Gerhard Ittner may seek justice from UN Human Rights Committee

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Gerhard Ittner Interviewed by Henrik Holappa

(See what Germar Rudolf has written about Gerhard Ittner. He first spoke about it in his interview with me on The Heretics' Hour.)

Hello Mr. Gerhard Ittner. Could you shortly introduce yourself to our readers?

Oh yes, it’s a pleasure to give you this interview, Henrik. Well, let’s start from the beginning then: I was born the 12th of May, 1958 in the small town of Zirndorf near Nuernberg. Zirndorf is known for one of the biggest battles of the 30 years’ War taking place around this village. It was the so called “Battle of the Alten Veste,” on the 3rd of September 1632, which took place exactly 307 years before the English and French declared war against Germany, at the beginning of WWII. The Alte Veste (Old Fortress) is the remains of a small castle, already in ruins in 1632, on a hill above Zirndorf. Wallenstein has had his headquarters there. The Swedish King Gustav Adolf and his troops have had their headquarters about 2 kilometers away in the plains at the river Redniz. The battle had no winner, but one big loser: Zirndorf, which lay burned and looted when the troops had gone. Like so many German villages in this very cruel religious war. As children we used to play in the trenches of the 30 years’ war. They are still around the Alte Veste, now overgrown by forest.

As children we did not think about that, but now I find it quite an unusual experience having played warriors in the real trenches of the 30 years’ War! Also, when I was still a child, many of the men who had fought in the First World War, like Adolf Hitler, were still alive. Even more so those soldiers who had fought in the Second World War were alive too. In 1958, when I was born, Erich Hartmann, the famous fighter pilot, was just 36 year old then, still a young man in fact. One of the most impressive memories of my childhood are of the infamous black and white framed photographs, hanging on almost each and every wall within the flats and houses of Germany, showing Wehrmacht soldiers in uniform, most of them very young –sons and husbands who had fallen in war.

In the small kitchen of my favorite Aunt Gretel there hung on the wall such a “soldier picture” of her only child Karl –who had fallen in battle against the Russians in Karelia, fighting on the side of our Finnish Waffenbrueder.

Despite the troubles and cruelties of the 30 years’ War, in the 19th and 20th century Zirndorf developed into a prosperous small town, busy with industry amongst the numerous firms, which produced all kinds of toys. Some of them became famous like “Play Mobil” for instance. It was into this industrious atmosphere I was born the son of the working class man. No one in my family has even been to High school.

My Father and Grandfathers have been craftsmen mainly carpenters and joiners. At 15 years old I started work in graphic designs, and then at 18 years old I got my degree as a journeyman. At 20 years of age I decided to return to school once again because I wanted to learn so much more and attend University. I had been studying zoology, Indology, Sanskrit and archeology during those years coupled with outside work at times during which I took a respite from my studies. This is roughly my biography as a “civilian”.

You are currently held in custody in Portugal. You are wanted in Germany. Could you explain the reason for your arrest/custody in Portugal, and why Germany wants you?

On the 11th of April 2012 I was arrested in the town of Motemor-o-Novo in the region of Alentejo, Portugal, due to a European warrant issued by the Federal Republic of Germany (FRG). This warrant relates to “thought crimes” and “freedom of speech crimes.” This very warrant can be seen then as a violation of my human rights which guarantee freedom of speech thereby making the warrant itself a crime against the rule of law designed to prevent rebellion against tyranny.

However, now there is an opportunity to appeal against this warrant at the Portuguese courts, and then if necessary, at the European courts, eventually going so far as to appeal to the Human Rights Committee of the United Nations. For this chance I have been waiting 7 years in exile.

You managed to avoid the “justice” for 7 years. Most fugitives manages 6 months or one year, not necessarily even that. You most likely have many stories to tell about that time. But, how did it feel for you to be on the run? Why did you decide to avoid your prison sentence?

They did not capture me within the 7 years I was on the run and they would not have gotten me in one hundred years, if I had not risked on purpose getting arrested, for the very chance to bring my case to the International or European courts by doing so. For in Germany our comrades do not have a fair chance in court, because of this there is no justice in FRG in cases relating to political persecution, rather there is just corruption and the sarcastic rule of ZOG. In 2005, when I was still in exile, the time had not been ready to do what I am trying to do now. Also the following years it remained the same, but then in June 2011, during a heavy thunderstorm I was hit by lightning. I felt like my body was torn into a thousand pieces from within. Yet as if by miracle I survived unharmed. So I took this as a sign that I should return to my political work once again. I began writing articles again under a nom de plume, knowing that sooner or later I would be discovered, thereby making it possible to do what I am doing now. The fight for freedom of speech cannot be fought within the confines of the dictatorship of the FRG; it has to be fought from abroad.
I did almost forget to mention how I had once nearly been caught in Oulu by the special police called “SUPO,” but I was able to escape in a most dramatic manner.

