“Stop Special Treatment for Jews” – a suggested way forward

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2017-06-25 12:43

By Carolyn Yeager

FROM THEIR VERY BEGINNINGS, JEWS HAVE PROJECTED THEMSELVES AS A SPECIAL PEOPLE. According to their holy literature, the Torah, they demanded this recognition from their god Jehovah and from surrounding tribes. Over time, this became enshrined in their tribal mythology which they jealously guarded: the Hebrews are God's special, covenanted people!

A nomadic people, they very possibly learned of the “One God” from the Egyptians, who were the first to develop the concept. Over time, their god Jehovah became the One God, but before that, he was competing and slaying to prove his supremacy over all other gods. His teaching to the tribe held that they deserved to take what they wanted from other tribes when directed by Him to attack and destroy. Their god Jehovah promised them victory as long as they strictly obeyed his commands.

Thus, their history is permeated with their idea of being number one in God's Plan. Unfortunately, they have succeeded in selling this idea to non-Jews by assuring that their tribal mythology undergirded the development of a new religion for the  Roman world (their rulers at the time) called Christianity. Following that came another new religion for the Arab and non-Jewish Semitic world—Mohammedanism—which was also undergirded by the Abrahamic mythology.

I know I am oversimplifying here, and surely inviting a dispute or two, but it's necessary for I only want to set the stage for a much more important and timely discussion that is not about religion or antiquity. It's about the secular 'Jewish Question', or the 'Jewish Problem.' Do we Gentiles agree to see Jews as special, or not agree to it?

Religion does enter into it because millions of Christians and Muslims have been taught to recognize Jews as their 'elder brothers' and follow certain commands bequeathed to them from the mythology put in place by these 'elders' into their Christian and Islamic holy texts. So when I speak to my readers, I have the problem of knowing they are divided into the “fundamentalists” who believe they are under those commands and the “secularists” who do not. I must speak to the secularists and leave the fundamentalists to pay attention or not, as they will.

The invention of the persecution of Jews

“The Jewish Problem” can be framed as the susceptibility of Gentiles to these claims of specialness by Jews. Their claim is based on immoral, devious concoctions of holy writ featuring both favoritism and eternal promises announced by God himself to their tribe - but not without a price. The price was the most severe demands placed on this tribe to prove its faithfulness ... not demands of goodness or humanism, but demands of ritual, and of rules regulating all aspects of household and tribal life. It all becomes pretty fantastic but has captured the imagination of believers because of the Judaic holy writ being accepted as the basis, or beginning, of the Christian and Islamic holy writ, as I have already pointed out.

For those who don't attend the churches and mosques, the Jews have prepared a history of persecutions to touch the heartstrings of the liberal humanists – chief among them today is, of course, the “Holocaust.” But their history is replete with examples of Jews being mistreated, attacked, banned, expelled and excluded – unfairly, of course, and, it somehow turns out, with jealousy, malice and unreasoning hatred. This is intended to soften us up, but also to cover up the crimes against Christians that actually have occurred since Jews migrated into Europe.

This is a lot to overcome, but overcome it we must. Our survival is at stake.

One thing all Americans can understand and accept is that Jews DO consider themselves special. They say so! An Israeli Jew, Uri Avnery, well-known for his journalistic writings and his “peace activism”, had this to say in a recent article:

All the Jews who grew up in Israel are products of the Jewish educational system, based on the Bible. This produces in their mind a set of ideological certitudes that cannot be eradicated.

The People of Israel was born in a conversation between God and Abraham in a place located in today's Iraq. This is of course a legend […] [b]ut historical evidence is unimportant here. The fact is that every Jewish child in Israel carries the Bible deep in their consciousness. Meaning: Jews are special. Jews are unique. It's "them" and "us". The whole world against us.

This is true not only of Jews who grow up in Israel, but Jews all over the world. Jews see themselves in a different category than everyone else. They tend to stick to themselves because non-Jews can't relate to their long history, to what makes them tick—their suffering. A Jewess recently wrote:

To say Judaism is complex, particularly when you place it in the context of history, is an understatement. As a people, we’ve been “othered” for most of our existence. There’s always been a king or führer or government who has seen to that: to remind us that we’re not like the majority, that we’re supposedly less than, different, and separate. This idea has essentially been imprinted into our DNA over the years.

Gaining special sympathy by controlling the message and messaging outlets

My job in writing this is to convince you that Jews don't have the right (God-given or man-created) to set themselves apart from the rest of mankind for SPECIAL TREATMENT based on their idea of their own history. And we should not be giving it to them. They tell us who they are, via stories, myths and fables – alright, fair enough, every people can have their beliefs – and then they tell us who we are in relation to them! That is not fair. To them, we are the oppressors, except for a few “good” exceptions who are those who have served the Jew's interests. We have been too willing to allow their myths to dominate.

