Go, you Deutsche!

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Hand written sign says "Against Forced Islamization!" Monday evening during a march of 10,000 in Dresden, Germany.

From Der Spiegel - 12-9-14

Dresden / Berliin - The chairman of Alternative for Germany (AfD), Bernd Lucke,  spoke positively about the right-wing populist alliance of "patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West" (Pegida) on his Facebook page. He "welcomed" their announcing of their goals in an "exclusively peaceful way."

He also said that it is "good and correct" that citizens express their "concerns about the spread of radical Islamist ideology" in such nonviolent demonstrations. The demonstrations showed that these people did not feel their concerns were understood by politicians, as reported also in the Süddeutsche Zeitung.

Lucke, who is himself a Protestant, stressed that he did not have a negative attitude towards Islam as a religion, but was fighting against a misogynistic, violent political ideology that warred against even religious freedom and tolerance and Western values.

The Pegida movement should "leave no doubt that it seeks to defend precisely these values with its defense of the West," Lucke said.

The Deputy AfD Chairman Hans-Olaf Henkel viewed the Pegida protests with greater skepticism. It is not inconceivable, he told Der Spiegel, that the protests "develop xenophobic or even racist connotations."

[But who cares what these politicians say. They are reacting; the people are ACTING, and in ever larger numbers. - cy]

On Monday evening, ten thousand people marched through Dresden to protest against the Islamization of Germany and  abuse of asylum. When, eight weeks earlier, the first protestors demonstrated, they got little attention. But the new size of the protest has startled politicians and experts -they are warning of "incitement" and "pogroms". [Does that sound like Jewish language"? -cy]

The followers of the movement are calling for a stricter asylum policy and oppose the inclusion of "economic refugees" - who are, in their view, asylum seekers not entitled to the protection but are only coming for social benefits. They warn of Muslim extremists and religious wars on German soil.

But the concern about German culture, stollen (traditional Christmas bread) and Santa Claus drives them too. They do not find it acceptable that the Christmas market in Berlin is already being called the winter market,
out of consideration for the feelings of non-Christians. [Atrocious! Would anyone expect this in Turkey or Africa? -cy]

Another view of the crowd in Dresden on Monday night - the banner reads something like "Against Religious Fanaticism."


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Although I am glad that AfD is somewahat sane in their politics, the AfD is very kosher. 

In addition, Pegida stands for "Patriotic Europeans against the Islamization of the West" ... so European is in the name, which had escaped my notice. It also supposedly wants to preserve the "Judeo-Christian" culture of the West. Yuk.

Nationalist Europe is so freaked out over all the Muslims coming in, they are more than ready to align with Jews. So it is not unadulterated good news. Still, it is encouraging to see Germans coming out in such large numbers protesting the cultural destruction of their national life. Except it's Jews who are orchestrating the cultural destruction! It's a tangled mess, unfortunately.

A Russian view with lots of pics: http://rt-tv.f29hgb.ru/news/212739-germany-dresden-protest-islamisation/

Of course, it is pleasant to see Germans marching again and even making the connection to "Wir sind das Volk", which is the German unity slogan when the corrupt DDR occupation fell. But I see few or none Kaiser-flags, which is odd. German nationalists (at least the real ones) despise the Weimar flag (which was adopted by both occupation constructs BRD and DDR). While the average German demonstrant might not be aware of the controversy, where are the true nationalists among them? Or are they being sent home by the organizers? 

Because the people unhappy about these marches are the usual suspects: It says in a USA Today article, "Meanwhile, student groups, political parties, Dresden's Jewish community and the city's mayor have urged citizens to join a counter-protest Monday for peace and tolerance."

Haha, student groups means anti-racists; political parties are of the Left; the Jews and the Jew-loving mayor who wants to ban the February Dresden Bombing Memorial March. If they don't like it, it can't be all bad.

Means kill all Germans. Look at the Dresden counter-demonstrations in the link. It is also interesting to read about the British BUSO group and relevant to what you and Ray said about the British. 
(to answer the question, where the British would be: running their empire instead of whining about Germany's central role in Central Europe and ruining their empire because of it) It could be a mutually beneficial friendship as Hitler always proposed. 

"Deutsch" is an adjective. It needs to say: "Go Deutsche" which means German people.

I changed it, but in looking it up I found it confusing since there is also the difference between Deutsche (feminine) and Deutscher (masculine). Undecided

I'm German - I should know. In the plural when you address a group it's "Deutsche"
Like "Deutsche, respond, defend yourself!"
When you speak ABOUT them, then you call them "die Deutschen"
Yes you are right, when you address one person female or male it's either Deutsche or Deutscher. 
When you talk about a German man you say "der Deutsche" and when you talk about a female you say "die Deutsche." Same way! Confusing, isn't it?! Germany is gramatically not an easy language to learn.
Hope this clears things up.

OOPS! I should have said "German" is gramatically not... I'm always in a hurry!

I was just going to thank you for your German lesson and tell you it's nice to know that you are really a German because I've seen your name before, and some commenters use German screen names but are not German. That bugs me.

I've actually often seen 'Germany' used when I think it should be 'German.' Something like "The Germany team is ..." and even more unusual-sounding than that. But I haven't come across any lately or I'd give some better examples.

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