Andrew Anglin has regressed back to Africa ... and teen sex

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2017-07-16 01:36

Remember her? Before his 'nazi' days, Andrew thought she was 'hot' and pretty good looking, too. She looks to be about 12 or 13 years old in spite of her large breasts.

By Carolyn Yeager

That's where he started, right? Back in his early blogging days? He liked black girls. He settled down for awhile in the Philipines, where he described the girls as “black.”

Now he says he's living in Lagos, Nigeria to avoid being served a supoena. He brags that he is called the “world's number one racist hater” (he is always number one), yet he is comfortable there and feels safe. Racists “do not blindly hate skin color,” he says. He pats his own back for having the courage to live where he claims “pansy antifa would pee their pants.”

Anglin: "[Nigerians] are especially disgusted by black men who lust after white women, believing this practice to be unnatural and sick. They believe it can bring a curse on a man’s entire family for generations. However, they do believe that white women seduce their men, and I am not certain I can disagree with this." [Is he speaking to women only?]

But they approve of white men who lust after black girls, like he does? Will some father come and shoot him one of these days? I doubt Andrew thinks that because he believes “The lower races naturally want to look up to us, to serve us, to learn from us.”

All I can say is I'm glad Andrew is in Africa. It's a good place for him to indulge his natural inclinations. Andrew is a race-mixer; he's always been a race-mixer, even while producing the Daily Stormer and calling himself a Nazi. He did try to overcome this affliction and make it with White women but it just didn't work out. So he's back in the jungle.

A picture of some well-behaved youths Andrew posted with the article linked to above. He likes these sweet kids and gives them cigarettes, he says.

He said in a July 15 post that he's changing Daily Stormer to a Men's Health and Lifestyle website – didn't I tell you that he was due for another change in direction? Among the 9 topics he said he would now focus on, along with Science Fiction films and books, were #4 – Getting laid and #5 – Getting laid in Nigeria without getting HIV. I do believe that's what he went to the Philipines for … back when. He also wants companies (potential advertisers) to send him their products to review, among which he lists Condoms. Then he assures: This isn't a joke. I didn't think it was.

I'm pleased about all this because it might mean he will stop identifying himself as a Nazi, which causes his progressive critics to designate him as a “neo-Nazi," when he is neither one nor the other. What is a Nazi, anyway? No one knows. It's whatever image of “Nazis” one has in one's mind. There is in reality no such creature.

Back in the days of the dignified person that word is associated with, there was a political party and movement that labeled itself National-Socialist. It was the National Socialist German Workers Party, the NSDAP (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei), founded under that name by Adolf Hitler.

The nickname Nazi was a shortened form of Nationalsozialistische or National Sozialist. However, the nickname was mostly used by the opponents of the National-Socialists, the Sozis (Sozialists), not by themselves.

Is Andrew Anglin a National-Socialist? No. He doesn't even pretend to be or to know what it was all about; he just likes calling himself a Nazi. I came upon this post at k0nsl's blog yesterday and liked it. I agree especially with the part that says National Socialism was for Germans and Germany, and can't be adopted or adapted as a universal White people's party. Here is that part:

Here is a brief rundown on “Neo-Nazism”

Firstly, National Socialism (1923-1945) is German and for Germans only. It’s true that neighbouring countries at the time, such as Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands, had Nazi parties, but generally, it was for Germans at that particular historical time. The objectives were to break the Versailles Treaty, find living space for overpopulated Germany, deal with the military threat posed by France and the USSR, solve the German unemployment problem (not to mention the communist problem)…

Is there such a thing as Neo-Nazism? Otto Remer’s Socialist Reich Party (1949-1952) in West Germany attempted it. It certainly looked and felt like Nazism. But even so, given that Germany’s position had radically changed since the days of the Versailles Treaty, the SRP’s program differed from the original.

Most people, when they use the word ‘Neo-Nazi’, are referring to the American/British variety. The movement was founded by George Lincoln Rockwell and Colin Jordan, two [chaps] who loved dressing themselves and their followers up in brownshirt uniforms. One couldn’t find anything more different from German National Socialism: the ‘Neo-Nazis’ insisted – and still do – that National Socialism was intended, not only for Germans, but for ‘all white people’, including Russians, Czechs and Poles! These ‘white nationalist’ beliefs have been adopted by the skinhead movement.

*   *   *


You do realize that Anglin jokes alot, don't you?  That picture. btw, is 1962.  Do a google search on it and you get "Jackie Philips Nigeria".
Why the 1923 date for National Socialism?

Yes, I know he says he likes to joke sometimes, to have fun, but that is a ruse to get out of outrageous things he says when he goes too far. Are the readers supposed to guess when he's joking? Sometimes, he will say he is. In this case he said, "I'm not joking" which means he's not joking.

The 1962 picture: I did say it's a picture he posted with the article. I knew it was from the 1960's. But the fact that he likes it and put it with that story says something. People can go to his article and make up their own minds about it his meaning.

The fact is that on Total Fascism he promoted changing the legal "age of consent" for girls to when they begin menstruating -- as young as 13. He clung to that even though many (including me) were telling him how wrong it was. He just couldn't see why. But finally he reluctantly conceded the point.

There is no doubt he prefers very young, immature or barely mature, female bodies. He says so often enough, and illustrates with photographs. Why is he so hung up on that?

The 1923-1945 is in the article from k0nsl's blog - I didn't write it. 1923 is the failed Munich putsch so I guess it's being used as the beginning of the real NS party.

