"King of Fun" pays for Israel's Knesset to attend Auschwitz ceremony

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The "King of Fun" Rahr at a Victoria's Secret fashion show Dec. 10, 2010.

Stewart Rahr, a self-made billionaire known as the "King of Fun,"  put up $600,000 to fly 250 Israelis, including half the Knesset, to Cracow, Poland for the Jan. 27th commemoration of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau.

Haaretz reported today that the Manhatten billionaire is footing the bill to fly 64 Knesset members, 30 Auschwitz survivors and assorted dignitaries and friends to the "Nazi death camp" on two charter 737 planes. Joining the group will be several American business leaders, including billionaires Carl Icahn, Michael Milken and Sheldon Adelson, and Jewish congressman Eric Cantor (R-Va.)

Other participants from Israel are expected to include the state comptroller, a Supreme Court justice, one of the chief rabbis, the chairman of Yad Vashem Martyrs’ and Heroes’ Remembrance Authority in Jerusalem and senior officials of the World Zionist Organization.

Saturday Afternoon: Best Arguments Against Auschwitz

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Jan. 25, 2014

Carolyn discusses some recent news items that show the importance placed on the HoloCo$t myth in maintaining the present political structure.  She then uses the website www.jan27.org [Commemorating the Revisionists Who Introduced Sanity to the Auschwitz "Death Camp" Narrative] to present some “best arguments” when talking to a believer.

  • The extermination of Jews in “gas chambers” and the “eyewitnesses” to that  [which includes the "Sondercommando"] are what most believers consider proof;
  • The immorality of the “Nazis” who don’t deserve to be rehabilitated, which shows the importance of the political underpinning for the hoax,  comes next — i.e. “the nazis were bad people”;
  • B’nai B’rith plays a big role in the Jan. 27th ceremonies at Auschwitz-Birkenau, while Stephen Spielberg and his Shoah Foundation is feted at the United Nations;
  • The disgusting story of how the Jews are ganging up against the single gravestone in a Graz (Austria) Catholic Church cemetery that has a small swastika engraved on it.

Click image to enlarge: The "gas chamber" at Auschwitz I, in the building called Crematorium I, was reconstructed after 1945 to fit the narrative created by the Soviets. This photo was taken in 2012; the railing to keep visitors out is a recent addition (since at least 2009).

Israeli Knesset delegation to Auschwitz commemoration to hold special legislative session in gas chamber?

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B'nai B'rith International reports that a special session of the Israeli Knesset (Parliament) will be held in the "place of killing" at Auschwitz as part of the solemn commemoration on Monday, January 27 in honor of the victims of the holocaust.

A short article posted at the B'nai B'rith website states that "members of the Israeli legislature and Holocaust survivors to stand on the killing floor of the Nazis' factory of genocide" and "hold a special legislative session." It will be "a powerful message of perseverance of the Jewish people," it said.

Visitors are not allowed to walk around in the chamber (above), as it is now treated as a holy shrine. The same railings were in place in 2009 when I was there. We were herded through the opening in the wall at left, after seeing the cremation ovens, then given less than a minute to look before being ordered to leave to make room for others. The overhead lights were not on, so not much could be seen.

But I suppose the railings will be gone on Monday, Jan. 27 when the Knesset MP's "stand on the killing floor" in the "factory of death?"


On Monday, January 27, the 69th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau, "sixty-four members of Knesset, along with numerous Israeli ministers, Holocaust survivors and politicians from around the world" will take part in the Polish government’s annual ceremonies on the site of the [former] camp.

B’nai B’rith also commends its Polish counterpart, B’nai B’rith Poland, for its efforts to ensure the memory of Holocaust victims is never forgotten.

For a look at an alternate commemoration taking place on Monday, see www.jan27.org.

"The International Jew" Study Hour - Episode 81

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Jan. 23, 2014

Carolyn Yeager and Hadding Scott read and comment on Chapter 76, “America’s Jewish Enigma: Louis Marshall.”

  • As head of the American Jewish Committee, Marshall was also head of the executive committee of the New York Kehillah, the center of Jewish propaganda for the U.S.;
  • Marshall went to Georgia to defend prominent Jew Leo Frank of murder charges, while Jewish publicity grossly misrepresented the state as racist and anti-Semitic;
  • Marshall was also behind the push for Judaism to supercede Chrisitianity in the U.S. — he argued against calling the U.S. a “Christian nation,”  opposed the “Sunday laws” and prayers to open assemblies and conventions;
  • Though he said he devoted himself exclusively to “religious matters,” he was a leader in the fight for the abrogation of the treaty with Russia, and the right of the U.S. to restrict immigration;
  • In general, he was leader in the movement to force the Jew by law into places where he is not wanted, in essence destroying the concept of private property.