In light of their need to make their myths supreme, Jews have 'selected' to become a race of talented storytellers and fable-spinners. This is how Jews managed to create and own Hollywood. They did not create the film medium or the original film industry, but they relocated from the Gentile film production hub on the East coast to California, where they established their own studios.

Are Jews ever shown in a bad light in Hollywood films? Italians certainly have been (Mafia, et al). Germans too, and with a vengeance. World War II is always portrayed from the Allies' point of view, never from the Axis. “Holocaust” themed movies have become very popular since the 70's, even to their being almost sure-fire Academy Award winners. And now, Jewish actors and actresses are being openly promoted, in contrast to the past when they “passed” as White. Star-struck movie goers had no idea how many of their idols were Jews whose parents came from Russia, Poland, Romania, etc., given Gentile names and sometimes a bit of plastic surgery. Now, complaints are increasing that there are “too many white people” in the movies.

Same with the Media. It's primarily owned by Jews, with increasing numbers of Jewish hires. It's not called the “jewsmedia” for nothing. And, as with Hollywood, we get a regular dousing of 'Holocaust' news and views. No hint of antisemitism allowed, but plenty anti-White content.

Beginning in January this year, there were increasing numbers of reports (in the end, over 200) of Jewish schools and community centers in the US being subjected to phone-in bomb threats. No bombs were ever found, but Jewish leaders and spokesmen filled the news pages and television broadcasts with cries of dangerous 'rising antisemitism' and blamed a 'racist mentality' in Americans, especially the “Republican right” and the new president, Donald Trump. They called for new and tougher laws against “hate.” When Trump suggested the fake threats could be by the “left” in order to make the “right” look bad, he was immediately attacked. The most disdainful Jew of all was Steven Goldstein, director of the Anne Frank Center for Mutual Respect, who wrote in March:

“Mr. President, have you no decency? To cast doubt on the authenticity of Anti-Semitic hate crimes in America constitutes Anti-Semitism in itself, and that’s something none of us ever dreamed would disgrace our nation from the White House. If the reports are true, you owe the American Jewish community an apology.”

As it turned out, Goldstein owed the President an apology (which I don't think he ever gave) when the FBI tracked down the perpetrator living in Israel with his parents, an 18-year old Jew named Michael Kadar. This young man's case was immediately taken over by the Israeli authorities, who denied Kadar's extradition to the US and have kept the whole affair quiet, with Kadar even expected to be found unfit to stand trial! Neither the US Justice Department nor President Trump are outwardly complaining, though, and the newspapers and TV networks have gone totally silent about it. However, many Jews, including the ADL, are still touting the 250 or so hoax bomb threats as evidence of alarming antisemitism in the US! And even though Donald Trump was proven 100% right, he is still being accused of 'soft-core' racism and antisemitism by the Jewish media, who were 100% wrong. You would have to look far and wide to find a more compelling case of Jewish special treatment than this.

These “antisemitic false flags” in the US spilled over to the United Kingdom when in March, Amber Rudd, the British Home Secretary, “pledged £13.4 million in taxpayer’s money to fund security measures at Jewish schools and community establishments, promising to protect the Jewish community against anti-Semitism.” Rudd reportedly said to a meeting of Jews: “We are doing what we can to confine anti-Semitism to the history books. If you feel threatened we will listen to you, and if you are victimized we will defend you.” This sentiment was repeated by a chastened Donald Trump remarking at his country's annual Holocaust Remembrance Day commemoration two months later in May:

This is my pledge to you. We - will - confront - anti-semitism!

We will stamp out prejudice, we will condemn hatred, we will bear witness and we will act. As president of the United States, I will always stand with the Jewish people, and I will always stand with our great friend and partner, the state of Israel.

Writes Dr. Andrew Joyce in the Rudd article linked to above:

Of course, the offering of special protections to Jews by elites and the State has long historical precedent. The yellow badge identifying the Jew originated in medieval times (pictured right) as a way of making it easier for the King’s men to spot and protect Jews — the King’s usurers and tax collectors. Along with disarming the populace, special protection is one of the main reasons why Jews are strongly attracted to, and supportive of, the idea of strong central government.

Promoting the Holocaust is promoting special sympathy for Jews

Deborah Lipstadt, a professor of Jewish Studies, has become a major star on the “Holocaust” circuit due to the media promoting her, and the Hollywood movie “Denial” made about her high-profile trial defending herself from the much more famous David Irving. She gets very special treatment from the media despite (or maybe because of) her lack of scholarship, or ability to put forth a compelling argument for the official holocaust narrative. She conspicuously uses ad hominems and false comparisons to attack the doubter/revisionist community who are the only ones who call her out for it. This was made very clear in her TED Talk this spring.

