My Awakening To Holohoax Truths

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The following blog was taken from Day of the Rope.

Essay by Oscar Yeager

I wanted to share with you all about how I came to understand that the "Holocaust" never happened so far as a planned intentional program to kill Jews is concerned. (I used to believe that it was for real.)

I can remember "learning" about the "Holocaust" back in elementary school, we were told that there was indeed a planned extermination campaign against Jews, that Adolf Hitler was an "evil" man, and all of the usual blather you still hear to this day spewing from the lips of those who will benefit by promoting such lies. The Anne Frank diary was required reading at some point.

Looking back, I now realize how liberal the teachers were (and still are) back then. I can also remember those same teachers saying that the earth would be out of oil by the year 2000 at then current consumption rates, and how evil strip mining was, how it raped the natural resources and left nothing, and so on.

Not that modern day "conservatives" are any better, since both sides are very Zionist, get tons of money from AIPAC for supporting Jewish bull crap, start wars and get American soldiers and foreign innocents killed on Israel's behalf, etc.

Back then I would even believe the word of my teachers over my parents, since I knew my parents were not college educated, so I fell for this con game hook, line, and sinker.

The first time I ever heard of anyone questioning the mainstream (Jewish) version of the "Holocaust" was when I read an article in my local newspaper.

It seems there was someone going around to our local town library inserting literature into WWII history books, with headlines such as "Did six million really die?" and the like, with ads for books on sale concerning Holocaust revisionism.

The library didn't know who was doing this, but promised to prosecute them under the law if they ever caught the person or people responsible.

My first reaction to this article was to ask myself "What kind of fool would suggest that the Holocaust never happened? Of course it happened, everyone knows that." Little did I know that I was the fool at the time.

I didn't give it much subsequent thought, until years later when the Internet became popular, and I came online.

I happened to read about a historian who was jailed for questioning various aspects of the "Holocaust," his research disputed some of the numbers, and cause of death for people in concentration (labor) camps.

I found it very bizarre that someone would get jailed for that, I mean, maybe your research could be flawed, but research is research. But he was labeled a "Holocaust denier" and jailed for doing this.

So I thought to myself, "How odd. I mean if someone came up to me and said that the Pearl Harbor attack never happened, that it was all cooked up in a Hollywood studio to give us an excuse to attack Japan, I may very well think the person a fool. I might even suggest he seek mental help. But what I wouldn't do is jump up and down, summon a policeman, and demand the person be arrested for denying Pearl Harbor."

I would probably even extend the courtesy to the person to listen to what information he had, so that I could figure out where the person was coming from, and learn how they came to believe this.

But, not so with the "Holocaust." Say that you believe that only 5,999,999 Jews died and all hell breaks loose. ("Oy Vey! He is trampling on the memory of one of our persecuted brethren!")

So I investigated for myself. I saw that there is virtually no evidence whatsoever to support the Holocaust myth, that even a U.S. supreme court justice said that the Nuremberg trials were a sham. I learned that any "gas chamber" that exists today was built after the war, I saw that the Jews could not make up their minds about how they died, that there was plenty of money to be made for pretending to be a victim, contradictory testimony among "survivors," etc.

Even many Jews will finally admit that there were no Jew soap bars, lampshades, and so on, that those stories were just war propaganda. But they cling to the "gas chamber" story. I guess they finally came to a consensus to run with that.

I watched the Jewish revisionist David Cole videos, saw how the Jew organizations were seeking information on where he lived, etc. Then saw him do a 180 degree flip and say he changed his mind, and now believes in the "Holocaust." Problem is he offered no evidence on why he changed his mind, so it's totally obvious he was either threatened or paid off.

I studied both sides very thoroughly, and I can say that it's a slam dunk that the so called "Holocaust" never happened. Besides, it should be up to the people making the claim that it did to provide evidence for that. Almost all physical evidence that exists actually disproves the Holocaust as having happened as the Jews say.

Even so, with the advances in forensics since the end of the second world war, we could easily prove beyond a shadow of a doubt to the world that it is a
giant Jew scam.

But since the Jews have much to hide, they will not permit any scientific examination, they know that since they own and control the media, they own and control the thoughts and beliefs of the masses of brainwashed lemmings.

My hat is off to President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran for holding the Holocaust conference, since many Western scholars are not permitted to freely research the subject without being jailed and having their lives turned upside down.



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