(Click on image to enlarge) Louis Marshall leads the appeal to help Jews "in the war zone."

Note: We are using the Noontide Press publication of The International Jew — The World’s Foremost Problem which can be found online here as a pdf file.

Leopold Wenger's letters from France, July-December 1942

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Poldi (on right) with squadron buddies having some fun for the camera showing off their new sweaters with the "Red Fox" squadron emblem.

copyright 2013 Wilhelm Wenger and Carolyn Yeager
Translated from the German by Carlos Whitlock Porter

29 July 1942: Today I’m back at our home port with my squadron leader and a small staff of technical personnel in readiness. I still have to do three days standby service and then I’ll be flying back to our home port and will be relieved by another squadron there.

Today I flew my first mission again. We attacked the port of Brixham again, where our leader was lost on 17 July. It was 16 hours 19 minutes when I flew through the harbor barriers, which consisted of 20 to 30 barrage balloons, with my wingman in a low-level attack, shot up a few small ships and aimed a direct bomb hit at the stern of a 4000 ton freighter. Unfortunately, I couldn’t see what effect it had, since their defenses kicked in quickly and the flak was being aimed very precisely. They made a lot of noise during the night when their bombs went off. As we flew off, we were pursued by a few Spitfires, but we were faster. On the high seas, I saw still another small tugboat. Our cannons spoke very clear language. We left it there, letting off a big column of smoke. So I was in the same harbor twice in the same day, today, in which I had already sunk one watch ship already. Today’s freighter was also seriously damaged, that’s for sure.


Germany, World War II

The Heretics' Hour: A Revisionist Answer to Multiplying HoloCost Commemoration Days

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Jan. 20, 2014

Germar Rudolf and Bradley Smith help Carolyn inaugurate a new website, www.jan27.org, for the 1st International Day of Commemoration in Honor of the Revisionists Who Introduced Sanity to the Auschwitz “Death Camp” Narrative. This Revisionist commemoration counters the U.N. established commemoration played up every year on the date of the “liberation” of the Auschwitz-Birkenau. From there, the discussion goes off in several directions.

  • United Nations Sec. Gen. Ban Ki-moon attended the first “Shoah Event” of the year at a New York Synagogue last Saturday and revealed that the featured speaker at the U.N. on Jan. 27 will be Stephen Spielberg;
  • The Red Army raped and/or deported to Siberia the women they “liberated” at Auschwitz – a story that is never told;
  • The Holocaust myths could go the way of the myths of the Catholic Church, which had similar power at one time;
  • The ties between Christians and Jews are too strong, based on the Old Testament, so Christianity would do well to drop the OT;
  • How much is Holocaust a problem of Jewish power and how much of European weakness;
  • Fredrick Töben calls from Australia in the 2nd hour and joins the discussion.

Image: Hungarian Jews look perfectly okay as they unboard at Birkenau in 1944, in this photo used on the banner at the new website.

Saturday Afternoon: Shoah business turning again to "shock and awe"

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Jan. 18, 2014

British Army Film Unit  footage of entry into Bergen-Belsen concentration camp, and following  events,  was turned into a shocking film that was never shown. Now it will be.

  • Jason Kenney, Canadian Minister for Multiculturalism:   “There is some kind of moral obligation on the entire world to support a secure homeland for the Jewish people–given not just the Holocaust, but the entire history of anti-Semitism. Both in Europe, the Middle East and elsewhere”;
  • Brendan O’Neil blogs that holocaust “deniers” and revisionists should not be censored “because it gives the impression that mainstream society is defensive and must prevent people from questioning what happened.” Right On, Brendan!;
  • Will Elie Wiesel be absent from this year’s Auschwitz-Birkenau January 27 Commemoration … now being called the anniversary of the “liberation of Europe”;
  • Redigitalized version of “unseen Hitchcock documentary” film of British and American troops entering the German concentrations camps is being brought out for the 70th Anniversary of the “liberation of Europe;”
  • The British film’s narration is full of factual untruths, snide comments and pure hatred for Germans, thus it will be accompanied by a new film “explaining it,” titled Night Will Fall;
  • Shock events like Sandy Hook have anomalies and stupidities built into them to attract the more intelligent, independent-minded among us to discuss “conspiracy theories” for years rather than address the far more important problem of White displacement, loss of homeland and all financial resources.