*  *  *

In a very recent podcast of The Daily Shoah, Anglin said things like this (I'm paraphrasing from memory):

-- I don't see how the African IQ can be 15 pts. lower than the African-American. They are less violent,  even docile. I think West Africa is less violent than East Africa, and also than American blacks.

--Africans are many different types - not all just one big continents full of negroes.

-- I get along very well with them. They love me.

-- my DS readership is very young. Very young. [So I take from that he is most popular with Middle School boys -- makes sense]

You really did not do a good job of criticizing Anglin here. He has a lot of obvious faults and I've known him before he even made "the daily stormer". What you don't seem to understand about him is that he's a major troll. You take a lot of bullshit he spews too seriously. Overall he's a good voice in the White Nationalist movement and he has his own niche. Not as awesome as William Luther Pierce but nobody these days measures up to the glory of the older WN figures. The age of consent should be 14 btw but it should come with the requirement that the man marries the woman for life and starts an actual family; we don't want sexual predators using up and damaging all the young virgin girls, we want men to marry them and have families. I was born to very old parents who shouldn't have been having kids at the age they had them and all their offspring are poor health. Younger women produce healthier offspring. If I am not mistaken the age of consent in National Socialist Germany was 14 years old.
Anglin is best described as a "pro-white troll" who is motivated by the opportunity to create controversy and be a shit-stirrer. Sometimes he blackpills too hard and the stuff he puts out can make people pretty depressed if they take it too seriously. He also has a history of all kinds of degeneracy. Thing is if he was a perfect man he probably wouldn't have become the dissent voice he is and would just have a family and keep quiet. We need all kinds of people to fight against the demographic decline and racial displacement of Europeans aka white genocide and he at least does his part in his own way. He certainly has a past in which he has been involved in very anti-white stuff but you can hardly find anything he says these days that is anti-white. Look at other people in the white nationalist movement and there'll be some trojan horse like homosexuality or racemixing or whatever that they try to excuse and promote that is completely contrary to the 14 words.

You really did not do a good job of criticizing Anglin here.

No, I didn't have my heart in it. I could have torn into him on many different issues if I wanted to - I have the goods - but I don't have the will or need to do so.

What you don't seem to understand about him is that he's a major troll.

Aren't trolls creatures that live under rocks?

I've known him before he even made "the daily stormer".

I have also known him since he called into my radio show The Heretics' Hour one night and was very polite and nice ... long before DS. We began a skype friendship.

You take a lot of bullshit he spews too seriously.

No, I don't take his bullshit seriously. But I object to some of what he's doing. My post was centered on his claims to be a "Nazi" and his misuse of that historical movement at the same time he is race-mixing in Africa and elsewhere and being a general idiot.

The age of consent should be 14 btw but it should come with the requirement that the man marries the woman for life and starts an actual family

You are like all the rest of the fantasists who like to imagine they can make the laws that everyone else will follow. So you give a girl sexual freedom at 14, but think you can force her to marry the first man that gets her pregnant. What if it's a 14 year old boy? What kind of marriage will that be? Even orthodox jews wait until 18-20 and they have matchmakers.

I'm quite sure National-Socialists did not approve of 14 year old girls getting pregnant or married. The legal age of consent does not always reflect the social mores, which was at least 18 or 19, after basic schooling.

Look at other people in the white nationalist movement and there'll be some trojan horse like homosexuality or racemixing or whatever that they try to excuse and promote ...

Exactly right - it's a scandal. That's why I'm not a White Nationalist or an Alt-Righter. Bad company.

Well if he is in Nigeria, I hope he has an arsenal with him for protection at all times.  Nigeria is one of the most senselessly dangerous areas in the world:
Americans who go there for jobs related to oil are offered HUGE amounts of money.  They have to though because it is so very dangerous.

Maybe he is not in Nigeria. Maybe that's part of his 'joking.' I think it would be very funny if he were kidnapped by Boko Haram.

Anglin is pathetic.  The whole 'white sharia' stuff is discrediting.  He says the main enemy is not world Jewry but rather 'white women.'   If white men were dominant over the non whites, our women would not be deserting us at the rate they do. There is enough blame to spread around besides 'white women.'  I would rather have 'white Yakuza' anyday over the white sharia crap, lol  ...
Anglin has not provided real proof that he is in Nigeria  (he could be there, he said he was there on a recent boring The Right Stuff podcast...or he could be in some other third world hole) but he does seem to have embezzled the $150,000 legal defense fund he set up for his legal case.  His followers donated the cash for him to use in a courtroom battle, not to misuse sexually purchasing 12 and 13 year old Negro girls in the third world...

My God, it's hard to believe you are actually so clueless that you fell for an obvious and flagrant troll.
Congratulations on bitching about Anglin ina humorless way that will never win converts to any cause, which seems to be the overarching theme of this website.
I often wonder of late how many of you spegs and boomers who bitch about him constantly really only do so in the hopes that someone may come read your nonsense.

Yeah jailbird Azzmador, we know he could be anywhere, probably in his mothers basement, looking at old National Geographic magzine pictures,  the African editions.  You highlighted  the problem- Anglins word doesnt mean anything, he jokes so much he is just a clown.  

Wow, I have to wonder how much time you spent on this write-up.  Congratulations Carolyn, you've wasted more of your precious remaining time on this Earth commenting about a troll's troll.  Good grief, I think it's time for you to get out of the game and take up quilting. :p

Not at all, Boris. I'm waiting patiently for the next shoe to drop.

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