Adolf Hitler on 'Anti-Semitism On a Religious Basis'

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Continuing with passages from Mein Kampf, 2017 Thomas Dalton translation. See here.


THE FAILURE OF [THE CHRISTIAN-SOCIALIST] PARTY to fulfill its dream of saving Austria from dissolution must be attributed to two main defects in the means they employed and also the lack of clarity regarding the goal itself.

First: The anti-Semitism of the new movement was based on religious instead of racial principles. The reason for this mistake gave rise to the second error also.

The founders of the Christian-Socialist Party believed that they couldn't base their position on the racial principle if they wished to save Austria, because they felt that a general disintegration of the [multiracial] state might quickly result. In the opinion of the party chiefs, the situation in Vienna demanded that all factors that tended to estrange the nationalities from one another should be carefully avoided, and that all factors making for unity should be encouraged.

At that time, Vienna was so permeated with foreign elements, especially Czechs, that great tolerance was necessary if these elements were to be enlisted in any party that was not anti-German on principle. If Austria was to be saved, those elements were indispensable. And so attempts were made to win the support of the small traders—a great number of whom were Czechs—by combating liberal Manchesterism. And they believed that by adopting this attitude, they had found a slogan against Jewry that would unite all the different nationalities that made up the population of old Austria.

It was obvious, however, that this kind of anti-Semitism didn't upset the Jews very much, simply because it had a purely religious foundation. If worst came to worst, a few drops of baptismal water could always save the Jew and the business at the same time.

On such superficial grounds, it was impossible to deal with the whole problem in a serious and rational way. The result was that many people couldn't understand this kind of anti-Semitism, and therefore refused to join it. […] It looked more and more as if the whole movement was a new attempt to convert the Jews or, on the other hand, as if it merely wished to compete with other movements.

[…] The movement failed to awaken a belief that this was a problem of vital importance for the whole of humanity, and that the destiny of the whole non-Jewish world depended on a solution.

Through this half-hearted approach, the anti-Semitism of the Christian-Socialists turned out to be worthless.

It was a sham anti-Semitism—almost worse than none at all. The pretence gave rise to a false sense of security among the people, who believed that the enemy had been taken by the ears. But in reality, the people themselves were being led by the nose.

The Jew readily adapted to this form of anti-Semitism. In fact, its continuance was more beneficial to him that its absence would have been.

This led to great sacrfices being made for the sake of that multi-national state; but much greater sacrifices were required by the German element.

One didn't dare to be a 'nationalist,' even in Vienna, lest the ground should fall away from under one's feet. It was hoped that the Habsburg State might be saved by quietly avoiding the nationalist question; but this policy led that state to ruin.


Mein Kampf


Adolf Hitler, Austria, Jews


That excerpt from Mein kampf is more actual than ever: The multi-racial Habsburg empire (the Dual Austrian-Hungarian monarchy) is the blueprint for the European Union: A borderless, ever more expanding half-Asiatic territory that it's on its way to incorporate the whole Balkans, then next those middle-eastern Caucasian countries of Georgia, Armenia etc..whose citizens already enjoy the privilege to travel visa free to the EU countries. Though these countries are classified as "safe" by the EU, last year alone e.g. 1800 Georgians applied for asylum in Germany. 
Every passing day Germany and the West are looking more like.... Romania or Poland or Chechenia.  The political incorporation of the East into Western Europe with  its concomitant one way  mass immigration - The Easterners moving to the West - is ushering in the definitive destruction of Western civilisation.
The EU must go!

On March 8, 2017 the Official EU Journal published a legislation allowing Georgians owning biometric passports to travel to the Schengen Area visa-free.[102] The legislation came into full effect on the 28th of March 2017, allowing Georgian citizens to travel for short periods to EU member countries without a visa.  

This is completely unacceptable and why the EU cannot be supported. Georgians are not Europeans!! Neither are Armenians, and this proves that the term "White" is not a useful term unless it is clearly and narrowly defined. EU bureaucrats are thinking these people will visit the EU and spend money. It is this Jewish love of money (putting money first) that leads us to our destruction.

