How many times does it have to be said? Hitler didn't have dark hair.

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2014-08-31 12:57

Today, I saw another reference to Hitler's "dark hair" on what is supposed to be a pro-Hitler website by a pro-Hitler commenter.

"It makes me wonder why Hitler, Goebbels, Himmler, Hess, Speer etc all had dark hair." -HdP

Neither Hitler nor Himmler had dark hair, the other three did. Too many people accept whatever they see in a photograph -- any individual photograph -- without taking into consideration that hair invariably looks darker in photos that are not taken in direct sunlight. The resolution/quality of the photo also makes a big difference.

Hitler's hair was medium brown; Himmler's hair was a light shade of brown [or "dirty" blonde?]. Light to medium brown is probably the most common hair color among ethnic German people (this includes Austrians). From there it goes to lighter and to darker in probably equal numbers.

In addition, Hitler, Himmler and Hess had blue eyes. I can't discover the color of Speer's eyes, but his son has blue eyes [2-13-17: A commenter just presented proof Speer's eyes were brown - see comments]. Brown-eyed Germans, like Goebbels, were just as German as blue-eyed Germans. Besides, Goebbels was the father of several light-haired, blue-eyed children. The blue-eyed Magda Goebbels' hair looks dark in most pictures but she was actually a blonde.

Here are some pictures of Hitler and Himmler revealing their true hair color.

Hitler as a schoolboy. Low resolution of the photo makes for more contrast between dark and light, so the darks become black without any gradation. From this, we judge Adolf as a light to medium brown-haired boy.

High-resolution photograph shows the whole range of values; Hitler is obviously a brown-ette. Compare his hair-color with that of the blackbird's - haha.

Here's another high resolution photo.

They way the sunlight reflects off Hitler's hair in the above picture shows that his hair is light. This effect could not happen with dark hair. Baldur von Shirach, seated in the car next to Hess, is a dark-blonde-haired man yet only a small highlight shows in his otherwise dark-lookng hair ... because of the nature of black-white photography.

And finally, this portrait graced the cover of the N-S Party's Illustrierter Beobachter for Hitler's 1941 birthday. No artist is given.

Another photograph of Hitler can be seen here.

Heinrich Himmler as a schoolboy reveals what would actually be light-brown hair.

High-quality studio photograph with lighting that doesn't create dark shadows. We see Himmler's hair, eyebrows and mustache are all quite light. His eyes also appear light.

This oil painting of Himmler shows blue eyes and blondish hair. Portrait artists are careful to get the eye and hair color right - thus are more reliable than most photographs.

One last photo that shows Himmler as a "fair-haired boy."


The question you should be asking yourself Carolyn,why give a damn whether his hair was brown or dark brown? Who cares if he had mongrel genes in him,it doesnt change his meesage at all. So please quit with all the slav and med bashing.They all are our racial brethren.

I can tell from your email address. But we care because we care about the truth of matters. I interpret your comment as meaning it's fine if people go around saying "all the top Nazis had black hair". With that thinking it would also be okay to say "all Nazis were part Jewish" and "all Nazis were fags." So what, if it doesn't change their message, right?

How does this post amount to slav and med bashing? I guess you visited here from the Daily Stormer, the bastion of pro-Russianism, where I left a link. Maybe you consider my criticisms of Putin to be "slav-bashing." Slavs are what they are; they have a history. But Adolf Hitler would NOT want to be considered part Slav.

Clearly you misunderstood my comment, Since you consider anyone that isn't Nordic/Celtic anglo, etc of being basically a mongrel like slavs and mediterraneans, obviously Hitler wasn't a pure Nordic by his obvious features, keep thinking im a troll it matters not, I really do like your research and no matter what you think of me I will still enjoy your website, thank you.All Europeans should have same goal regardless of minor genetic and culture differences. 

I have never promoted Nordics or Celts as the best, nor have I ever said that Slavs and Meds were "mongrels."

Hitler never claimed to be a "pure" Nordic. Nor did he hold that as an ideal for Germans, but just said the Nordic was the most valuable racial strain in Germans because it carried organizational ability (he thought).

I called you a troll because you wrote a negative comment toward me that doesn't fit what the post was about. So if anyone is misunderstanding things here, it is you. I'm glad you enjoy my website. But I don't see the differences among Europeans (and how you define 'European' makes a difference) as minor to the point of meaningless. I want to tell you that I even disagree with your statement: We are all racial brethren. That needs qualification.

The latest bizarre statement I read in chatroom, was that Lebensborn was to breed a Khazarian super race with German/Norwegian blood influx. 