Above, Deborah Lipstadt in Jerusalem this month. In a more recent interview, she continued in this same vein:

“We live in an age where truth is on the defensive […] we’re taught everything is open to debate. But that’s not the case. There are certain things that are true. There are indisputable facts— objective truths. The Earth is not flat. The climate is changing. Elvis is not alive ...”

She fears debate with much more capable revisionists because she is unable to delineate what are the “objective truths” and especially the “indisputable facts” of the holocaust.

Lipstadt even turned her name-calling on the White House, accusing it of “softcore Holocaust denial.”

"When Sean Spicer made that statement on International Holocaust Remembrance Day [that omitted mention of Jews and anti-Semitism], I got a call within 15 minutes of it happening from The New York Times for comment, and then from the Atlantic to write about it. It’s happening now on a really regular basis. I’m very gratified by this because we all want to be heard beyond the echo chamber. It’s not that I didn’t have that access before, but that access has expanded."

On the Syrian refugee situation, she has no consistency.

"I think the US should let in more refugees. The country has greatly benefited from refugees. Anybody who ignores the fact that opposition to refugees coming to this country has possibly until the last 15 years included inherent anti-Semitism is blind. I also know that anybody who ignores the fact that ISIS et al will use this refugee situation to try to get people in is also problematic.

I think [German Chancellor] Merkel made a big mistake when she said two years ago, “We can let a million people in.” They just walked in. It was crazy."

On speaking out on “Truth and facts” – her only advice: “On Facebook, before you repost something you like, check if it's true. […] Show me the evidence, who says it?” But when those she labels “holocaust deniers” want to present her with evidence that has resulted from solid research, she refuses to look at or hear it because she doesn't like what they say. Her mind is already made up and no more input is allowed.

About engaging holocaust deniers in debate, she answers: “I don’t engage them because at the heart they are anti-Semites, but I engage what they say because I have to disprove it to others who might be influenced by it. […] in my trial we proved that what [David Irving] said was a load of falsehoods and lies. That’s a different kind of thing.”

No Deborah, you did not prove that. You are putting forth a falsehood—what you accuse others of doing. But you always get a pass from the media and in academic circles. In your entire career, you have disproved nothing of the work of holocaust revisionists. You can't name one thing, so you speak in generalities. At your trial, the judge only found that you did not libel Irving by calling him a “holocaust denier”. Whether the “Holocaust” itself is a fact or a lie was not determined. The judge did remark that he learned there was far less evidence for the holocaust than he had thought (assumed).

The history of the USHMM is a case in point

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum offers an example of Jewish special treatment that most Americans should be able to identify with. In the 1970's the Jewish/Israel Lobby used Elie Wiesel to convince US President Jimmy Carter to set up a commission to “investigate” the creation of a US memorial to the victims of the “Holocaust.” Why the citizens of the United States should so honor European holocaust victims has never been satisfactorily explained, but Jews have increasingly pointed out the failure of the Roosevelt administration to accept all the eastern European Jewish refugees who wanted to come here as a black mark of inhumanity (and antisemitism) against us.

As the commission met, the simple memorial expanded to a three-pronged affair: a national museum, an educational foundation, and a Committee on Conscience. Now here's where the “special treatment” really comes in. The US Congress voted unanimously in 1980 to establish everything that was asked, and even threw in almost 2 acres of land adjacent to the Washington Monument, between the White House and the Congressional building (three of the most iconic national monuments of the American people), for their Jewish museum. There is no doubt it was and is a totally Jewish project, to serve the interests of Jews alone, because every person on the original commission and on all future committees and commissions is/was a Jew. No Gentiles allowed in decision-making.

The Jews promised to raise the money needed for the building design and construction, artifact acquisition and exhibition creation, and indeed raised $190 million from their co-religionists without breaking a sweat. So our Congress turned over some of our most sacred soil in our nation's capitol to a clique of American Jews to do with howsoever they wanted – to create a monument to Jews, in a very Jewish architectural style, amidst America's most famous historical landmarks. Just think of the privilege inherent in that.

The Museum opened in 1993 with speeches by US President Bill Clinton, Israeli President Chaim Herzog, Museum Chairman Harvey Meyerhoff, and Elie Wiesel. Three Jews and one Gentile. The US Congress voted to allocate about $50 million a year to the Museum for operating expenses, although the museum raises almost twice that in private donations. The museum has never operated in the red—as of Sept 30, 2015, it had net assets of $436.1 million dollars, of which $319.1 million is classified as long-term investments.

This museum/memorial could have come into existence and operated without any financing by the US government, but its backers want it to be known as a “United States National” operation, supported by the American people. That is the whole point.

Is there another ethnic group in America that has or would receive the same kind of attention from our Washington politicians as have the Jews? The answer is no, definitely not, for a variety of reasons. At a time when cherished Confederate monuments are being taken down all over the southeastern United States, more and more Jewish holocaust 'museums' are going up in this country. The Civil War was the only major war to take place on US territory, while the entire “Holocaust” took place in Europe, where there are already monuments and museums to it galore.