You may be aware about the alleged “NSU” terrorist organization. What do you think is really behind it? Are we again being misled to other directions from the actual events that are currently keeping our countries in dog's leashes?

One must be very ignorant not to realize that this “NSU-story” (National Socialist Underground) is just a hoax. It is a fake, self-made job by the government, just like 9/11. The purpose of 9/11 was to create a fake reason to start the Afghanistan War, and to fake a reason to strip the American populace of their civil rights, freedom, and to turn America into an Orwellian state made up of vassals serving a Neo-feudal system of governance. The purpose of the “NSU”-hoax is to do the very same thing by cutting down on the citizenries civil rights, especially the right to freedom of speech for those who wish to uphold the national rights of their country and its people. So, the “NSU”-hoax is meant to deprive nationalists of their rights, by labeling them as “right-wingers” or even “neo-Nazis,” attaching a negative connotation to these terms. Within the last year, due to the “NSU”-hoax one can be arrested simply by being suspected of being a “Nationalist” in the FRG (Federal Republic of Germany).

Simply being suspected of holding “Nationalist” sympathies can be reason enough to have your apartment searched by the police. During these searches they will remove whatever possessions you have that they so choose, such as computers, CDs, DVDs, or books. You don’t even have to commit a “thought crime” anymore in order to be jailed, as being suspected of being a “nationalist” is criminal enough. It’s just like the witch hunts centuries ago. The regime of the FRG, occupying Germany, wants also to draw attention away from its disastrous policies and present a false reason to allow it to turn the FRG into a Bolshevistic dictatorship.

With the crazy logic, the Germans are or have been thinking that you did have a connection to the alleged terrorist organization called the “NSU”. This absurd claim is nonsense. Can you specify what was exactly your political activity in Germany then prior to your conviction?

For sure those liars are trying to do everything in their power to “connect” me to the “NSU.” Even though the fact is that before they came up with their lousy fairytale about the “NSU” I did not even know the names of the three “terrorists.” The magazine “Der Spiegel” (The Mirror) is writing that from the beginning of the nineties I had been in close contact with the Neo-Nazi scene in Thuringia. Where do they get this information from? This is not journalism; it’s just the telling of lies. The truth is, in the beginning of the nineties I wasn’t interested in politics, as I had totally different interests then which with I occupied my time.

Far from politics I had been studying archeology, Sanskrit and Indology at University, as well as having my own art exhibits during the nineties. The first time I came to Thuringia to give a political speech was in July 2001. More regularly I gave speeches at political events beginning from the middle of 2002 and onward. These were given 4 years after the “terrorists” had disappeared without leaving a trace –these people I had not known at all. I may easily have been the most observed “Nazi” at the time and I therefore couldn’t take one step without being observed.

Every single phone call, every single mail sent or received had been observed. So they know very well that the slightest contact made with the alleged “NSU” had not been made. However, as I said earlier the “NSU” is a hoax invented by the system itself and created in 2011 so therefore what they write about me and the “NSU” is nothing but lies by the media. Additionally, in the warrant there are only “thought crimes” and “free-speech crimes” mentioned and nothing else. And after all my political fight had only been a non-violent one. I have only been expressing my opinions on history and politics in articles and speeches and nothing more!

You will most likely stand on trial in Germany in a few months. You will give them a real legal battle. The opponents of our folk are afraid of information. You have information. What will you state to them and the public that will show that the current German government is criminal?

Well Henrik, the question is: will there still be a FRG in a few months’ time or at least in the way it is structured now? Maybe it will still be so, but I wouldn’t bet on it. The trials are already done and I have been sentenced to 33 months in jail in Nuremberg, and an additional 8 months in jail in Gotha- all this for just exercising my free speech and for “denying the holocaust”, etc. However, since this warrant is just for free speech “crimes “ it is a clear violation of the human right of freedom of speech and we will appeal on this basis at the European courts. While there we will unveil another crime of the FRG.

