At Pegida-Dresden, Tatjana declares German guilt complex officially over!

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2015-11-09 18:36

Another huge crowd at the Theater Square on Nov. 9, 2015, a special date in Germany for a variety of reasons.

On the anniversary of “Kristallnacht”, for which Pegida naturally got criticized by the usual suspects for insensitivity in going ahead with its regular Monday night stroll when all Germans should be wearing sackcloth and feeling “deeply ashamed” … yes, on this evening of November 9th, Tatjana Festerling decided to speak about a German future without German guilt.

“Are you ready to let go? she asked the cheering crowd that packed the Theater Square. “Then I declare here and now, on November 9, 2015 – 70 years after the war – the German guilt complex for the 12-year Nazi rule has officially ended.”

Great applause and calls of “Yes.”

“We leave the past now and move on – and therefore an end to the artificial Nazi paranoia.”

Festerling had already told about her experience at the rally in Hohenstein-Ernstthal on the previous Saturday, Nov. 7, saying children from a church nearby that was holding a counter-event threw folded colored-paper “planes” or “birds” in their direction [above right] with the same sentence on all: “Bomber Harris help us, they are still in Hohenstein.” (free translation). She called it outrageous that a church would call for mass murder. She said that the wartime carpet bombing was a deliberate attempt to break the morale and the will to resist of the German population. Dresden had been one of the victims. “And now the resistance of part of the Germans is to be broken again. For this purpose the supposedly peace-loving do-gooders call on the inventor of carpet bombing for help, to erase us now.” 

Very powerful speech by Tatjana Festerling. We will probably hear more about it.

Lutz Bachmann had called for a silent walk because of the special date, asking in his opening remarks for a “peaceful, grateful, reverent – and especially admonishing – walk,” without [calling out] slogans. And that's what he got. He said “The European union of patriots is well on the way.” And he promised some interesting speakers for next week.

The Epoch Times judged the crowd at "at least 25,000" while Deutsch Welle called it 6,000! The Dresden police will not give number estimates anymore for the Pegida demos, and the student statistics group didn't give one tonight either. Anyway, I didn't see it. Maybe they didn't want to lie.

Live stream on Youtube:

A 1 hour more professional video:


Great news. Now it's getting to the crux of the problem. 

Excellent!  A woman has said it and now the men will stand up and advance to the marker she's laid down.  Bravo.  Great news.

Wow, some Christians now are calling for the carpet bombing of German civilians!   The good thing about eastern Germany is that they are less brainwashed by that nation-wrecking religion- only 6% of them subscribe to it.  Is it a surprise Frau Merkel is a lutheran pastor's daughter and president Gauck is a pastor?   No wonder Spengler and Hitler considered Christianity akin to bolshevism.

It's hard to believe they got (how many?) Lutheran preachers to go along with that propaganda. Of course it's totally immoral, which points to the power of the Jews now living in Germany. Whereas 8 years ago Germany was twenty years behind us in its position along the garden path, things have accelerated now. Still with that outrageous woman at Yale last Thursday telling the head of her college to shut the F up we're moving ahead again. Only 20 years ago they would have canned her. It's no secret the Powers that Be want rid of the constitution, and the reason they have such ignorant, closed-off students in Ivy Legue schools is only because it makes the Jews look good! (Her last name is Luther by the way. It's her mothers maiden name. She was married to some rich African. This according to comments in the Daily Call article on subject of the girl.)

Sign at Leipzig University reads: Legida not running (or to stop or shut down), Demo-training, Auditorium 4

This is quasi state-subsidized leftism (...)

(...) The University of Leipzig should be made accountable for knowingly supporting left-wing extremists and even providing space so they can be trained to attack policemen and peaceful # LEGIDA [Pegida in Leipzig] demonstrators. This is clearly "intellectual arson."
But see for yourself:

Carolyn: These leftists are vicious. They do discourage many folk from coming out to support the anti-migrant demonstrations.

It is time for Europeans to be remoralized and take their nations back both politically and racially.