Hi Carolyn
Thankyou for alerting me to this transation. I have purchased a copy along with your book "Artist Within the Warlord" and your CD. 
I think you are wrong when you say there is anything we can do now to change our predicament.
I think only Hitler and the special team of unique people he put together could achieve a goal of such magnitude which was the enabling of Germans to achieve self determination after 2000 years of oppression under foreign cultural influence.
The more I read your site, and observe the people around me in my home in an Anglosphere country, the more I come to realize how it is the Anglos who are the problem.
I think of the nordic peoples, only the Germans are capable of freeing themselves. 
Thank you and all the best.

I have recommended we look to Adolf Hitler as our leader now. As you say, he knew how to do it and no one equal to him has come up since. Those who have appeared try only to copy him. So why not go to the real thing?

Another positive aspect to this is that he couldn't be corrupted or infiltrated ... or assassinated!

I have suggested this during an appearance on the Brian Ruhe show (not up yet) and we're going to talk about it in an upcoming program (not scheduled yet). Brian is one of the few people who likes this idea. Most WN's would be against it but I would like to discuss/debate it with any serious, knowledgeable person.

What is your reaction to this idea?

Hi again,
I think Hitler should be seen as a source of inspiration and a standard to aspire to.
I can't appropriate Hitler as my leader when my ancestors participated in his destruction. I grew up listening to my grandmothers stories about her time in Australia during WWII. Both my grandfathers served in that war, one as a postal worker overseas, the other as a sniper in Germany.
Did you know that black American troops stationed in Brisbane during the war were segregated onto one side of the river and were unable to move freely within the city?
It is the hyporcirsy of the allies, while at the same time the honesty of Hitler, that converted me.
I can just imagine American and British Empire troops completely comfortable with segregation while reading their Jewish rags spouting rubbish about the 'evil racist Nazis'. The cognitive dissonance and hypocrisy of my people tells me they are unable to be anything but slaves to Jews.
Did not one of them think to question the narrative being spoon fed to them, or why they themselves were involved in the slave trade in historical times, while Germany was the only country in Europe that was not? Would they even have cared? Obviously not.
Why in over 2000 years of Christianity did nobody ever ask why the Bible, written by Jews, forbid moneylending by Christians, while only allowing Jews to participarte in the practice? How more obvious could the Bibles true use as a control mechanism be?
Why was it not until Hitler came along, that Jewish influence in our societies, especially the Jewish infiltration of our upper classes that happened after the 'glorious revolution' of 1688 never discussed openly before by a political party?
Hitler was honest, a man of his word, a completely rarity in any time. He had an honour code that was a predictable trait in him which the allies used against him time and time again. For instance with Dunkirk, where he negotiated to let Brisith Empire troops to go free in return for peace negotiations. The British Empire reneged on this promise once the troops were safely home and today I have to endure wathcing a movie about the scenario in which Germany is portrayed as the aggressor!
I don't think there is any organic "White, alt-right" movement for Hitler to be a leader of. I'm not naive and know many websites sympathetic to Hitler are used by Jews to further their own evolutionary survival by providing justification for anti-semitism.
Everything we know about this man has come through the Jewish censor, so it is impossible to have any understanding of the true man. Even the Mein Kampf translations are always questionable.
I never in a million years thought I would own a copy of Mein Kampf. I used to be a bleeding heart liberal who thought my people were devils for destroying the native peoples of this land. But it was through the hypocrisy of minorities, and my own people, that I began my very long and slow period of awakening.
It took me 4 years of extensive reading online to wake up. And I have always been sympathetic to National Socialist Germany and Hitler whom I always percieved as never getting a fair hearing. It was always odd to me why he was always portrayed as the ultimate evil, when people like Stalin were portrayed in a positive light. I can now see why they portrayed the ultimate good as the ultimate bad- because they are scared of the rammifications of people knowing the truth.
I don't see how the average anti-German "White" person will ever wake up or bother to read anything that doesn't conform with their inaccurate preconceptions that the media re-enforces.
Again, everywhere I look around me today I see my people engaging in complete hypocrisy while denegrading the 'evil Nazis'. The anti Islam stuff is but one example. It is exhausting. 
I'm sitting in a public library right now, I would say it was 90% non-White. We have completely lost control of our demographic in our cities, how on earth can we possibly create a counter offensive? 
Hitler was open and honest and told the German people if they elected him it would be a period of dictatorship for 50 years. My people simply read the word dictator and think "evil". They don't bother to enquire any further, or ask why the Germans would have elected this leadership style. 
My people have a compeltely unrealistic understanding of the true relationship between those in power and the subjects they rule over. My people think they are free. My people prefer meaningless entertainments over reality. While the Germans preferred reality over fantasy.
I would like to say Hitler was my leader, but do any of us "Whites" alive today deserve to turn around all these years later after our own flesh and blood destroyed him and say "oh you were right!"? No. 
I remember watching a program about an ancient civilization with some type of unusal temple complex and at one point the presenter was walking around the temple and said something like "the European mind could never concieve something like this". And that really struck me. Then I discovered Hitler's honour temples and it simply amazed me that a European person could concieve such an incredible thing. These structures are unique and unlike any temple/religious structure throughout history that I have researched. The open air feature that connected the people to nature, the openness of the whole complex in general, the way they were situation on both side of a main thoroughfare- integrating them into the mundane of everyday life and turning a simple commute into an experience that made you appreciate something greater than yourself.
We are underestimating the uniqueness of Hitler and his ability to select the right people needed for the job. His achievements are simply tremendous. You can't simply try and re-create his time period today by appointing him our leader.
Look around you- do you see anyone who is capable of having the organizational ability to sorit out their own life, let alone possess the incredible organizational ability needed to lead a country as successfully as our Uncle did? I don't think so. 

