrich!

    In the first hour, Carolyn talked about the history of Voice of Reason Network (VOR), according to what she was able to find, with the idea of learning something from it. She spoke of several of the show hosts, especially Dietrich, Mishko and Peter Schaenk. The White Network’s new program host, August Hurst, came on in the last few minutes of the first hour and continued into the first quarter of the second hour, introducing his new weekly show “An Hour by the Window” to the listeners.  The program ended on a positive note.

    Image: Cosmic chaos snapshot from the Hubble telescope

    Saturday Afternoon: Libel, Slander, Defamation on the Internet

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    Sept. 1, 2012

    Bill Finck of Christogenea.org  is Carolyn’s guest in the first hour to discuss the ADL-directed campaign to bully and bribe Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) to deny service to White Nationalist, Holocaust Revisionist and Christian web sites that expose the truth about the Jews. Bill recently had to move all of his sites to new servers with another company. Because this is an ongoing campaign by the Anti-Defamation League, the discussion was about how to combat it. Finck suggests creating a vehicle representing our “shared core principles” – a defamation league of our own – with a common face fighting on a common front, no matter which of the three above named groups we most identify with.

    In the second hour, Carolyn Yeager presents her side of the story in the midst of the accusations and finger-pointing following the apparent demise of Voice of Reason Network.  She describes her long slide toward complete disenchantment with VOR, her leave-taking, and her subsequent non-personal criticism concerning the loss of White values at the network (as she perceives it).