The World Jewish Congress and the Auschwitz Myth

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For three days in January, 2017, the World Jewish Congress was allowed to have this installation operating next to the “Monument to the Victims,” the main tourist attraction at Auschwitz II – Birkenau.

By Carolyn Yeager

So long as the Auschwitz Myth retains its terrible power, the recovery of our national self-esteem is virtually impossible.

This sentence was written in 1979 by Wilhelm Stäglich, a Finance Court judge in Hamburg and former Army officer whose duties in 1944 put him in contact with the SS command at the Auschwitz main camp. Even though 38 years have passed since 1979, Germans have still not regained their self-esteem in 2017. The Auschwitz Myth and “its terrible power” is the reason.

The World Jewish Congress (WJC) not only virtually created the myth but since has led the campaign to keep its handiwork alive. It is in the interests of World Jewry to keep not only Germans but as much of the white world as possible in a belief of everlasting guilt for unspeakable crimes against the Jewish people. This means, 72 years after the so-called liberation of Auschwitz, the memory of the myth must remain fresh and alive. Thus, the WJC played a major role in getting a resolution passed in 2005 at the United Nations for a day of commemoration to “honor the victims of the holocaust” and, once accomplished, continues to participate strongly every year at remembrance ceremonies at the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial/Museum in Poland.

The World Jewish Congress has had a special relationship with the Polish leadership at the former WWII concentration camp going all the way back to 1942. You can get some idea of it by reading this article.

For three days in January, 2017, the WJC was allowed to have a giant screen displaying photos of people holding “We remember” or “I remember” signs operating next to the “Monument to the victims ...,” the main tourist section at Auschwitz II – Birkenau. The point of the scheme is to keep remembrance alive – that is, “Never Forget.” As long as remembrance succeeds, the Germans are denied their national self-esteem. Even worse, most Germans today have so bought into this myth that they don't even want their self-esteem back. They see it as dangerous! The result is a critically low birthrate among Germans. So what we have is the Jewish nation and its good pitted against the German nation and its salvation. Because, make no mistake, the German nation is dying and needs a strong turn-around to return to a state of health.

Of this installation at Auschwitz-Birkenau, World Jewish Congress CEO Robert Singer said:

"The goal is to reach those who don’t know much about the Holocaust, or who might be susceptible to those who deny it, and to remind the world that such horrors could happen again. Using the tools of social media we hope to engage the next generation, because, soon, it will be their responsibility to tell the story and ensure that humanity never forget.

"Auschwitz-Birkenau was the Nazis’ biggest killing site and is the best-known symbol for the Shoah world-wide.

"We thank the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial and Museum for allowing the screening on the grounds of the former death camp, and for supporting our campaign.

In Germany recently, Björn Höcke , a regional leader in the populist Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party said in a speech (and aroused a storm of protest led by Jews): “We are the only people in the world to plant a monument of shame in the heart of its capital,” referring to the acres of coffin-like concrete slabs designed as a memorial to murdered Jews in Berlin's city center. He added that Germans had the “mentality of a totally vanquished people.”

Höcke also said “German history is handled as rotten [bad, spoiled] and made to look ridiculous.”

So which way should you go? The way that will save the Jewish Myth, with it's terrible power to destroy the German nation – or the way that will save the German nation but destroy the myth? There is no meeting ground here - it is one or the other.

Today, January 27, 2017, is a day to think about this. Go to and spend some time.


Hi Carolyn,
I've been following your work for some time now and am a great admirer of you and your writings.
I've been researching the Holocaust for quite a while now and have believed and still believe it's a lie but just recently I've come across several articles by Holocaust writers and others that have me a wee bit perplexed.The problem being not only Dr. Konrad Morgen's testimony at his trial for war crimes and what he testified to regarding his conversation with Christian Wirth in which Wirth told him that they were gassing Jews not in the Auschwitz camps but rather in Monowitz.I've never found any explanation as to the accuracy, but also Rudolph Hoess's testimony alluding to what Morgen said and others have also said.

I am perplexed as to why you should ask a question like this to this post. It has nothing to do with it except for being in the broad subject of "Holocaust."

It is my belief that we've become trapped by that word into thinking that there is/was such a singular event, when in truth there were many and varied events occurring that did not fall under a master plan.