Chris totally agree with you. The true value of Hitler can be measured by the incredible effort to destroy his image even more than 70 years after his death. Still today are made new "documentaries" with latest "discoveries" where invariably Hitler becames more and more evil than he supposedly was. This reveals the need to keep the awful perception massively created on this man, to intimidate any impartial investigation that could reveal the truth to the people.

I read up a bit more on the Ehrentempel. It'd seem even Giesler recognized them as an original work. It's been claimed that it was dismantled as part of the de-Nazification process, which is true, but I surmise that they also took it down because it is incomparably superior to anything the ancient world and middle ages has produced. Streamlined, modern, robust, and at that time, producing an atmosphere of silence. It is much more than a NS symbol, but a glimpse into the architecture of the future.

Hi Chris,
Can you describe what this unusual temple complex looked like? I had never seen Hitler's ehrentempel until today. I think table talk entry January 25-26, 1942 would be relevant here: "In my view, the thing is explicable only by the hypothesis of a disaster that completely destroyed a humanity which already possessed a high degree of civilisation."
>We are underestimating the uniqueness of Hitler and his ability to select the right people needed for the job. His achievements are simply tremendous. You can't simply try and re-create his time period today by appointing him our leader.
I concur. A man can only get so far assimilating Hitler's pov and imitating his actions. I've already tried that and thoroughly failed. Hitler was a genius in the ancient Roman sense of the word. That cannot be replicated. "True genius is an innate quality."
As an Asian - actually, as a man who has fallen even below that standard, to the lowest ladder in mentality, conduct, and character, as an untermensch in the proper sense of that word - I completely lack the capacity of approximating to his greatness. I can only apprehend it from a distance. Quite frankly, I'm personally inclined towards indifference, pessimism, nihilism, etc. But I keep those tendencies away from the work I've been doing.

