Horst Mahler on the German Reich

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From left: Sylvia Stolz, Horst Mahler, Michael Friedman, Vanity Fair editor

The following was excerpted from Part 9 of Horst Mahler's interview by Jew Michael Friedman for the German Vanity Fair magazine in 2007. It is translated from the German by shoabloger.

The participants: HM - Horst Mahler; MF - Michael Friedman; VF - Vanity Fair; SS - Sylvia Stolz

When did Mahler change from Red to National-Socialist?

H.M. Lenin was a great historical figure. He believed he was making a revolution, but it was something else that he has done. But that is always the lot of great figures.

M.F. But in the years when you were in the SPD, the SPD has indeed, already in the 50s and 60s, understood itself as the counter-response against Hitler. It has even been said “We Social Democrats have gone to the concentration camps because of Hitler.” What kind of consciousness did you actually have at that time? Or were you still a victim of Jewish propaganda and your guilt?

H.M. I have said it very clearly in my conversation with Baum, which was then published as a book: I believed these propaganda lies against the German Reich; Hitler was for me a poisonous thorn in the flesh of the German people, and we wanted to get rid of it.

M.F. When you have realized that … I have … I am sorry, that occurred to me only now, I have not asked you about it before. When have you understood and was the key event that made you feel that everything is propaganda and you have been burdened with guilt as a German? When have you gone from A to B? What was it, and when was it exactly? What was the key moment?

H.M. There were two. First, on the occasion of my speech on the 70th birthday of Rohrmoser. At that time I still believed in the so-called Holocaust and said: “And if it, as some think, has not happened, it would have to be invented to bring the intellectual, historical dispute to the high level, where it belongs.” Then Frank Rennicke [German singer-songwriter who calls himself a "national bard" -cy] came up to me, when I had agreed to defend the NPD, to ask me to defend him against the charge of having denied the Holocaust. Then I said: “Yes, I’ll do it.” And I defended him. This was the first indictment which was brought against me because I had made ​​applications for evidence in the process.

M.F. When was it?

H.M. 2002 or so. The case is years old, and is still not decided. And then I had to take a look at the facts of the so-called …

M.F. So in 2002 you had to break from the old to the new consciousness …

H.M. Yes. After this I no longer believed in it, after having dealt with the evidence which the so called revisionists gathered. I realized that this was a huge propaganda lie. After this I was free. I have found out that it was done according to the same blueprint which was used in Russia after the pogrom in Kishinev in 1903. Solzhenitsyn has described it meticulously.

M.F. But you were active in the NPD and with the Nazis already in the late 1990s.

H.M. There you’re wrong.

M.F. Really? You became a member of the NPD in 2000.

H.M. It was after the petition to ban the party was made.

M.F. Good, but you’ve just said it was in 2002.

H.M. But you have just said something about the 90′s which I can’t recognize.

M.F. Yes, yes. You demonstrated with extreme right against foreigners and double citizenship. With right-wing extremists, NPD and the Republicans.

H.M. Yeah, I can’t see any problem at all in this. I had decided to be available for the party as a lawyer, as other more famous lawyers …

M.F. No, no, then you were already on your way politically. I just want to know when was the crucial moment?

H.M. No, no, no. I then decided to represent the party as a lawyer, and I always say, it was then connected with a political commitment. And I then joined the party … and then I have traveled and lectured, met with people and so on.

M.F. And what was the reason you said: “Auschwitz is a lie”?

H.M. That was precisely the experience of the Rennicke process. At that time I first came into contact with the evidence, and then I knew this (Holocaust) cannot be true. And it is not true.

M.F. So there were no crematoria?

H.M. Well, of course, there were crematoria. People have died in a concentration camp in a number that was exceptionally high. And they could not be interred because it was a swampy terrain. That’s all.

M.F. But there was no systematic extermination with gas?

H.M. No.

M.F. Zyklon B, these are all fairy tales?

