"The International Jew" Study Hour - Episode 75

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Dec. 5, 2013

Carolyn Yeager and Hadding Scott read and comment on Chapter 70, “The Gentle Art of Changing Jewish Names.”

The tendency of Jews to change their names dates back very far. In more recent times,  the nationalism of Europe was intense and Jews, being an international people,  moved among the nations seeking not to reveal their true identity. Some highlights:

  • The authors give us a long list of Jewish names and what they’re most commonly changed into;
  • In America, the names of Presidents are quite popular with the name-changers;
  • Jews especially like names that do not name, but stand as impressive insignia;
  • Zionism and anti-Semitism are also misnomers — labels pretending one thing while quite another really exists;
  • The American Jewish Committee would be more accurately called The Jewish Commission for America because it tells us what we may and may not do.

Note: We are using the Noontide Press publication of The International Jew — The World’s Foremost Problem which can be found online here as a pdf file.

A Jew Interviews Adolf Hitler, 1931

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Thanks to the Winston Smith Ministry of Truth blog for finding these terrific words of Adolf Hitler. I think they're so good I am posting the interview here also, to make sure as many people as possible will read it. 

It was published in The Jewish Criterion magazine of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in January 1931. A note about the story appeared in the February 6, 1931 magazine:

Berlin-- Adolf Hitler, founder and organizer of the Fascists of Germany, who elevated anti-Semitism into a respectable cult in this country, became rather angry when he was shown a copy of an interview on Jewish subjects which had been syndicated to the Jewish press of America by the Seven Arts Feature Syndicate. The interview, which had been obtained by a Berlin Correspondent of the Syndicate, quotes Hitler extensively on his anti-Jewish views.

Hitler, not denying the authenticity of the views he expressed, is upset because he did not realize that his ideas would be put between quotation marks. He thought that he was to be quoted indirectly. Hitler had always insisted that he would never give an interview to a Jew, and he had boasted that if a Jewish journalist wanted his words of wisdom he would have to pay five marks ($1.25) per word. He had not known when he started to give the interview that Max Fraenkel was Jewish, and he did not know that he was giving away precious words on anti-Semitism which he thinks should be paid for at the rate of a dollar and a quarter a word.


Adolf Hitler

The Heretics' Hour: The Narrow Road vs The Wide Avenue

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Dec. 2, 2013

In the first hour, Carolyn continues her criticism of  Mark Weber, and includes radio show hosts  Kyle Hunt, Rodney Martin and Deanna Spingola who have given Weber an easy time of it, rather than asking, and demanding answers to, tough questions. Mark Weber has been a disastrous director of the Institute for Historical Review and should be held accountable  for it. Rewarding people for failure and weakness is the absolute wrong thing to do if we are serious about turning things around for ourselves. [By the way, I forgot to mention I sent an email to MW on Sunday inviting him to come on my Saturday Afternoon program; he has not replied. I knew he wouldn't, but still, he could take the opportunity to defend himself ... if he had a defense.]

Second hour focuses on John Friend and his friendliness with Jews over quite a period of time. Why does he express himself as strongly as anyone does against Jews in White society, and at the same time link for no good reason to anti-Hitler websites run by Jews? John’s compulsion to have his finger in every pie leads to the conclusion that he is just dabbling and won’t last long in any of it. Carolyn finishes up with Adolf Hitler’s words in 1931 that “German life must be purged of all foreign (Jewish) elements that distort the true German Spirit.” Substitute Aryan for German.

Leopold Wenger's letters from France, May-December 1941

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'Poldi in Brest, France, 1941, in his Me 109

copyright 2013 Wilhelm Wenger and Carolyn Yeager
Translated from the German by Markus

Continued from Jan-April 1941

1 May 1941: [Still in the city of Cherbourg] Drunk sailors are found in all corners today because it is a common holiday. I used this free afternoon to thoroughly sleep myself out because where we live, and get up at 5 a.m. for emergency service which lasts until 10 p.m., drastically gets on one's nerves. Then the commuting from the city to our squadron location takes another half hour. I will be happy whenever I can go back to my squadron, which is heading further West.

How are my two little siblings doing? Is Gerhard still so terrible? Or has he gotten better? [2 years old] And Greterl [6 years old] ought to get her hair cut again, for then I will send her chocolate.


