The Jewish Declaration of War

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The cover of a matchbook distributed by Samuel Untermyers' “Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League to Champion Human Rights” in support of the anti-Nazi boycott of 1933.

FLASHPOINT Kristallnacht 1938: Instigators, Victims and Beneficiaries by Ingrid Weckert

Translated by Mr. Carl Hottelet from the original German

English translation Copyright 1991 by Institute for Historical Review in arrangement with Grabert Verlag, Tübingen, Germany

by Carolyn Yeager

Part Three

NOW THAT WE KNOW about the role of LICA* in the Hershel Grynszpan case, and also in the previous murder of a top National Socialist by a 'disaffected' Jew living among Germans, David Frankfurter; and have seen that LICA was birthed out of another internationally-publicized murder—that of a Ukrainian nationalist leader named Symon Petliura by Jew Sholem Schwartzbard—we can now turn to the famous Jewish “Declaration of War” of March 24, 1933 (covered in chapter 2). [*Ligue internationale contre l'antisémitisme, or International League Against Anti-Semitism]

At the end of January 1933, German President Von Hindenburg appointed Adolf Hitler Chancellor. In less than two months, International Jewry declared in a huge headline on the front page of the high-circulation London Daily Express*, “Judea Declares War on Germany!" It was an appeal for a total boycott of German goods. Ingrid Weckert devotes a whole page in smaller type to quoting from the article, of which I'll just copy a few highlights. [*The paper rose to become the largest circulation newspaper in the world under Lord Beaverbrook, going from 2 million in the 1930s to 4 million in the 1940s.]

All Israel is rising in wrath against the Nazi onslaught on the Jews. […] Fourteen million Jews, dispersed throughout the world, have banded together as one man […] to stand by the 600,000 Jews of Germany who are terrorized by Hitlerite anti-semitism, and to compel Fascist Germany to end it's campaign of violence against its Jewish minority.

Plans for concerted Jewish action are being matured in Europe and America ...Germany is a heavy borrower in foreign money markets, where Jewish influence is considerable. […] Resolutions are being taken throughout the Jewish business world to sever trade relations with Germany. […] A concerted boycott by Jewish buyers is likely to involve great damage to the German export trade. […] In Poland, the trade embargo of Germany is already in operation.

As far as the “terror” went, not a thing had happened to any Jew at this time, but this is what Zionist Jews wanted to happen. I also ask, rhetorically, why is it always a 6 round number—600, 6000, 6 million? Curious. Weckert notes that in her experience, and in the experience of Jews themselves, though Jews individually pride themselves on having their own opinions on everything, they exhibit an astonishing unity when standing up to an enemy, real or imagined. She mentions a passage in Hitler's Mein Kampf that is on display at Yad Vashem holocaust memorial in Jerusalem, opened to pages 330-331:

The Jew is united only when a common danger forces him to be, or when a common booty lures. When both motives are absent, the characteristics of crassest egotism take over, and in an instant the united people is turned into a mob, fighting blindly among itself. (p. 22)

The consensus of Jews that Weckert has met on her many visits to Yad Vashem agree that they believe Hitler was exactly right about that. She concludes that for this reason this “declaration of war” was indeed delivered on behalf of all world Jewry. She adds that those Jews who wanted to show solidarity with Germany did not thereby distance themselves from the “declaration of war' but from the anti-German atrocity propaganda raging abroad. An important distinction. [And that important distinction still applies to 'friendly' Jews today. -cy]

Weckert concentrates attention on the statement in the Declaration, “Germany may be called on to pay a heavy price for Hitler's antagonism toward the Jews.” On this she elaborates magnificently:

Under the pretext of “Hitler's antagonism to the Jews,” the world was excited into war against Germany; because of “Hitler's antagonism to the Jews,” Germany was destroyed; because of “Hitler's antagonism to the Jews,” a policy of occupation that has just one purpose: the moral and spiritual destruction of its people, was put into effect in Germany. The only aspect of the twelve years of the Third Reich that is kept alive in the public consciousness is “Hitler's antagonism to the Jews.”

Those who declared war on “Hitler's antagonism to the Jews,” got their war. It cost 50,000,000 lives. To attempt to justify that toll, “Hitler's antagonism to the Jews” has been hyped to a fantastic and impossible extent. No longer is world war, with its millions of fallen, expelled, deported and murdered, the catastrophe of the century—it is “Hitler's antagonism to the Jews” and its alleged prey.

