The Heretics's Hour: Can we live without the "Holocaust?"

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2014-12-08 10:31

Dec. 8, 2014

Can you imagine a Holocaust-free world - or at least Western world? As the "facts and figures" upholding the holohoax continue to fall to the wayside as they are proven false, what will continue to hold it together? Some points of discussion:

  • Young German woman suffering from guilt wastes her time catering to 81 yr old lying Polish "survivor" who was a child in Auschwitz;
  • Some reasons given for the poor hygiene reputation at Majdanek;
  • Nick Kollerstrom's new book has an effective scientific approach, such as using the affirmation, "Mass human cyanide gas chambers have never existed in human history."
  • Ray Goodwin calls and we discuss whether the "Jews for Justice for Germans" is a good idea;
  • A comment at demonstrates the disinterest in "reason and science" of most believers;
  • The Latin American Pope Francis is teaching that the greatest evil in the world today is antisemitism;
  • What the book "We Wont See Auschwitz" reveals to Carolyn about the Jewish mindset. [1hr52min]


I can't comment on the HH

So, I'll do it here. I fully agree about what you two said about Jews for Germans. If they are indeed "Good Jews", they should "evangalize" their fellow Jews. Same is true for Brother Nathaniel. "Good Jews" often only think about the possible blow-back against Jews if their lies get exposed. Although I respect their efforts, they are not of us and should stop pretending they were. There is a lot of work to do in their own community/nation and they should focus on that mainly. ... Markus

It was set on "closed" for some reason - don't ask me why or how. So thanks for bringing it to my attention.

I've had further thoughts since this program aired, which I will gather in my mind and post later. I think JFJFG is not hard enough on the Jews, except for this one:

we call on all Governments to repeal, with immediate effect, all Holocaust denial laws and immediately publicly apologize to and compensate all who have suffered under those laws.

 They mostly profess there should be a dialogue between Jews and Germans, which results in bringing Jews and Germans closer together! That's their solution because they're Jews! As a German, I only want Jews to go away and leave Germans alone. It would be good if they would retract their blood libel against the National-Socialist government of the Third Reich, though. That would be a positive step.

But they are anti-Racists exactly in order so that Jews can live anywhere in the world, as some kind of specially privileged race. After all, Paul Eisen is in London, isn't he, and London is controlled by Jewish power-brokers and banking families. Eisen believes he and his kinsmen are a great asset to Britain, just as he believes that "German" Jews are legitimate Germans, rather than interlopers who arrived at some points in history and used subterfuge to "fit in" (such as changing their names) and profit from the natives.

Does Wayne from Canada (Justice for Germans) believe that too? Apparently he does -- at least some of the time.

Is that the 100 writers/historians that got jailed only or generations of Germans (and others that collaborated with NS-Germany or even Americans who allegedly didn't save Jews soon enough) that are being collectively punished and exploited, also? Not only the financial  exploitation  but also the spiritual and psychological damage upon 100's of millions of people. Plus the justification that it serves to invade the Middle East and flood Western countries with 3rd Worlders and Eastern Europeans. That is a lot of compensation, which cannot be paid in money alone. 
The Right of Return must be a Duty of Return and all future Western support for Israel must stop, financially, militarily or otherwise. In addition, all Jewish International NGOs must be abolished. I believe Mr. Eisen simply wants the first option only to avoid the second, for those hate speech laws might possibly lead to a harsh blow-back. It's an attempt to appease and let Jews off the hook for their lying. He still emphazizes how bad 1933-45 was for European Jews, just not THAT bad and I believe he is mostly concerned with a future percecution of Jews, once the milage runs out of milking the Holocaust. The Jews can enact all laws they wish in Israel but outside of Israel, no Jewish lobby should ever have influence again. Jews should not be present in Non-Jewish nation states. Would Mr. Eisen agree with that?

The young woman catering to the 81 yr old Polish woman is probably a crypto. She could easily be a Jewess, not German. Media is always looking for holcaust stories with human content.  What odds the whole story is bogus ?

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