Who controls the purse strings?

As indicated already, the Trump White House has been on a collision course with Jewish “special treatment” in several ways. It has been trying to change some of the financial priorities of government, and is wanting to cut some special projects such as the useless State Department Special Envoy for Anti-Semitism (which is possibly being phased out) and, more recently, a modest reduction in funding to the Holocaust Museum. In both cases, a howl went up.

The government contribution to the Holocaust Museum budget was increased last year by $3 million—from $54 million to $57 million. Trump's budget has cut that increase, bringing it back down to $54 million. Jewish and non-white members of Congress immediately sent a letter to the House Appropriations Committee requesting it ignore the President's proposal because the work of the museum is so important. Not that the museum can possibly need the money, but they just can't let it go without a fight. Can they put the good of the country as a whole first? Hell no. Their relationship to this country is in how well they can get it to serve them.

What is some of the “important work” the museum needs the money for? They are releasing an “Encyclopedia of Nazi Camps and Ghettos” (all of which are located in Europe, of course) The first two volumes are close to 4000 pages long! Our US museum aspires to be the preeminent Holocaust research vehicle in all the world. American Jews have to do it their way and do it in the name of the American people, who are then complicit in it.

Projects like the US Holocaust Museum and the State Dept. Office of the Special Envoy for Anti-Semitism (worldwide) are not only carried out for the stated reasons, but to keep Holocaust Remembrance and Antisemitism in the forefront of the public's attention. This strikes of “Jewish Rule,” does it not? Jewish-Americans exercising inordinate, or exorbitant, power and influence over the national agenda. From the media, to the movies, to government programs and boondoggles, Jews get an awful lot of what they want at the expense of the rest of us. How about we initiate a program similar to “Just say no.” Just say no to the Jews for a change. Stop “Special Treatment” for Jews. Treat Jews just like everyone else.

The funny thing is, Jews always said that's what they want. They say they have suffered so much over the years because of being seen as “the other,” as outsiders. Well, this was something they created for themselves, as I explained at the beginning of this article. It's time Jews become like everyone else, without their “special past” with which they manipulate others. They also do not get to be dual citizens with Israel. They must legally reject any Israel citizenship, or else forfeit their American citizenship.

If that's too tough for them, they don't deserve all they receive from the USA.

One senator who told it like it was

In 2004, a US senator who was retiring after his current term was up, Ernest “Fritz” Hollings of South Carolina, had the courage to write in an op-ed what “everyone knew” but feared to say, that President George W. Bush's policy in Iraq was “to secure Israel.” We went to war and we are still at war 13 years later for a country that has not offered up a single soldier in that effort. Why?

Several Zionist organizations, plus Jewish political figures, quickly denounced Hollings' remarks as “anti-Semitic.” He rose in the Senate on May 20 in his own defense, saying: “I don't apologize for this column. I want them to apologize to me for talking about anti-Semitism.” He said that "nobody is willing to stand up and say what is going on,” that members of Congress uncritically support Israel and its policies due to "the pressures that we get politically" … the pro-Israel lobby knows "how to make you tuck tail and run."

Hollings charged that Bush's motive in going to war for Israel's interests was to get Jewish support in reelection campaigns.

"President Bush came to office imbued with one thought: reelection. I say that advisedly. I have been up here with eight Presidents. We have had support of all eight Presidents. Yes, I supported the President on this Iraq resolution, but I was misled. There weren't any weapons, or any terrorism, or al-Qaida. This is the reason we went to war. He had one thought in mind, and that was reelection...

"I can tell you no President takes office – I don't care whether it is a Republican or a Democrat – [but] that all of a sudden AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) will tell him exactly what the policy is ...

"Getting rid of Saddam was not worth almost 800 dead GIs and over 3,500 maimed for life... [figures at that time, in 2004]. The entire thing is a mess. Don't give me 'support the troops, support the troops.' I have been with troops, about three years in combat [WWII], so don't tell me about troops. I have always supported the troops."

It is the same now with Syria—it's being fought for Israel too. But there is no Ernest Hollings in Congress willing to tell us that. Jewish influence has only gotten stronger in the meantime, but also more widely understood. The reason for this power over Congress and Presidents is what I started this article with—the ownership of the American Media, and to a lesser degree Hollywood and its celebrities. Equal to that is the Christian churches, that have completely succumbed to accepting and proclaiming the “special standing” of Jews and Israel.

