Jewish population figures don't add up

Published by carolyn on Thu, 2018-04-12 02:05

THE LATE, GREAT GERD HONSIK'S BOOK "ACQUITTAL FOR HITLER?" (German title: Freisprüch für Hitler?) is organized as the 'testimony' of 37 reputable 'witnesses' for Adolf Hitler's innocence in the matter of mass murder in gas chambers among other 'criminal' accusations. The book was published in 1988 to much excitement and disturbance. The following is part of the 'testimony' of Witness #31 – Austrian author Herbert Schweiger, which I found particularly interesting since it discusses the money angle in relation to the magical 6,000,000.

Witness No. 31: Herbert Schweiger

"Who killed the Jews who disappeared from Jewish statistics between 1946 and 1952? The propaganda!"

The almanac of the "American Jewish Committee", which appears new every year, announced in the 1945 edition on page 367 the number of world Jewry as 15,192,089.  For 1946, this number increased by 516, 549 to 15,753,638 ! Then this number of about 15.5 million Jews is maintained by the Almanac for the years 1947 (on page 748), 1948 (page 572) and 1949 (page 289).In 1950, the number suddenly drops to 11,500,000. Why? Who eliminated about 4,000,000 Jews between 1945 and 1949?

Who in the world did this after the war? The answer is clear. The propaganda! Only a few years after the Nuremberg Trial and after the founding of the State of Israel in 1948, the gassing legend was propagandistically extended!

The Zionist
Nahum Goldmann, President of the World Jewish Congress in 1949 and President of the Zionist World Organization in 1956, negotiated with Federal Chancellor Adenauer over the financial tribute to Israel, that is, to a state that did not exist during the war. From 1950 on, Goldmann applied psychological pressure to squeeze as much payment out of Bonn as possible. He understood his business.

The 6 million "gassed" Jews were the means to pocket billions of marks, which helped build the State of Israel. Anyone who opposes this 6-million-gassing propaganda is enemy number one for Tel Aviv, for the international press and Wall Street, because he could question the billions to be paid from the Bonn [now Berlin] financial system in future. The historical uniqueness of this process consists in the fact that politicians and journalists of the German people are the most consistent representatives and propagators of this lie.

The Jews themselves state their current population at around 15,000,000. Also on the occasion of a lecture before the Arab Society in March 1988, Dr. Bruno Kreisky gave this number for the number of Jewish inhabitants of the world. But how should such a miraculous multiplication have taken place?

If, according to the so-called "Wannsee Protocol" of January 20, 1942 under the chairmanship of Reinhard Heydrich, the chief of the security police, the "final solution" with the annihilation of 6 million Jews had been decided and carried out, then in 1945 only 9,300,000 Jews could have been alive in the world. However, the "Wannsee Protocol" submitted at the Nuremberg Trial bears no date or signature and can therefore not be considered a historically evidential document. And even so, in this document there is no talk of a killing of the Jews, but only of their evacuation to the East.

According to these sources, the Jews would have increased about 70% today, but that is impossible. In this connection, the reference to the small number of children of Jewish parents acquires special noteworthy importance, as evidenced by the constant number of the Jewish world population in the second and third decades of this century [20th]. For the post-war years of the 5th and 6th decades, is this prevailing world-wide Jewish procreation behavior no longer valid? (Right: Herbert Schweiger)