H.M. No, no, Zyklon B is not an invention; it has been used in all armies of the world before the discovery of DDT for disinfestation of clothing.

M.F. But the Jews were not killed with it?

H.M. No. (laughs) Of course not.

M.F. Of course not.

H.M. And I am far away from seeing the Jews as lice, which could be killed with something like that.

On German Leaders

M.F. Gerhard Schröder? In the most difficult time he got you readmitted to the bar.

H.M. Yeah, well, so what? You are asking me how I judge him?

M.F. Yes.

H.M. He is a man who is very dependent on what people think and say about him. He is guided by the outside influences. And this may conceal his personality core that might perhaps be viewed positively. The problem is his obsession to be liked by the audience, to sell himself well on the TV. In this respect he is no longer free.

M.F. Is he a vassal of world Jewry?

H.M. Yes. He certainly was. Whether he is now, I don’t know.

M.F. What about Angela Merkel? I mean, she comes from the East, she has a completely different socialization, has been in the Federal Republic for 17 years. How do you assess her?

H.M. Anyone who has the position of a Chancellor, I am sure about it, will be instructed by those who have conquered Germany, what aims today’s politics in the Federal Republic has to follow, namely the safeguarding and further enforcement of the war aims. And they will say to him or her: You can choose either you allow the German people – they will not say it directly, but will let it be understood – their gradual dissolution in Europe, then everything is wonderful, the people are doing fine, what more can they want? Or you decide to go the way of the revival of the German Reich, and then we are at war. So they have to decide. And they decide, and in this way they become conscious vassals.

On the German Reich

VF Excuse me, Hr Mahler, this is a spontaneous question, but could it not be the case that most people are no longer interested in the German Reich? Neither those you refer to as vassals, nor those, to whom you refer as foreign masters?

H.M. Let me put it bluntly: Adolf Hitler, as he is represented today, is rejected by most people. Just as the German Reich is rejected by most people. But they reject it because of deception. We live in the age of deception, and that is what is crucial.

VF Maybe it has become irrelevant.

H.M. No, no, not at all, on the contrary. All our freedom depends on it, and our lives will ultimately depend on it. And that is so easy to explain. When you say, this is the devil, the people will believe it, and they say, for God’s sake, go away. And of course, here is the moment when we set in and say: No, it’s a lie.

S.S. The good is never irrelevant. For the Germans, the good is never irrelevant.

M.F. What is the good?

H.M. Liberty, being independent …

S.S. What the German Reich always aspired to.

M.F. What has the German Reich always aspired to?

S.S. The good.

H.M. The breaking of interest slavery, breaking of the Jewish monopoly of opinion, the representation of the Jewish spirit as negation of the German …

M.F. Yes, but those are all negative definitions. I would like to know positively what is the good? What you are describing to me, is the evil in your language. What is the good?

H.M. I assume that you think that you want the good. Only what is good for you is something different.

M.F. No, I’ve got it. But she was about to say it, then you came in with your four points about what you want to break, and those are always the Jews. Okay. I’m simply interested in, what your own positive ideas of good are, apart from your opposition to Judaism. What is it?

S.S. The good can only unfold when we prevent the evil from suppressing it.

M.F. But how do you stop people like me? I live, I breathe, and I will continue to do and say what I want. And the others, the foreigners too. How do you stop me?

S.S. The truth will stop you. When people recognize what you are, you will lose your power.

M.F. I’ve got it.

H.M. You know the German fairy tale of Rumpelstiltskin. When one calls you by your name …

S.S. And everyone knows, Hr Friedman, everyone knows what you are and who you are and what you say.

M.F. Okay. Everyone.

S.S. Hr Friedman, everyone knows it. No matter which side he’s on. Everyone knows it.

M.F. Well, I would never have imagined. Thank you, I would never have imagined that …

S.S. No matter which side he’s on, everyone knows.

M.F. That’s incredible, I mean, I would have never thought. Really?

S.S. So this conversation gave you something, after all.