That is why I believe the best approach is to call for an end to “special treatment for Jews” – an irrefutable case can be made for it. We can't change what has already been done, but we can prevent more of the same from taking place. When we see that Jews are asking for or receiving special treatment, we can speak right up and call it that … as loudly as we can. If enough patriots did it, it would be noticed. And if we pick the right issues – ones that would resonate most readily with the American people – it would be noticed and approved of by them. What would those issues be? Let's get some unity on this. Suggestions are welcome because there will be more to come.


Why did Martin Luther (founder of the Lutheran Church) write a book entitled THE JEWS AND THIER LIES?  Good question, huh?  IF you seriously wish to find out what Judaism is ALL about, then read JUDAISM DISCOVERED, by Michael A. Hoffman II.  It's the Western "elite" SION-ists & ZION-ists behind the Bank of England (est. 1694, and part of the "Committee of 300"), for example, that are waging a counter-intelligence war against WHITE, CAUCASIAN, MIDDLE-CLASS AMERICANS.  Anyone who studies History, in-depth, will inevitably arrive at this conclusion.

That's fine, but that doesn't tell us what to do about it. It's very simple to start raising our voices in the public domain. Not in general condemnation about the past, but about what is going on right now. Don't buy into the idea that antisemitism is real - it's isn't.

For example, just yesterday 4 Jewish couples in Lakewood, New Jersey were arrested for defrauding govt. agencies of several million dollars in "pulbic assistance" claims. See http://www.app.com/story/news/investigations/watchdog/2017/06/26/lakewood-welfare-fraud/424127001/

Prominent Rabbi Zalmen Sorotzkin and wife Tzipporah Sorotzkin, who runs the synagogue Congregation Lutzk and businesses linked to the synagogue, was taken into custody Monday and is facing charges of theft by deception.  Married couple Mordechai and Jocheved Breskin were also arrested on similar charges. Shimi Nussbaum & wife Yocheved Nussbaum, and  Mordechai Sorotzkin, brother of Zalmen, and his wife, Rachel Sorotzkin were the other 2 couples arrested Monday.

The investigation to date has found that government benefits fraud and income tax evasion in the [Jewish] Lakewood community is widespread.”

Follow this story and see where it leads. Publicize it on social media if you use it. I don't. Point out how common it is for Jews to behave this way - natural thieves among the Gentiles. They feel it is their privilege.

I say, after paying off their fines and serving whatever prison terms they are given, these dual-citizens should be deported to the "Jewish national home" of Israel along with their minor children, and not allowed to return. Good riddance.

Here we go - Six more Jews arrested in Lakewood NJ welfare fraud investigation.

Yitzchock Kanarek, 33, and Sora Kanarek, 39n for allegedly wrongfully collecting approximately $339,002.56 in Medicaid, SNAP, HUD, and SSI benefits between January 2009 and July 2014.

• Chaim Ehrman, 40, and Liatt Ehrman, 39  for allegedly wrongfully collecting approximately $185,692.22 in Medicaid, SNAP, HEAP, and Sandy benefits between January 2011 and December 2015

• William Friedman, 45, and Faigy Friedman, 40, for allegedly wrongfully collecting approximately $149,842.28 in Medicaid, SNAP, HEAP, and HUD benefits between January 2011 and December 2015.

There are photos of all six at the link: http://nj1015.com/report-six-more-arrested-in-lakewood-on-fraud-charges/

Yitzchock Kanarek, 33, and Sora Kanarek, 39 of Brisk Lane: Charged with second-degree theft by deception for allegedly wrongfully collecting approximately $339,002.56 in Medicaid, SNAP, HUD, and SSI benefits between January 2009 and July 2014.

Read More: Lakewood welfare fraud raids: Six more people scammed another $700,000, authorities say | http://nj1015.com/report-six-more-arrested-in-lakewood-on-fraud-charges/...

Yitzchock Kanarek, 33, and Sora Kanarek, 39 of Brisk Lane: Charged with second-degree theft by deception for allegedly wrongfully collecting approximately $339,002.56 in Medicaid, SNAP, HUD, and SSI benefits between January 2009 and July 2014.

Read More: Lakewood welfare fraud raids: Six more people scammed another $700,000, authorities say | http://nj1015.com/report-six-more-arrested-in-lakewood-on-fraud-charges/...

Yitzchock Kanarek, 33, and Sora Kanarek, 39 of Brisk Lane: Charged with second-degree theft by deception for allegedly wrongfully collecting approximately $339,002.56 in Medicaid, SNAP, HUD, and SSI benefits between January 2009 and July 2014.

Read More: Lakewood welfare fraud raids: Six more people scammed another $700,000, authorities say | http://nj1015.com/report-six-more-arrested-in-lakewood-on-fraud-charges/...