On the 20th of July 2002, in Gotha, (on another occasion than the one I have been sentenced to 8 months in jail for), the police, without any legal reason to do so, tore me very brutally down from behind the microphone from the stage. I hadn’t even said anything illegal! Even the state prosecutor declared that I had not said anything illegal. However, even if I had said something illegal the police still had no right to use brutal force against me, when they could have instead just reported me to the Justice. Instead though they arrested me, tied me up, took me aside from the event going on. This illegal detention and arrest is in direct violation of Article 5 of the ECHR (European Convention on Human Rights), which makes me eligible to compensation for my unlawful arrest that day.

After leading me away from the event they then mishandled and beat me brutally, which led to many serious injuries of my backbones, but this wasn’t even enough for them because after the beating they used a form of torture involving suffocation, just like that what they employ in Guantanamo. So, when they asphyxiated me this led to additional injuries to my larynx, which had been squeezed with tremendous force. Even though this illegal and very brutal arrest is documented by video, and though there are a lot of witnesses in the police report, and even though there is even a certificate from the hospital attesting to the extent of my injuries –the case was dropped in the FRG!

However, we are going to re-open that case with the European courts; we have all the proof we need in the form of the reports and video evidence, which are the facts we will present there. The FRG wants to persecute me for statements I have made, but we have found them to be the ones in violation of my human rights. These things I think will be damaging to the reputation of the FRG at the European courts.

If Lui Xiaobo could receive the Nobel Peace Prize for being persecuted for freedom of speech in China, then it is hypocritical at best for there to be similar persecution of freedom of speech in “democratic” Europe.

The last words are for you. Is there anything you would like to share with our Finnish readers or add something that did not come up in this interview?

Yes, there is still a few things I’d like to say. I ask that this interview be published in Finnish, German, Swedish, English and also maybe other languages as well. It might be a good idea for the readers in those countries to write to the Portuguese Embassy in their respective nations, as well as the German Embassy, and to Human Rights organizations and protest about my case. For them to protest about the violation of freedom of speech in the FRG which they want to persecute me for, in an alleged free and democratic country. This is absolutely a violation of human rights and if Lui Xiaobo was getting the Nobel Peace Prize then I and Horst Mahler must get the Nobel Prize too! For the very reason alone that the persecution of Lui Xiaobo in China, and of Horst Mahler and Gerhard Ittner (and 8,000 to 10,000 other people each year) in the Federal Republic of Germany are one and the same; we are being persecuted on the basis of our speech alone!

This regime occupying Germany must be stopped, for because of its political influence it is a threat and a danger to the freedoms of all the people of Europe!

Finally, I would like to add some personal words about my time in exile. In these 7 years, which are a kind of esoteric number, I have seen a lot of countries an cities: Amsterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, Madrid, Paris, Burgos, Bilbao, Sundsvall, Luleå, Umeå, Odemira, Évora, just to name a few. It was fantastic coming for the first time to Lisbon, from the South, crossing the bridge on the 25th of April, thereby entering the ancient “Queen of the Oceans.” This city with its rich and stunning history behind her and still within her, much like a long ago forgotten sunken world, to be rediscovered again and again. The whole of Portugal is full of this sort of melancholic magic, like dreams dreamt long ago, which were blown away by the winds of time, yet never having fully disappeared. The one who is able to touch the soul of this country will wake those dreams anew. Portugal –I owe this country and its people a lot. Thank you Portugal!

Maybe the most beautiful city I visited though is Stockholm and how glad I was and light of heart I felt at her waters and on her islands. The whole of Sweden is beautiful and calming. May these people keep their country as their own and keep it pure! I fell in love with Copenhagen at once. I just couldn’t get enough of walking through this city and its parks. “Himmel” (heaven), this word is the same in Danish and in German and that is how I felt there.

Yet, despite this all there is something even bigger in my heart: Finland. Finland! Finland is beyond compare, because it is so deep within me, like it had always been there, long before I knew it, and long before I came to Finland. It broke through when my feet touched Finnish ground for the first time in Turku. This feeling got stronger the further North I went and in Oulu it was fulfilled. It was there, in Oulu, that I spent the gladdest and happiest time of my life, and it was where I met my best friend and truest comrade. And if in the end of my battle there will be nothing left than my time in Finland and my friendship to Henrik Holappa –it would still all have been worth it!

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