Carolyn, John Friend discuss her article on antisemitism and problems facing Whites

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2017-06-05 13:52

Discussion based on Carolyn's recent article, and on the idea of "White Sharia" that has been put forward by some. Carolyn presents her concept of opposing "Special Treatment" for Jews as a way to counter the Jewish propaganda campaign on "antisemitism."

This podcast was recorded on June 4, 2017. It's one hour 18 minutes. Thanks, John.


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Re: moving things forward. I like the Whitaker approach, the Mantra and associated memes. Trump supporters don't want to be called racist, so respond, "in your opinion I'm a racist, you're just saying that because I'm white. Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-white."  No matter what label they try to pin on you, turn it around and call them anti-white.
It calls them out for what they are.

Yes, if you are too scared to speak frankly, that kind of formulaic CYA rhetoric might be the best you can do.

Well, we speak in a variety of situations and often for the education of those on the periphery who don't appear to be listening.  Always good to have a vareity of approaches. 

They won by name calling, because propaganda works on the eighth grade level. Often times one sentence is all you get before they pin a label and tune you out. Say something quick, true and memorable and then their own life experiences will work to wake them up, perhaps long after the initial interaction.
You're dealing with brainwashed people. I always wondered how it works and now that I have experienced it from both sides I still do.

Great. Maybe you BUGSters can out-compete the mass-media with your outreach to stupid people.

I enjoyed listening to this wide-ranging discussion.  Yes, it is disgusting how the media and Democrats are refusing to accept the results of the election.
One solution to anti-Trump ignorance might be to show anti-Trumpers the photo that the NY Times says represents a tiny audience for Trump's inauguration, and then at the same time show them REAL photos of the HUGE audience that attended the January 20 event.  And do it repeatedly, going back and forth comparing the NY Times photo with the TRUE photos.
Tell them, "This is the photo that the NY Times says shows a tiny audience for Trump, and now look at all the REAL photos showing the huge audience.  What do you think of the mainstream media now?" Over and over again until they grasp the concept that the media that they love so much is lying to them.

I think the most anti-Semitic people are the Jews themselves.  From what I read the words we use today in this dialogue have changed over time.  For example, Hitler was anti-Democratic Socialist, or the Bolsheviks who were Marxists by any other name.  There were many Jews who fought on the side of the National Socialists.  There are many Semitic peoples that are not Jewish and many Jews who are not Semitic.  I have read that the Ashkenazi Jews do not trace their DNA to ancient Palestine but more from Eastern Europe.  And the majority of the Democratic Socialists were Ashkenazi and at first joined with Hitler in a move to have the Jews relocate to Palestine.  Lots of Jews did not want to relocate.  Ironically, those who were relocated, even to concentration camps, escaped the fire bombings from the Allies.  I say ironically because that would mean the Germans saved them.
The Palestinians are Semitic peoples yet they are being removed from their ancestral homes because of this inane policy of the Right of Return even though no one living today can trace their ancestry back to the short lived state of the Davidic Empire.      Besides this the story of the conquering of the land by the Hebrews in the Bible is a mythic story used to justify the conquest itself.  That same story is being repeated against the Semitic peoples of Palestine.  And it remains in question whether most Jews, those who are actual Jews and practice the Jewish faith, are Semitic at all.   And, I maintain, the Jew who doesn’t practice or believe in God is not a Jew at all. 
One of the things I am interested in is the cultural disparity between how Germans are depicted and the actual things that contradict that narrative.  Of course one of the biggest is to depict Hitler and the German people as somehow different from those around them.  To the victor goes the spoils even if ill-gotten.    One contraction is the hated swastika.  No one muses as to why the  National Socialists chose this Hindu symbol that represents good fortune, universal presence of God (world soul), and as it is continually rotating, like the wheel it resembles, symbolizing the eternal nature of ultimate truth.   The Germans are disparaged as using this symbol with no historical connection to the Indian swastika.  But that is nonsense.  German scholars and philosophers would have had a very good understanding of its symbolic meaning.  That is why they chose it.  So does that mean that even the National Socialists were interested in the eternal truth and the universal spirit of man? 
A second cultural perversion by the victors is to try to distant the National Socialists from the philosopher Fredrick Nietzsche saying that Nietzsche was very anti-racism.  So then it was promoted that to be against Democratic Socialists or Marxist Bolsheviks was to be anti-Semitic or racist.   It was mainly theses Zionist Jews who were against the National Socialist and declared themselves enemies of the state by declaring war against Germany in 1933.  Not to be ashamed of being German is not racism.  So my point is that if Nietzsche was anti-racist perhaps by in large so were the German people.  That is why Hitler made a special dispensation for those of Jewish heritage who wanted to fight for Germany.  Nietzsche died in 1900.  Many of the German intelligentsia read him and liked him.  And my guess is that he would have admired Hitler as well for standing against world domination by the Democratic Socialists.     

Giving money or special treatment to Jews is a violation of the First Amendment.