To understand the the JEW, you must first Google: The JEWel Wasp and the Cockroach.
See how this parasite turns its victim into a zombie!
The JEW has polluted the mind of the Gentile with his Jewish Bible and his Jewish controlled Publishing Houses and media.
The first Protocol of the Elders of Zion was written 3000 years ago and can be found in the Book of Genesis chapter 47. Here you will find the Jewish modus operandi, that they have used against non Jews, for 3000 years - being the MIDDLEMAN between the RULER and the RULED. The Jew is indeed a PARASITE and his "holy" book makes that clear.
If you read Matthew 28:11-15 you will see the "Power of the Purse" in action. The Jew is renowned for bribing people. There will ALWAYS be Shabbos goys who do the dirty work of the Jew and this is a curse. Without the Obama, Clintons, Bush and Trump, the Jew would be put in his place a long time ago!

I like that you mentioned the Jews' role as middleman. I think that's very important.

It's just not only the Jews that are causing problems (although Jews are a disproportionately large number of the bad actors), it's wealthy and influential non-Jews as well who exert influence, power and control in government and society. So much of society's problems are "top-down," meaning directed from the top by these individuals and groups, both Jewish and non-Jewish alike. One possible solution, and maybe the only realistic solution, is to enforce and have everyone abide by the existing laws against corruption - starting from the top.

Sinclair - what you're doing here is taking the focus away from where I placed it and making it a more generalized problem - one that is too entrenched to do anything about. In effect, nullifying the case against the Jews.

This is what always happens with our White nationalists who all want to be smarter than the next guy. This is not the kind of suggestion that I asked for, and I don't believe it is at all helpful. What I'm getting at is a grass-roots response against Jewish special privilege which clearly exists and can be easily seen. You're talking about something ten times (or 50 times) larger. Take one thing at a time.

Here's a recent article that I think picks the right war/way forward with the issue of American jewish power:

Dear Lena,

Thank you for this article link. It's good and I agree with it, but what do you think it describes as the "right war/way forward" better than my article does. It has less specifics, is more generalzed.

Please tell me what you take away from it as "the right way forward". Sincerely asked  -Carolyn

Hi Carolyn,
Actually the article does not 'generalize'.  The second paragraph includes a link to a very detailed list of Jewish political activities: http://ifamericaknew.org/history/antisemitism.html
Then the article pceeds to focus on what I think is a very strong and unifying point: The First Amendment.  Regardless of what side of the isle or race or gender people are, the First Amendment and freedom of speech concersn us all.  Protection of the First Amendment (that is currently under jewish attack) would be supported by a very wide spectrum of Americans.

Thanks for answering, Lena. But I am not persuaded that this article describes a way forward. What it does is point out a problem, which I and many others have done many times -- that is, the coordinated  attacks on our American "First Amendment" free speech guarantees via the institution of "hate speech" laws and similar ideas.

Over the past 2-3 months I have personally written and talked about this threat  quite a lot - just look back at my posts. The linked article you mention by Alison Weir is directed toward Israel and equating antisemitism with criticism of Israel - not denying that antisemitism is or should be an issue at all. Alison Weir takes pains to distance herself from "antisemites" in her conclusion:

Sixteen years ago I wrote: “Equating the wrongdoing of Israel with Jewishness is the deepest and most insidious form of anti-Semitism of all.”

It is ironic that it is the Israel lobby that is today doing this equating, and that it has worked to invert the very meaning of antisemitism itself. Rather than denoting only abhorrent behavior, as it once did, today the term is often officially applied to what many consider courageous actions against oppression.

I'm sorry, I can't applaud that language. Nor do I find 'Taxi's' advice on what to do sufficient to be called "a way forward:"

I encourage my fellow citizens and all lovers of freedom and democracy (warts and all) to call a spade a spade: the Jewish menace and criminal intentions towards the First Amendment must be confronted loud and clear – and often.

Too generalized, even though very true. We all agree that it must be, but how to confront it in a useful, meaningful way is left up to the individual -- which means the status quo will continue. I am simply hoping to map out a plan/program that people can follow, that will to some extent coordinate our actions to make them more effective. A difficult challenge ... so I thank you very much for your suggestion. It was well-meant and helpful.