Why are allegedly pro-White boards and forums still full of statements that Rudolf Hess was half-Greek. It's a total falsehood, yet lies are more desirable than truth to the majority of assorted "Whites" who frequent these sites.

David Irving, in his biography of Hess, writes:

Fritz Hess was thirty; he had inherited an import business founded by his father, Christian, and was a respected member of the German colony in Egypt. Thus the boy Rudolf spent his first fourteen years amid the silks and ceramics and servants of a palatial villa. Every two years the family left these patrician surroundings for a six-month stay at the family’s hunting estate at Reicholdsgrün in the Fichtelgebirge mountains of central Germany.

His mother was Klara Münch, daughter of a textile manufacturer in Thuringia.

Now, it could be that some of the less sophisticated Whites mistake the name "Thuringia" for Greek. Anything is possible!

David Irving has his faults, but he certainly researched this information and is more reliable than anonymous posters and commenters at Stormfront and Daily Stormer.

In addition, Hess' parents were buried in Wunseidel, Germany and Hess and his wife were buried next to them in the same plot. That is, until the cemetery authorities decided to dig them up and remove/destroy the beautiful headstone, for fear the grave was becoming a "shrine for neo-nazis."

brown hair is not blonde and hitler was dark haired illustrated in every picture taken and brown is dark hair. 

There is blonde, there is brown, and there is brunette. And then there is black, which doesn't figure in here. You are trying to make out there is only dark and light.

I have brown hair, and brown is the most common hair color among Germans and Austrians. I have very fair skin. Brown hair will turn lighter when exposed to plenty of sun, including streaks of pure blonde, but brunette hair will not. My mother was brunette, so was Josef Goebbels, and no amount of sunshine would put light streaks in their hair. That means brownettes are closer to blonde than to brunette.

There was nothing dark about Hitler, inside or outside.

Light eye color also goes along with brown and blonde hair, but certainly not always.

Grow up. People need to know truth. Stop arguing over this. I'm of mix race, not having blue eyes or blonde hair and I cared enough to read this article/information. If you do not like what is said, than go elsewhere. It seems you have to much time on your hands. Stop poking in other peoples business that your nose does not belong. There is nothing illegal or inappropriate about what Carolyn has informed. - I'm sorry Carolyn for some people's rude behavior. I apologize because, they will not grow up themselves...

I studied in Germany and Spain for 5 years. One thing I noticed in Spain is that nobody there have black hair or eyes.  I heard that once in high schools and once living in Iberia I figure out that whoever made those comments had never traveled there.
Many Spanish brethren have dark brown hair but most have light brown to blond and their eyes were honey brown, while most do have dark green and plenty of blue eyes too. Their skin is fair like mine too. I am almost 5'10" tall and most men  Spain  were taller than me Except for the older generation. 
On many occasions it was difficult for me to tell the difference from a Spaniard or a German. in western Spain, due to their Celt genes, 7 out of 10 Spanish citizens have blue eyes. The best education is by traveling the world. 

Why is it that anyone who disagrees with you is a troll? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. I think you are a well educated woman but I don't agree with everything you have stated. I am not a troll. I do enjoy reading all opinions however. Thank you.


Your mistake is in thinking there can be a variety of opinions on everything, even on proven facts. Since it's simply not true that Hitler and Himmler had dark hair, an opinion that they did is simply wrong, not an entitlement. You're right that I should not have called either one a troll, but I am so disappointed when people promote falsehoods.

Yes ma'am, you're right. Proven facts cannot be opinionated. Thank you for responding. I look forward to reading more of your articles.

When Speer was a prisoner of war his eye and hair color were recorded as brown (see following document: ).

Wow.  I might be considered a troll, but I'd consider "medium brown" dark hair.  It's not light hair.  It's not blonde hair.  Calling hair "dark" is not suggesting it's black.  And calling one's hair "medium brown" is not confirming it's light either.  Based on this logic, Hitler had dark hair.  

How about I consider you logic-challenged, Jessica? If "medium" is halfway between "light" and "dark", then it can't be in the dark category, can it?

If you want to say there is only light hair (blonde) and dark hair (everything that isn't blonde), that is your business. But you can't make it a universal truth. There are too many people who know they are not dark-haired just because they're not yellow-blonde. What you see in photographs is not a good gauge,

The sentence I was commenting on in the post was:

"It makes me wonder why Hitler, Goebbels, Himmler, Hess, Speer etc all had dark hair." -HdP

Hitler, and blonde-haired Himmler, are lumped in as "dark-haired" with Goebbels and Hess, who were very dark-haired.

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