This post and the site it refers to -- -- are about the Auschwitz-Birkenau camp and the beliefs generated about it that are being called the Auschwitz Myth. Rudolf Hoess's testimony is completely unreliable. You must remember that Konrad Morgen testified for the prosecution at the IMT, the WVHA trial, and the 1965 Auschwitz trial and was never prosecuted himself. He lived freely in Frankfurt until his natural death in 1982 at age 73.

Dear Carolyn, I know you disagree with me that being a Jew is a choice, like choosing to be a Christian.  But part of the reason the Auschwitz Myth continues to be effective is that it is based on the myth that God made a unique race called Jews and who really have no say in it, who have a manifest destiny to rule the world.  Regardless if they themselves believe this it seems to give credence to the claim of a ‘right of return’.  (Netanyahu actually argued this before our Congress.) The right of return is the thing that is being protected by the victimization engendered by the Auschwitz Myth. 
I was looking through the Jan27 celebration of revisionism “It’s that time again…” articles.  I quote:  “Although a sweeping statement like that is wrong, let me stress right away that the actually existing rational aspects of anti-Semitism in no way justify what happened under Hitler, whatever that was in detail. Depriving individuals of their civil rights has to be based on their individual and proven guilt, not because their parents signed them up for a belief system without their consent.”  (Deborah Lipstadt battles Anti-Semitism instead of Holocaust Revisionism, by Germar Rudolf)  Herein, Rudolf infers that Judaism is a belief system that is taught and not something endemic of a race.   I seem to recall from my Old Testament studies that the word Hebrew was derived from a word meaning people of the land.  In these people there was the practice of worshipping many different gods.  The tribe that broke away from this people of the land still recognized the other gods.  They were henotheistic.  We still hear traces of this world view in the OT where god says, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.”  (Afterward, okay, but this one is first.)   We hear that same echo in “Let US make man in our own image” scripture.  But the point is that many peoples came out of that area with similar DNA identities, including Arabs.   Hebrew and Arabic are Semitic languages.  (So it is wrong to speak of Arabs as being ‘anti-Semitic’)
If a Jew doesn’t feel like he has a choice then he will be compelled to defend ‘his race’ and if we disagree with him we are racists.  I like the quote ‘A racist isn’t one who hates Jews, a racist is one who is hated by the Jews.”   
I think Jews have a choice to be Jews, just as a Christian or Muslim chooses these.  We are not determined by race to believe anything.  (“In Christ there is no Jew or Greek, male or female, slave or free, but all are one.”  This is a belief that you can choose or reject.  That does not mean we are all brothers.  It is the belief that all those in Christ are one, a lot different.)
I think that it should be good news for everybody that Jews are not born Jews, they are Jews by choice.  You have a choice to be a Jew.  You are not a victim.  And you choose to be a Jew because you think it advantages you in some way. (Maybe you think it pleases god to cut your children and mark them for life. But the mutilation of a child’s genitals is prima facie barbaric and cruel.)  This is at the basis of the Myth of Auschwitz, I think.  The Myth is a cash cow for the Jew and perpetual war for the rest of us.  

Well, I can tell you this: there is a Jew who has come on the national stage who I like, and that is Stephen Miller. He looks Jewish but that's about as far as it goes. He doesn't seem to have any interest in or history with identifiable Jewish subjects/causes. I doubt he's ever worn a kippa. He's totally an American ... and the only Jew I would or can say that of.

Then there is Brother Nathanial who also felt he had a choice. But the vast majority of Jews want to remain part of the tribe, irregardless of what some Old Testament scholars might come up with. As most Jews agree - "It's great to be a Jew."

Dear Carolyn, You have a good heart.  Thanks for letting me have my say these things.  I realize they are on me but, still, it is your web-site.  I appreciate you and your good work for the good German people.  I, too, think that history has been turned upside down by this holycaust myth stuff.  

Yes, Germanic here too... and I just wanted to thank you for your work here. Its really very upsetting that since the 50's the Germans were brainwashed to hate themselves. I was born late 50's and both my parents and grandparents managed to survive WW. It took me really a long time to start to questioning "History". Even the fact that I really was a avid book reader, it was only in my early 30's that I came across some different views about our "Reality." finally the internet came to be, and slowly I turned from a staunch defender of the Myth to a angry opposer of the manipulation by the media and hollywood. Thanks again!

Thank you Kurt, for writing this. You are one of the smartest ones, to have managed to break through. Yes, for me too, it was the Internet that did it.

Wishing you all the best.

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