Only two months after Adolf Hitler was appointed Chancellor of Germany by President von Hindenburg, this highly inflammatory  propaganda article appeared in the London Daily Express, with a circulation of between 2 and 4 million at the time. It has been very difficult for Jews to explain ever since. (click to enlarge)

The Jewish declaration of war of March 24, 1933 documented “Hitler's antagonism to the Jews” with a “Catalogue of Guilt.” It bore no relation to what actually was happening in Germany. The unabridged text of the “declaration” contains the following accusations:

German jew-baiting ... Germany is persecuting the Jews … Nazi onslaught on the Jews … German persecuters of their co-religionists … Jews of Germany who are terrorized by Hiterlite anti-semitism ...campaign of violence and suppression against the Jewish minority … revival of medieval jew-baiting … Nazi tactics … anti-semitism in Germany … attacks on their German fellow-Jews … anti-Jewish excesses in Germany … Hitler terror … the plight of Jews in Germany … oppression of the German Jews. (p. 24)

[T]his World Jewry nevertheless had the chutzpah (effrontery, gall) to protest that, after its “declaration of war,” the intended victim should act to protect itself by removing Jews … from sensitive positions, Weckert opines. Further, we know today, from numerous historically irrefutable publications, that preparations for war against Germany were begun in the first years of the National Socialist regime.

The will to war against Germany, the resolve to destroy Germany—always on the pretext of Hitler's “antagonism toward the Jews”—was a matter of course, a foregone conclusion for the Jews, who stressed it on every possible occasion, among themselves and in public.


In July 1933, four months after the proclamation of war in the London Daily Express, Samuel Untermyer (left), a Jewish lawyer from New York, founded the “International Jewish Economic Federation to Combat the Hitlerite Oppression of Jews” in Amsterdam. Many of the richest Jews lived and thrived in both those cities.

Upon returning to New York, he gave a talk, published in full in the New (Jew) York Times, in which he emphasized once again

… the holy war in the cause of humanity in which we are now embarked. It is a war that must be waged unremittingly until the black clouds of bigotry, race hatred and fanaticism that has descended upon what was once Deutschland, but is now medieval Hitlerland, have been dispersed.


Now or never must all the nations of the earth make common cause against the monstrous claim that the slaughter, starvation and annihilation, by a country that has reverted to barbarism, of its own innocent and defenseless citizens without rhyme, reason or excuse is an internal affair against which the rest of the world must stand idly by and not lift a hand in defense. (p. 25)

Untermyer doesn't base his charges on any identified occurrences, but smears the German government with blanket accusations of “brazenly” inflicting barbarities on its Jews. Weckert comments that “the desire of the German people to live as they wished in their own country was denied them.”

For her, Untermyer's address holds a sentence that makes clear what it was that inflamed world Jewry to such rage: “After they dared—to raise their head,” said Samuel Untermyer. That the new Germany—the German people—dared to raise their head fourteen years after the Versailles Diktat that made Germany the playground of international smugglers and racketeersa land that was for sale to any swindler who came along. The German people had had to bow and stay silent.

That millions of Germans dared to rise up again, and to chase the parasites out of the country—that was the real German crime.

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Who is Ingrid Weckert? A short biography from Castle Hill - CODOH:  Ingrid Weckert, a German citizen living near Nuremberg, is best known for her book on the events leading up to Kristallnacht – a book called "Feuerzeichen" (Flashpoint). She has been subjected to police raids, during one in which Ernst Zündel was arrested in her apartment in Munich. A former tourist guide for travel agencies, she reads and speaks Hebrew. She knew Menachim Begin and other Jewish leaders personally and frequently visited Israel. In 1998, she was tried, convicted and fined DM 3,500 for writing a Revisionist article. She now lives at the edge of poverty from a small pension.


This video: address the headline on the front page of the high-circulation London Daily Express*, “Judea Declares War on Germany!'.

I just now took a look at this video. It appears to come from Russian sources. So, typically, it's not very effective in "debunking" the headline in the London Express on March 24th, 1933. No one claims, nor do I in this article, that a formal declaration of war by a sovereign state was issued. Jews had no state at that time; they lived in the states of others, as they still do today even though they have one of their own. I did, however, anticipate your objections, and so did Ingrid Weckert whose arguments I put forth.

We all know what Jews are and what they've always been. Trying to split hairs here, "McCullum", is totally ineffective for your purpose. In fact, it actually aids our understanding of how to see through your propaganda attempts.