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The fight against the enemies of Truth is not an option, but a necessity. My focus is on the assault upon White European culture and homelands by those who wish to replace us. The strategists behind this assault are basically International Jewry (now partly under the guise of "the Zionists"), the same Jewry that backed and benefited from WWI and WWII.

Because of this, I join with those who seek to revise the current, official history, especially in the areas of Adolf Hitler and National Socialism, real life in the German Third Reich, the German concentration camp system and the Jewish Deportation (commonly called the Holocaust). This is where the source of most of the lies can be found.  In spite of the passage of time, anti-Germanism and anti-nationalism are still with us today. The misinformation and disinformation circulated about the subjects I named is a continuation of the drastic re-education program (commonly called de-Nazification) that was forced on the German survivors of the French-British-US-instigated horror known as World War II. It has had devastating consequences not only for the moral and spiritual character of the German people, but for the entire Western world which is now in serious decline. When the real history of a folk is stolen or distorted out of recognition, that folk is robbed of their historical identity. This is true genocide.

The evidence is overwhelming that all the people of Europe, and genetically European people everywhere, are now the victims of this concerted, long-term effort to replace their historic nations with a globalist, anti-nationalist, multi-racialist 'New World Order."  The most familiar form of this attack today is non-White immigration, demoralization of White culture, and "hate" legislation aimed against Whites in our White European and American homelands. This is what must be understood and resisted with force.