World War II

The Unforgivable Sins of Mark Weber

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From left: Mark Weber, visitor Fredrick Toben, Greg Raven at the IHR office in Southern California in April 1997.

By Carolyn Yeager

Mark Weber must be forced out of the IHR along with his Board of Directors and a brand new Board should be appointed by a committee made up of at least nine recognized historical/holocaust revisionists, each with a track record of honesty and commitment. This is the method Weber used in the early nineties when he played a major role in ousting founder Willis Carto from the IHR, so it can't be called unfair.

Saturday Afternoon: Jews and Art; Germans and NSU; Mark Weber and IHR

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Nov. 23, 2013

Watercolor (21 x 25 inches) by Hans Christoph, one of the “artworks” that poor,  persecuted Jews are fighting to get their hands on. Called German Expressionism, how is this different from ordinary cartoons or caricatures that thousands of run-of-mill artists can do?

More of the art in the Cornelius Gurlitt collection has been put online, while a task-force, under Uwe Hartmann, has been set up to investigate the provenance of each one. Organized jewry is howling in protest because this could take a long time, and could prove much of their tale of “Nazi theft from Jews” to be wrong.  Cornelius will immediately get back over 300 of the artworks as rightly belonging to him, bringing more criticism from jews.

News from the National-Socialist Underground Trial in Munich: Defense attorneys file a complaint that they are not receiving the required amount of euros they are entitled to. Uwe Böhnhardt‘s mother, Brigitte, testifies for two days in a way that displeases the court – she makes excuses for her son, is not remorseful toward the Turks, and thanks Beate Zschäpe for her kindness. She is a bad woman and parent!

Mark Weber is appearing on WN radio programs treated as a great asset to “our cause.” His large role in the destruction of the once-vibrant Institute for Historical Review is forgotten or unknown by younger activists whose world-view only reaches back to the year 2000 or so. Carolyn briefly reviews Mark’s undistinguished career and asks: Do we forgive betrayers and hold them once again in high esteem in our ranks? Should we celebrate weakness? (Look for an essay adding further to this subject soon at Carolyn Yeager Writings)

"The International Jew" Study Hour - Episode 74

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Nov. 21, 2013

Hadding Scott and Carolyn Yeager read and comment on Chapter 69, "Arnold and His Jewish Aides at West Point.”

The story of Benedict Arnold's treasonous act at West Point with British Major John Andre (pictured right); Arnold's escape to a British ship while his aides Major David Solesbury Franks and  Lt. Col. Richard Varick were arrested and later defended each other's innocence in court. Both were exonerated but only Varick rightly so. Other points of interest:

  • Another member of the Franks family, Col. Issac Franks, turned up in charge of supplies at West Point;
  •  Jew David Franks of Philadelphia, supplier to the American army, was also arrested, but managed to get away with being deported out the country (and then took his own sweet time in leaving!);
  • David Solesbury Franks retained his rank, but eventually the true patriots within the army and government succeeded in "retiring" him with 400 acres of land;
  • D.S. Franks is used by Jews up till today as the representative of the Jew in Revolutionary times, and extravagantly praised.

Click Image to enlarge:  American turncoat Benedict Arnold giving Maj. John Andre papers to conceal in his boot and take them to the British to enable them to capture West Point, in this print by C.F. Blauvelt and W. Wellstood circa 1785.

Note: We are using the Noontide Press publication of The International Jew — The World’s Foremost Problem which can be found online here as a pdf file.

The Heretics' Hour: How and Why the United States "turned" Poland's foreign policy in 1939

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Nov. 18, 2013

How two United States ambassadors serving President Franklin Roosevelt worked to wreck feelings of trust between Poland’s Foreign Office under Josef Beck and the government of Adolf Hitler. German Historian Dr. Alfred Schickels paper “Germany and Poland in American secret documents” examines the secret memorandums and telegrams sent by Drexel Biddle, U.S. Ambassador to Poland, which contained secret conversations held by William C. Bullitt, U.S. Ambassador to France, with Joself Beck and other high-level Poles such as Marshall Ridz-Smigly. Some important points:

