The Hoax That Won't Die

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2019-01-26 18:14

The entrance to the Auschwitz museum is one of the most familiar images in the world. Great care is taken by organizations like the World Jewish Congress to keep it that way.

By Carolyn Yeager

THE HOLOCAUST IS A HOAX THAT'S ALREADY BEEN UNMASKED.  But the Establishment won’t give it up.

Instead of a hoax, we could call it a sleight-of-hand, in the sense of the tricks magicians use. (‘Hoax’ derives from the magic incantation hocus pocus). We could call it a myth, except that it was deliberately created to deceive and gain advantage, and continues to be upheld for that purpose. We could call it war propaganda that got out of control, and indeed it has slipped out of its World War II niche and become a free-standing phenomenon, fueling the world-wide ‘campaigns against anti-Semitism’ with ever-expanding laws that forbid speaking ill of Jews and/or Israel.

But it is properly called a hoax because it was deliberately created by a few men in the upper ranks of the World Jewish Congress (WJC) utilizing their tight network of influential, well-placed accomplices throughout Europe, Britain and the United States. Please continue reading at hoax that won't die


I just found out that Jan 27th is the birthday of the Kaiser.
Is that the reason why they pick Jan 27th as Hoax Day?

No, it was picked because it's the day of the Russian 'liberation' of Auschwitz. The 'liberation' that they completely sealed off from the rest of the world. So everything they supposedly found there is a fabrication of the NKVD. That's why Auschwitz-Birkenau Museum plays a role in today too.

They are realizing the difficulty they created by picking this date now, because Auschwitz is no longer the "4 million gassed Jews" story it used to be. So they're de-emphasizing the Auschwitz liberation link and talking about other camps too, and "starvation" and "worked to death" are favorite themes now, and in all the camps.

It stands out to me that the tactic used most predominantly by Jewish groups such as the WJC with world leaders, is to just keep pushing them toward making statements devoid of detail, which generally agree with the Jewish version of events. Eventually these statements can be used to bolster, and in some cases even "prove," the Jewish version as historical fact.

We can see this in how the WJC handled Pres. Roosevelt, and compare it to how they are handling Pres. Trump today - two presidents with very different political persuasions. They are on the President's side politically, certain ones are or become very good friends & allys. So the president can only find it expedient to finally issue a statement satisfactory to the Jews on the burning subject of the day for them, which said Jews then use to identify this leader with their position on the issue, and to put it on the record as 'the truth' because the president "knows", that is, has all the intelligence data.

It's always the same, and it's always a trap, but it's very difficult not to fall into. Almost impossible without cutting your own throat. This would be a good subject to explore with examples because just shouting "conspiracy" as so many do without showing how it is done doesn't really accomplish anything.

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