M.F. Wow! My God, my God …

S.S. It has also given me something, Mr. Friedman, because now I have my doubts that the Jews have so much power. Because, you said, you have …

M.F. Yes? (laughs)

S.S. And you know why, Mr. Friedman? Because you … your visits to teen prostitutes …

M.F. Yes, everybody knows it.

S.S. … would have not be so widely known.

M.F. Hardly anything is more widely known. But you know, at least I have not committed a robbery and murder and commit a robbery, and would never kill people. But I will come back to one question: Who is Ahmadinejad for you?

H.M. He is president of the religious state and republic of Iran.

M.F. I studied history and social sciences too.

H.M. And he is the first statesman of this format to have the courage to say that the Holocaust was a myth and that Israel must disappear from the map.

M.F. You support both?

H.M. Absolutely.

M.F. He also says that Israel will be destroyed with military means, if necessary.

H.M. Did he say it?

M.F. Yes.

H.M. When, where, please?

M.F. He has said it x times. I can’t give you a concrete quote.

H.M. I’ll tell you this: Israel is a predatory entity, not a state. You have grabbed a territory that does not belong to you.

M.F. Not “you”, I am not Israel, I am a German citizen. Just like you.

H.M. I understand.

M.F. Does it hurt you?

H.M. No, Hr Friedman, it’s a mistake.

M.F. Does it hurt you?

H.M. You are not a German citizen, it’s an illusion.

M.F. Oh, so I am not a German citizen?

H.M. No, you are not.

M.F. Why not?

H.M. You were not born in Germany, you are not of German family, not of German blood. You have come to Germany and have here perhaps the pass[port] of the Federal Republic of Germany – and that’s not the German state. The German citizenship can only be granted by the German Reich. Since the 23 …

M.F. So you are not a German citizen either?

H.M. Why, I have been born as a German.

VF Do you have a document that says you are a citizen of German Reich? Do you have (such) a passport?

H.M. I don’t need it.

M.F. But you have not been born in the German Reich either.

H.M. I have a certificate of birth.

M.F. Who knows, what blood you have.

H.M. It’s not about blood.

M.F. Then I don’t know who … Imagine, you have a Jewish grandfather.

H.M. Let me finish the thought. You could not become a German …

M.F. That would be bad, right? That would be bad if you had a Jewish grandfather? Would you be unhappy that there is something negative about you, if it turned out, you had a Jewish grandfather?

S.S. That’s speculation. Why should I …?

H.M. He is speculating about the German Reich. There is no greater speculation than the German Reich.

H.M. The German Reich is real.

S.S. It’s real.

M.F. Would it be a problem if it turned out that your grandfather or your grandmother were Jewish?

H.M. That’s silly. But I cannot feel anything negative about it. What determines my destiny is a fact that I am the son of a certain person who has that and that racial and ethnic characteristics. But I’ve already told you: Whatever I were, I would endeavor to realize what my job is, and act accordingly. And that is different in each case. As a Jew, I would have another calling than as a German.

M.F. It means that it’s unthinkable that there is a German Jew?

H.M. There are Jews who have German citizenship, gained under the Reich.

M.F. Those you have killed, OK.

H.M. Wait a minute. Who are the many Jews who have come and filed reparation claims for the land which they had before?

M.F. They are not many. You have not killed all, right. One more question …

H.M. I emphatically deny …

M.F. … is there a German Jew?

H.M. … that what you insinuate here: The German Reich, did not systematically murder the Jews in that sense. Some Jews have been killed. Some were executed.

M.F. It’s enough.

H.M. Yes? OK.

M.F. How do you say goodbye? The way you do when you get in? Or what is the proper farewell? I mean, the entrance greeting I have noticed. How does a representative of the German Reich do it?

H.M. Have a good life.

M.F. Aha. In the past they screamed “Heil Hitler” all the time, right?

H.M. I don’t know.

M.F. Thank you.

H.M. Yes.