I can't remember what the temple complex looked like or what civilization it came from as I have an interest in all ancient civilizations and it was a long time ago.
It could have been Mayan. It may have been Hellenic. The point is the presenter was a seasoned academic/ archaeologist and believed that Christian Europe could never produce anything original.
These honour temples express the Hitlerian belief in following Natural Law by placing the subject within nature. 
Another fascinating aspect of Hitlers honour temples is the way in which they put a spotlight on the consequence of war, death, and make people realize this reality. In much the same way the Mayans would bring their war captives back for sacrifice in a public square, as they saw human life as the most precious thing and this was their way of making that lost life mean something. They saw it as dishonourable to kill their enemies on a battlefield, out of sight and mind from civilization. 
These temples show how Hitler cherished human life as the most precious thing. That is one of the main messages these temples were supposed to convey. 
Unlike Hitler, we in the Anglo West love to go to war, while being completely ignorant of the consequences of it, we hide it, allowing soldiers to die unknown in far away places off the battlefied, out of sight out of mind. 
Our monuments never portray the reality of death in war in the same way Hitlers did.
Regarding your last comment I think you are getting Hitler wrong. Hitler was never a racial supremacist. He was merely "Germany first". 
Anything racial Hitler subscribed to came about not because of any belief in superiority over other races, but simply in preserving what nature had entrusted his people with- their biological integrity. 
You only need to look at how Hitler refused to segregate blacks and even elevated Jesse Owens in Olympia to see how those telling the narrative have inverted Hitlers views on race. 
The racial policies of the Thrid Reich were no harsher than those found in the British Empire dominions or America at the time. The British practiced a White only policy in Australia, Canada and New Zealand. While America practiced a White only policy, racial segregation along with a ban on Jewish immigration. At the time the American government saw Jews as extremist fundamentalists in the same way we view Muslims today. Think Trump and his Muslim ban. 
Conflating terms like Untermensch with Hitler does nobody any good. Just because a certain philospoher held certain views doesn't mean Hitler did. Show me evidence for Hitler holding this view of other races- I would be fascinated to see it. 
You need to work towards helping your own people and yourself in your own lands
The only thing White racialists get annoyed at about other races is you gang up with Jews against us in our own homelands. It is the hypocrisy we can't stand. 
Conflating Hitler with racism, when his policies were the norm at the time for other world powers, get's rather boring after a while, especially when no concrete evidence supports these insinuations. 
Regarding Hitler as our leader, I don't think anyone proposing that idea understands just how much hatred there is for Hitler in the general population. I don't know the answers.
Too many cryptos online fishing for me to be bothered talking online anymore. Bye.

Book & CD arrived, thanks Carolyn! Nice to have some commentry on this time period that is understanding of the subjects involved. My last comment online, I don't know who is or isn't a Jew anymore. Bye.
Arts of the Third Reich has this to say about the German honour temples:
Soon after taking power Hitler commissioned Troost to erect on the Konigsplatz two temples of honor dedicated to the victims of the 1923 putsch. Each of them was incorporated in the plan for the Party buildings by joining them to a common garden at the rear. In their architecture and in their role, they were supposed to be a "sacred blessing".
The two temples became a central place of Nazi ritual worship, the altars of the new movement. Their fascination for the masses lay in their mixture of religious and secular architecture. Hitler used them in the same way. Each temple displayed eight coffins of the putsch martyrs under an open sky on a dias framed by twenty pillars of yellow limestone. Huge braziers glowed.
The two temples were inaguarated- consecrated would be a better word- in 1935 in a spine-chilling ceremony of pseudo- religious and military fervor. The ceremony began on the night of November 8, 1933, in the darkened city. Hitler and his followers passes pylons draped in blood red, with the names of the fallen heroes. The cortege moved solemly to the Feldhernhalle for the last roll call in front of the coffins. The names were called out and the crowd shouted "Present". The next day the coffins were transferred to their resting place to "hold the eternal watch" a permemant example and reminder to a whole people of the duty, the need for readiness to fight, and for sacrifice.

This is the opinion of whoever wrote this book, but certainly not mine.

My feeling about Hitler's desire that these men be remembered is because he felt partly responsible (guilty?) for their death and wanted to therefore raise them up to some sort of immortality in the Party so their death would not have been in vain. He always spoke of them with the utmost respect and wanted the whole populace to honor them as long as the Reich lasted. Thus the dramatic ceremony in November 1933.

I don't believe "Nazi ritual worship" existed there or anywhere else. It was only about honor and appreciation. The open-air temples made it very accessible to the public.

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