Assassination and terror is the method of Jewish ethnic warfare

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Note the similarity between the earlier LICA (International League Against Antisemitism, later LICRA, adding the word 'Racism') logo on the left, and the much later Anti-Fascist Action logo on the right -- which is an outgrowth of the former. By the way, the LICRA is mainly financed by state subsidies. It receives around 500,000 euros every year from the French government.

FLASHPOINT Kristallnacht 1938: Instigators, Victims and Beneficiaries by Ingrid Weckert

Translated by Mr. Carl Hottelet from the original German

English translation Copyright 1991 by Institute for Historical Review in arrangement with Grabert Verlag, Tübingen, Germany

By Carolyn Yeager

Part Two

WHETHER CHARACTER ASSASSINATION OR COMPLETE PHYSICAL DESTRUCTION, this means is the quickest and cleanest way to remove any obstacle in the way of Jewish victory. Thus it is the preferred method. Victory is the goal in all circumstances, but each victory is but a step in the long-term goal of absolute supremacy in this world--absolute security for every Jew. 

Twelve years before Herschel Grynszpan assassinated Ernst vom Rath, another migrating Jew named Sholem Schwartzbard, or Shvartsburd in his native Russian (right), gunned down his own perceived “enemy of the Jewish people,” a Ukrainian national leader named Symon Petliura on a Paris street. Schwarzbard identified Petliura from a picture, approached him and shot five bullets into his body until he fell to the ground. Then, it's said, he shot two more into the limp body. Schwarzbard, like Grynszpan, allowed himself to be arrested and, after a year had passed, a jury trial found him not guilty, based on the “sincere grievances” he was avenging. And like with Grynszpan, an organization known as Ligue internationale contre l'antisémitisme (LICA) involved itself in his defence.

It happened like this: In 1927, French-Jewish journalist Bernard Lecache (left at age 23) created "The League Against Pogroms” in connection with a media campaign in support of Sholem Schwartzbard, whose defense was that Symon Petliura was responsible for pograms in Ukraine that killed members of his family. The lawyers for the family of Petliura argued that he had nothing to do with the pogram, was not there at all, but it was believed that some of his men participated with his approval or secret direction. The trial was all the rage in Paris and all Europe; the courtroom was filled daily with emotional and theatrical scenes, mainly from the defendant, in front of the jury.

Sholem Schwartzbard, upper far left, standing in the defendant'a box during his trial; he was known to be short in stature and looks it. His lawyer Henri Torres sits below him, also on the left in the picture.

After founding the League Against Pograms, Lecache received support from well-known persons in the radical community, including Séverine, the Countess of Noailles, Albert Einstein, Edmond Fleg, Maxim Gorky, Paul Langevin, Victor Basch and Henri Torrès, who became Schwartzbard's lawyer.

After Schwartzbard's acquittal, the league evolved into LICA (Ligue internationale contre l'antisémitisme or International League Against Anti-Semitism). Schwartzbard became a prominent activist in this organization.

Bernard Lecache's  personal history included support for the 1917 Russian Revolution, being an early member of the French Communist Party (PCF), and an editor of L'Humanité. Lecache was initiated into the Freemasons at the beginning of the 1930s. He was a member of the Grand Orient de France and founded the lodge Abbé Grégoire, addressing the rise of Nazism and European anti-semitism.

Lecache wrote in the LICA newspaper "Droit de Vivre" (December 1938): “It is our task to organize the moral and cultural blockade of Germany and disperse this nation. It is up to us to start a merciless war.”

In 1931, LICA claimed 10,000 subscribers all over France. After 1932, LICA evolved into LICRA, but the name wasn't officially changed until 1979.

Wilhelm Gustloff and David Frankfurter

Two years before Grynszpan killed vom Rath, another assassination was carried out in strikingly similiar fashion when David Frankfurter went to the home of Wilhelm Gustloff in Bern, Switzerland, asking to speak with him, pulled out his just-purchased gun and shot Gustloff dead. This is covered in Chapter 5 of the book FLASHPOINT.