  • Beck met three times with Ambassador to France Bullitt during his private visit to Warsaw in November 1937;
  • The content of these and other conversations were contained in four “confidential memoranda” sent by Ambassador Biddle to Sec. of State Cordell Hull (and Roosevelt);
  • Poland accepted Germany’s actions on behalf of the Sudetan Germans in Czechoslovakia in 1938, and the break-up of the Czech state, because through it she also gained autonomy for Poles in the Teschen region;
  • Biddle’s secret telegram of March 29, 1939 revealed that the planned response by Beck to any specific suggestion from Berlin would now be a “dignified, polite but firm” no;
  • The U.S. even deceived Poland about the “Secret Additional Protocol” signed by Ribbentrop and Molotov on Aug. 21, and so the British government signed the Anglo-Polish mutual assistance agreement on August 25, 1939.

Also, the latest developments in the persecution of  Cornelius Gurlitt and the “Looted Nazi Art” scam and why it is a scam.

Click image to enlarge:  William C. Bullitt, first US Ambassador to the Soviet Union, 1933-1936; US Ambassador to France, 1936-1940, seated in car with FDR. Bullitt played a prominent role in giving Polish diplomats the “American view” in 1938-39.  His second wife, Louise Bryant, was the widow of John Reed, the famous American “Red.”

Saturday Afternoon: World War Two Revisionism with Piotr Zychowicz

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Nov. 16, 2013

Warsaw-based historian Piotr Zychowicz has written two books since 2012 that are hugely controversial in Poland. Both are centered on tragic mistakes Poles made that added to their suffering during the second world war. The first is Pakt Ribbentrop-Beck, with the premise that Foreign Minister Beck should have agreed to ally with Hitler against the Soviet Union in 1939. The second is Madness ’44: How Poles Made a Gift to Stalin by Launching the Warsaw Uprising.  Zychowicz sees it as a disastrous mistake. Some highlights:

  • Poland’s #1 enemy has always been the Soviet Union and/or Russia;
  • Great Britain convinced Josef Beck he could prevent war by helping in the encirclement of Germany in ’39;
  • England cynically used Beck to provoke Hitler to attack Poland and create war between Germany and Soviet Union;
  • Churchill is the most terrible character in the whole history of Poland;
  • Zychowicz says the National-Socialists had stupid genocidal policies in Poland and all Eastern Europe;
  • Zychowicz admits that a problem for Poles is not thinking realistically about themselves;
  • Today, Poland and Germany have a great relationship, says Zychowicz.

Image: Piotr Zychowicz and his second book.

"The International Jew" Study Hour - Episode 73

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Nov. 14, 2013

Carolyn Yeager reads and comments on Chapter 68,Benedict Arnold and Jewish Aid in Shady Deal.”

How Benedict Arnold got courts-martialed, after being given the command of Philadelphia, for “having shut down the stores and shops, even to all officers, while he privately made considerable purchases at lowered prices for his own benefit.” And how the Jewish Franks, who supplied the Army, escaped guilty verdicts time and again. Highlights:

  • A committee of the Continental Congress commissions the Jewish merchant David Franks of Philadelphia to feed and care for British prisoners that General Arnold had captured and brought from Canada;
  • Because of this, Franks was given many unusual privileges in regard to the British enemy command in New York;
  • When David Franks is prosecuted for treason, he goes free in spite of the evidence against him;
  • Gen. Washington’s aide de camp sees two incriminating letters written by Gen. Arnold to his aide David Solesbury Franks and testifies to this, while D.S. Franks testifies on behalf of Arnold;
  • Both D.S. Franks and Arnold “threaten” to leave the army because their “personal affairs” are suffering (that is, not enough money for them);
  • Once again, Arnold escapes with a reprimand, this time officially given by George Washington who says he will himself “furnish (Arnold) with opportunities to regain the esteem of his country.”

Next week we see how that turns out. Click Image to enlarge: Burial marker for David Solesbury/Salisbury Franks “highest ranking Jewish officer in the Continental Army.” Donated by Feinstein Center at Temple Univ., American Jewish Committee, and Christ Church.

Note: We are using the Noontide Press publication of The International Jew — The World’s Foremost Problem which can be found online here as a pdf file.