I found your article and your site-blog very informative, please keep up the good work.
Although I want to present you that by taking oversimplified stance over the books of the Jews you are losing the reason they act the way they act and by doing this you are not going to be able to detect their deceiving approach of their analysis of historical documentation and fabrication.
Well this is a huge problem and I do not thing I can summarize it here but I will try to present it in brief by citing some scholarly books and personal observations.
There are always two sides of the same story. Scholars are separating the imaginary authors of the O.T. this is named the Documentary Hypothesis : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Documentary_hypothesis
But by doing so they overlook the structure the writer of the books used and this is similar to the way Herodotus wrote his Histories. Meaning that as Herodotus presented several oral traditions and in the end he presented what he really believed. The same way the author(s) of the first nine books (Gen-Kings) presented their own imagined story.
Jan-Wim Wesselius in his book " Origin of the History of Israel: Herodotus' Histories as Blueprint for the First Books of the Bible" presents how they used the structure of Herodotus stories e.g. about Cyrus to write the story of Joseph.
The same technique of using structure of other stories to present an entirely different story had been detected genesis 24 and homer’s odyssey 6-13 by Thomas L. Brodie in his "Genesis As Dialogue_ A Literary, Historical, and Theological Commentary", B. Louden, in The Iliad, Structure, Myth, and Meaning and by Y.S. Kupitz in " Stranger and city girl: An isomorphism between genesis 24 and homer’s odyssey 6-13" who came to the same conclusion independently that the O.T. is using ancient Greek texts.
Why I am writing this to you? Cause this technique to present alternatives contractive stories which are common in their outcome (beneficial to Jews) is their ancient tactic of corruption of historical matters. This is used even today by omission. For example Raul Hilberg in his book “The Destruction of the European Jews” vol. 1 (1985) presented the Canonical laws side by side with the Nazi laws to claim that Christianity was the preparatory of the Jewish genocide. What he omitted was that the Jewish laws are more compatible to the Nazi laws and that in Christianity the myth that those laws of the Jews were only applied in Israel gave them the ability to create their own laws and advance them. He also omitted that those who were demanding and propagandized against the Christian national laws were the Jews.
This technique of omitting is clearly presented in the episodes in the O.T. were Abraham do not mention that he is married to his half-sister Sarah and the same technique was repeated by his son.
Another thing which I want to present you is that Scholars (especially the so-called minimalists) are pushing for a Hellenistic dating of the O.T. one study of this matter which I consider as pivotal on the matter is the book by R. Gmirkin "Plato and the Creation of the Hebrew Bible". This book presents that the so-called laws of the Jews are based on the Athenian laws and especially on Plato's Laws. What this means (my observation) is that the O.T. is ancient racist propaganda of the Jews. So yes we must study those propagandistic books of the Jews if we want to solve the problem. We must learn the way those books are used against our nations and integrity.
 I believe that the source of the so-called suffering of the Jews are their ancient propagandistic books and their sickness is that they believe that they are here to teach us.
Ex. 19:5-6
" 5 'Now then, if you will indeed obey My voice and keep My covenant, then you shall be My own possession among all the peoples, for all the earth is Mine; 6 and you shall be to Me a kingdom of priests and a holy nation.' These are the words that you shall speak to the sons of Israel."
One last thing.In the article you linked Dr. Andrew Joyce I cannot find any citation about the matter of special protection. If you know any please inform me.

No, there was none and I don't know of any other sources than this type of site: http://www.oxfordjewishheritage.co.uk/english-jewish-heritage/68-english-jewish-heritage

The clothing worn in the picture I found seems to be early Renaissance style.


is arguably the most vile character in all fiction; Jealous & Proud; Petty, Unjust, Unforgiving Control Freak; a Vindictive, Bloodthirsty Ethnic Cleanser; a Misogynistic, Homophobic, Filicidal, Pestilential, Megalomaniacal, Sadomasochistic, Capriciously Malevolent Bully.”

Most of the publishing houses in the United States, are Jewish.

Most of the Paper-back houses, are Jewish.

All big 7 reprint houses, are Jewish.

Most of the literary editors, are Jewish.

Most of the op-ed, opinion writers in American newspapers, are Jewish.

If you expose the true parasitic character of the Jew, in a book, it won't be reviewed and if it is, it will be attacked as anti-Semitic. Telling the Truth in America and most parts of Europe, is classed as anti-Semitic.

And that is why Dawkins hadn't the "balls" to use those 7 words.

I wrote:

"[The White House} has been trying to change some of the financial priorities of government, and is wanting to cut some special projects such as the useless State Department Special Envoy for Anti-Semitism (which is possibly being phased out)... "

Now this headline:

ADL, religious leaders call on Rex Tillerson to appoint envoy to combat anti-Semitism

They want the Secretary of State to bypass the President and do what the President said he didn't want done. Talk about interference! These people can't take no for an answer.