Frankfurter was a Croatian Jew from Vinkovci. Though he suffered a chronic medical condition, he got good marks in school. His Othodox Rabbi father sent him to Germany to study dentistry – first to Leipzig and then in 1931 to Frankfurt. He witnessed the coming to power of the National Socialists, and the restrictions on Jews from attending German Universities. This caused him, at age 22, to move to Bern. But even there, the National Socialist movement was gaining ground, led by Wilhelm Gustloff.

In 1936, Frankfurter bought a gun in Bern, went to Gustloff's home, was graciously allowed in by Frau Gustloff. When Gustloff entered the room, the young man announced he was a Jew and shot the 41-year old five times in the head, neck and chest. He left the house while hearing the cries of Gustloff's now widow and tried to get away, but was arrested that evening by Swiss gendarmerie. The very next morning a representative of the LICA appeared, demanding to take part in the preliminary hearing.

The Aryan-looking David Frankfurter in the courtroom during his trial in Davos, Switzerland

Elements in common

All three of these events have many key elements in common. They could be seen as slight variations on a single theme – or three versions of the same event! All involved a young Jew aggrieved in a personal way by the death or injury to family members or to Jews in general.

All were done openly, for effect, to cause attention to an issue.

All used a revolver that was just purchased for this deed alone.

All consisted of multiple shots, practically emptying the revolver.

All drew the assistance of the LICA immediately

All had lawyers provided by the LICA.

All served no or shortened jail time.

All were celebrated by Jews everywhere and are honored today in Israel.

*     *     *

We turn now to Chapt 4 – Anti-German Agitation Centers in Paris – and learn how Vladimir Jabotinsky fits into the picture

Born in Odessa in the Russian Ukraine in 1880, Weckert tells us he discovered his Jewish political mission in 1905, at age 25. It was a fatal hatred of Germany and everything German, that no psychologist was ever able to explain. During his childhood he had spent a short time in Berlin, even attended a kindergarten. He retained a vague recollection of meeting the Kaiser on the street in Bad Ems.

Opposite, a young militant Jabotinsky, probably during WWI. He co-founded the Jewish Legion of the British army and served in the 20th Battalion of the London Regiment between 1916 and 1917. 

His Revisionist Party broke away from the regular Zionist Party in 1925 to pursue a more hard-line course. Weckert writes:

“Jabotinsky began his “Anti-Hitler Crusade” in grand style on April 28, 1933 with a speech over Radio Warsaw in which he called for a worldwide boycott of Germany. Sixty-nine mass demonstrations, in all larger towns of eastern Europe, followed in rapid succession. On August 25, 1933, at a press conference with over a hundred participants, he announced that his Revisionist Party was the command center of the worldwide boycott of Germany.” (p. 32)

To his confidants, he expressed regret that Samuel Untermeyer's “Non-Sectarian Anti-Nazi League to Champion Human Rights,” with greater means at their disposal, was beating him out of the leadership spot in the hate campaign against Germany. Finally he worked out a deal wherein he, Jabotinsky, took over the “European Section” while Untermeyer continued to run New York and Amsterdam.

“Not content with drafting the foreign Jewish communities into his “Anti-Hitler Crusade,” he also stirred up the Jews in Germany. He condemned as criminal even the least show of understanding for the National Socialist government. “If Hitler's regime is destined to stay, world Jewry is doomed.” This hypothetical assumption was his justification for his whole anti-German activity. He went still farther: “The Jewish people finds itself face to face not with a party within the German people, but with the German nation as such.” (p.33)

He called for a full-fledged German-Jewish war.

Those of his own race who merely viewed Germany with just a little good will were his arch-enemies. When the Revisionist Party newspaper in Palestine, Hazit Haam, published a pro-German article, he wrote the publishers a vitrolic letter: “All this babbling is discrediting and paralyzing my work. […] I demand the paper join, unconditionally and absolutely, not merely our campaign against Hitler Germany, but also our hunting-down of Hitlerism, in the fullest sense of the term.” (Quote from J. Schechtman, The Vladimir Jabotinsky Story: the Last Years, p 219.)