Image:  The British put up this propaganda sign at the Belsen concentration camp in 1945, after its “liberation” … though they came at the request of the overwhelmed Germans, who were waiting for them. (click to enlarge)

"The International Jew" Study Hour - Episode 80

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Jan. 16, 2014

Hadding Scott and Carolyn Yeager read and comment on Chapter 75, “The Jewish Question in Current Testimony.”

The intolerant and violent nature of Jews has manifested throughout history–from John Hyrcanus in 120 B.C. who fought the Syrians and Idumeans, to the Pharisees who fought against their own King Alexander, to the constant bloody attacks on Christians whenever Jews got the chance.

  • The number 6000 is used twice in their own descriptions of their battles;
  • An ethnic German in Russia wrote to his ethnic German American friend describing the terrifying conditions for ordinary citizens being rounded up by the Cheka and taken to a court run by young, half-drunk Jewish bolsheviks;
  • The sadism displayed throughout the Russian Terror was discussed briefly in The World Significance of the Russian Revolution by George Pitt-Rivers;
  •  Gibbons in The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire wrote about the staggering cruelty of the Jews;
  • The Russellites and some other Christian sects fell into the error of glossing over the Jew’s inhumanity and immorality;
  • Even at that time, the mixed loyalties of diaspora Jews with regard to a Jewish state in Palestine was seen and discussed as problematic.

Click on Image to enlarge: A Red Army soldier putting bayonet through a kulak after having done so to a priest, banker and king. 1921 poster published by the Political-Educational Administration of the Petrograd Military District.

Note: We are using the Noontide Press publication of The International Jew — The World’s Foremost Problem which can be found online here as a pdf file.

John Friend has egg on his face from foolish talk with friend Fetzer

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2014-01-15 09:14

News reached me today that Michael Collins Piper is hospitalized because of a heart attack he suffered "sometime last week. "


I listened last week or this past weekend to the first part of the "Realist Report" radio program and heard John Friend and his colleague Jim Fetzer joking about Michael Collins Piper "backing out" of participating in the program with them because he was afraid he would "lose the debate" on Sandy Hook.

At the beginning of the show, John reported that Mike had emailed him, with apologies, that he was having health issues and was not feeling well enough to come on the program on that day.

I know Mike Piper well enough to know that he DOES have some serious health issues but battles on in spite of them. Sometimes he is down and out (but not out for good). Since Friend works in some capacity for American Free Press, where Piper has been a major participant for years, Friend MUST be fully aware of Piper's health problems. Thus, I was quite suprised to hear Mr. Friend join in as Jim Fetzer began to ridicule Mike Piper for not showing up "because he was not prepared" to make a decent argument against their Sandy Hook Conspiracy theory.

Let me add that I am something of a Sandy Hook "conspiracy theorist" myself, though not fanatical about it. I save my "fanaticism" for other issues. This is not the reason for my critical attitude toward John Friend. It is that he displays no solid convictions that he will not at least partially relinquish in his overarching need to get along with everybody--but mostly the person in front of him at the moment.

Thus, in typical behavior for Friend, he and Fetzer continued on in this vein for a few minutes, at a minimum, having a lot of laughs over the supposed ineptitude of Piper. Since I know that Mike Piper is a big boy and can take care of himself, I'm not writing this out of sympathy, although I certainly wish him well in every respect.

I am writing this to point out that what has been the basis for my criticism of John from the beginning, is what we see in this rather ugly incident. For my part, I think Friend looks just right with all that egg on his face.



The Heretics' Hour: The HoloCo$t as religion, fairy tale and abuse

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2014-01-13 19:12
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Jan. 13, 2014

From the new “religion of the Holocaust” described in detail to more of Carlo Mattogno’s book on propaganda “fairy tales” from Auschwitz to Mark Weber’s character and Adolf Eichmann’s Aryanism, Carolyn continues to pound away at the unacceptable cost of the HoloCo$t.  Some highlights:

  • In France, with the largest Jewish population in Europe, the Shoah has become a sort of State religion as other religious faith has drastically declined;
  • The animal slaughterhouse at Auschwitz had an apparatus for extracting grease from animal bones to enrich the diet of the inmates — this was transformed into the lie of the industrial use of human fat;
  • Mark Weber and David Cole on the Montel Williams show many years ago reveals another instance in which Weber is not able to stand up to the Jewish holocaust narrative, but must largely agree with it;
  • Sources for Adolf Eichmann being all or part Jew are: half-Jew Christopher Jon Bjerknes, imposter “Henneke Kardel,”  and part-Polish Veronica Clark;
  • Hadding Scott joins the program in the last half hour.

Click on image for enlarged view of Adolf Eichmann as an SS officer in 1942 and in Jewish captivity 20 years later.