When we decide we want to know, then we begin to learn. My intention with this web site, my third and most comprehensive, is to share with you what I have learned. The field of historical and holocaust revisionism is a large one, requiring the contribution of many dedicated people. I am one who has joined this great work, approaching it from my own perspective and according to my own abilities.

My family background is German. Yeager is my birth name. It derives from the German Jäger, which means ‘hunter,’ but is also used militarily as ‘fighter,’ as in Panzerjäger (tank destroyer) and Jagdbomber (fighter-bomber). There were also the renowned military units named Gebirgsjäger (mountain infantry) and Fallschirmjäger (paratroopers). Since 2005, I’ve been drawn to learn more about the experience of Germany during WWII and “the Holocaust.” 

In 2008, I formed a special working partnership with Wilhelm Kriessmann, an Austrian by birth who served with distinction in the Luftwaffe from 1938-45, to translate portions of Hermann Giesler’s Ein Anderer Hitler, which we published in The Barnes Review (TBR) between 2008 and 2011.

In March 2010, my first book was published by TBR: the 48-page Auschwitz: The Underground Guided Tour, which followed from a trip to Germany and Poland in 2009. 

Also in March 2010, I began doing radio podcasts on the Voice of Reason Network. With these weekly Heretics Hour programs I have reached many more people than I could reach via only written articles. From May to August, 2011, I also had a daily program on Republic Broadcasting Network. Every podcast I have done, and will do, will be stored for listening and downloading here.

In July 2010, I opened a web site under the sponsorship of Bradley Smith and CODOH (Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust) for the purpose of “exposing the false testimony of the world’s most famous Holocaust survivor.” Elie Wiesel Cons The World does serious revisionist work finding and examining documents and writings pertaining to Wiesel’s claim to be a concentration camp survivor. These documents and writings strongly suggest it is a product of his imagination.

In addition to my own writings, I have some categories for general information that I think is important for our people. After Willy Kriessmann passed away in December 2012, I became acquainted with an Austrian friend he had been wanting me to meet, one Willy Wenger. Over the next five years, Willy W. provided me with some very special material for this site: his older brother Leopold's pre-war and war diaries, including numerous photographs, plus Willy's own valuable historical writings, all of which you will find under Wenger Family Archive on the far right sidebar.

Another special feature I added in 2014 is My Ancestry and My DNA Results under Art and Culture.

I hope you will enjoy and learn from this site. ~Carolyn Yeager, Oct. 2011 (revised Oct. 2020)