In Paris, Jabotinsky met Bernard Lecache, who ran a political propaganda office. Lecache had specialized in combating anti-semitism in Poland. In January 1933, both Lecache and the Revisionist Party went on a strictly anti-German course. Lecache now had enormous sums of money at his disposal. At the same time, he converted his propaganda center into the “ligue International Centre l'Anti-Semitisme,” LICA for short, which, despite its generalized designation, occupied itself exclusively with anti-German propaganda.

“The LICA staged its first big public spectacle after the burning of the Reichstag in Berlin on the night of February 27-28, 1933. At the center of this propaganda enterprise stood a Parisian lawyer, Moro-Giafferi—an unpleasant shyster-type lawyer—who, in the Salle Wagram, vented a hate-filled diatribe that ended with “Goering, l'incendiare c'est toi!” (Goering, thou art the incendiary!) The hate propaganda by which the world was to be brought to war with Germany had found its first slogan.” (p.34)

Moro-Giafferi continued to work for LICA. For the trial of David Frankfurter, he was immediately sent to Switzerland to make himself familiar with the case. Because the proceedings were to be conducted in German, and he spoke French only, he was not admitted and another jurist took his place.

To finish up this introductory part, we'll go back to chapters 2 and 3, The Jewish “Declaration of War” in the next installment.

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From: Who Set Hitler Against Stalin by Nikolay Starikov. p. 239
Grynszpan took out a pistol and shot away at the diplomat. The German got a gutter wound in the shoulder and a pentrating wound in the abdominal cavity. Hitler sent Professor Brandt to Paris to provide qualified medical assitance to the wounded man. What happened next is obscure. On the morning of November 9 doctor Brandt ordered to prepare vom Rath for chemotherapy. But they "mistakenly" transfered to the wrong blood type, and the patient died after the third transfusion.
Source cited: Fintushal, M. The murder of vom Rath: an attempt or provocation? // Alef. The Jewish International Monthly Magazine. 21.11.2005

This looks like a junk book. I wouldn't put any faith in it.

Thanks for these new facts connected with freemasonry (British intelligence.)
The head, neck, chest attack is the masonic assassination signature.  It was prominent in the JFK assassination, where mason Gerald Ford's description of the "magic" bullet was that it hit the back ("CHEST") of the NECK, beside the HEAD shot... getting that head, neck, chest assassination trifecta. The MLK bullet was described as a shot that hit him in the head, traveled down his spinal cord, (if you can believe that!), stopping in his shoulder.
JABATINSKY was clearly a British agent, who was knighted by the British in 1919.
He started Irgun, which is a terrorist organization, discussed by Christopher Bollyn as being responsible for the 911 attacks...which gives us a direct connection between the British regime and 911...with its masonic agents, knights, and Israelis as intermediaries. 
Netanyahu's father was Jabatinsky's personal secretary.
This proves the point that when the Queen knighted Shimon Peres and Peres accepted knighthood on behalf of the State of Israel that Israel is a British-servant state, not a Jewish sovereign state.
I have to bring up this quote from Hitler (Table Talk July 25, 1941) "England and America will one day have a war with one another, which will be waged with the greatest hatred imaginable. One of the two countries will have to disappear."
If the British blew up the Twin Towers, I think that qualifies as "the greatest hatred imaginable."
I'd say the British are winning this war given that the British have 5 Rhodes Scholars in Biden's administration, while Americans have lost their minds and their vote.

MANY OF YOUR DOTS don't connect.

JABATINSKY was clearly a British agent, who was knighted by the British in 1919.

No he wasn't, on either score. And it's Jabotinsky. If he were knighted, he would have the appellation "Sir." He received the MBE medal, that's all. And he wasn't a British agent - he was 100% for the Jews and a Zionist.

You imagine a lot based on "conspiracy talk", not based on factual research. I don't go along with much of what you've written here. Well, you know, we've had this conversation before.