Hi Carolyn, the only way to dismantle the power-engine of the Jews is to expose the incredible criminality of their religion. There are humanists Jews who are helping us in this matter, which can be used to wake up the mindcontrolled, brainwashed Goyim.
It is difficult because they constantly lie about what their religion is about, and dupe the Goyim into believing that "antisemitism" are other peoples fault.
This is a typical text that I use to wake up brainwashed liberals:
Israeli humanist activist David Sheen translated hate speech about Moshiach's wars(Climax of Judaism is the arrival of the Moshiach) by Israeli state funded rabbi, head of the Sanhedrin (Religious court) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9edV7ta-r-Y&
Read also text from former Israeli rabbi, former head of Yeshiva school (Talmud institute) about the vileness and incredible criminality of Rabbinic Judaism:http://daatemet.org.il/en/torah-science-ethics/religion-ethics/the-jewish-nation-is-the-people-chosen-to-fulfill-the-purpose-of-creation/
See how this criminal religion affects Israeli society where people from all fields of Israeli society cry for GENOCIDE of the Palestinian people(Non-Jews). David Sheen's testimony at Bundestag.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9GbKsAvuBDM&
The criminality of Judaism as exposed by Jewish humanists whistleblowers
-Acts based on compassion directed towards Non-Jews are forbidden, you will read further down that this rule apply when there is no public relations gain to be obtained:
Jewish humanist and documentary film maker Menachem Daum:
"Recently I asked two major poskim whether it is permitted to send an unsolicited donation toward tsunami relief.
In the case I posed to them, the recipients would not know a Jew was sending the donation.
There would be no Kiddush HaShem if it were sent nor would there be a Chilul HaShem if it were withheld.
Both eminent authorities ruled that in such a case it was clearly a violation of the negative prohibition of "Lo Sichonaym", we are not permitted to do a gratuitous act of kindness for a non-Jew."
-It is forbidden to break the Sabbath to save a Non-Jew from death within Rabbinic Judaism, but allowed if it is a public relations trick, according to Jewish humanist Harvard Law professor Noah Feldman:
" If you intended to save the patient’s life so as to facilitate good relations between Jews and non-Jews, your actions were permissible. But if, to the contrary, you intended to save the patient out of universal morality, then you were in fact guilty of violating the Sabbath,"
-Religious endorsement also for deceiving the Non-Jews. The professor writes further down:
"Later, in class, the teacher apologized to us students for what he said to the doctor.
His comments, he said, were inappropriate — not because they were wrongheaded, but because non-Jews were present in the audience when he made them. The double standard of Jews and non-Jews, in other words, was for him truly irreducible:
it was not just about noting that only Jewish lives merited violation of the Sabbath, but also about keeping the secret of why non-Jewish lives might be saved. "
Jewish humanist Rabbi Jehiel Jacob Weinberg, confirms the lethal criminal conspiracy and the deception and lies of Rabbinic Judaism
Page 112
"The spiritual state in all circles brings sadness and hopelessness. I have bitter thoughts about the very existence of the nation and its hopes for the future. The entire world hates us. We assume that this hatred is due to the wickedness of the nations, and so no one stops to think that perhaps we also bear some guilt. We regard all the nations as similiar to an ass.
It is forbidden to save a Gentile,
it is forbidden to offer him free medical treatment,
it is forbidden to violate the Sabbath to save his life,
his sexual intercourse does not render a woman forbidden to her husband according to R. Tam, because their issue is like the issue of horses.
Can the nations resign themselves to such a deprivation of rights?
It is permitted to deceive a Gentile and cancel his debt as well as forbidden to return his lost object!
What can we do? Can we uproot our Torah teaching with apologetic formulae
or clever deceptions. God knows that I have written this with the blood of my heart, the blood of my soul" ​
Page 118
"In my opinion it is fitting to put an end to the hatred of religions for each other. More than Christianity hates Judaism, Judaism hates Christianity.
There is a dispute if stealing from Gentiles is forbidden from the Torah, everyone holds that deceiving a Gentile and cancelling his debt is permitted, one is not to return a lost object to a Gentile, according to R. Tam intercourse with a Gentile does not render a woman forbidden to her husband, their issue is like the issue [of horses]. According to Maimonides,
if a Jew has sex with a Gentile [woman], the Gentile is killed because the Jew stumbeled into sin through her.
The law of the Gentile is the same as that of an animal. Maimonides derived this law on his own. It is not found in the Bavli or Yerushalmi. We must solemnly and formally declare that in our day this does not apply. Meiri wrote as such, but the teachers and ramim whisper in the ears of students that all this was written because of the censor."
 Read more revealing facts from Jewish humanists whistle blowers at
 The rabbi David Bar Chaim of Machon Shilo is shamelessly explaining, why the Non-Jew must be left to die.
At 25:00 and 1h:16:00, the "logic" is explained why Jews should not save Non-Jews from death. At ca 25:00 he takes the example where a Non-Jew is about to fall out of a cliff, and a Jew is near who could save him. At ca 1h:16:00, he receives a question from the audience, and clarifies with an example where a Non-Jew is drowning.
"Don't tell you are a master swimmer" on the question on why you let the Non-jew drown"
On Sabbath, it will be a death-sentence to save a gentile from death, without formal approval from a rabbi according to Halacha,
when Israel is mighty
 The great Ovadia Yosef, Israeli chief rabbi, government employed Sephardi rabbi, friend of president Peres, who visited him every year, got the biggest funeral in Israel history 2013, were everybody attended:
Goyim were created as animals in human shape to serve us: