Adolf Hitler on 'Causes of the Collapse', part 2

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Continuing with passages from Mein Kampf, 2017 Thomas Dalton translation. See here.

In the ongoing 'Causes of the Collapse', Part 2 (Chapter 10), Hitler points first to the influence of international finance, its belief that expanded trade could make up for the inability to produce enough goods at home. This caused the agricultural sphere to suffer while urban industrialization increased, leading to imbalances and greater class divisions. Next, he explains the poisonous, unregulated Jewish press in a way that we can instantly recognize in today's media empires. Nothing has changed along those lines.


During the long period of peace prior to the last war, certain evils were evident here and there—although, with one or two exceptions, very little effort was made against the virus. Here again, these exceptions were first and foremost those economic phenomena of the nation that were more apparent to the individual consciousness than the harmful conditions existing in many other spheres.


The amazing increase of the German population before the war brought the question of providing daily bread into a more prominent position [...]. Unfortunately, those responsible couldn't decide to arrive at the only correct solution, but preferred to reach their goal by cheaper methods. Renouncing the idea of acquiring fresh territory, and substituting for it a mad desire for global economic conquest, was bound to eventually lead to unlimited and harmful industrialization.

The first and most fatal consequence was a weakening of the agricultural class, whose decline was proportionate to the increase in the proletariat of the urban areas. In the end, the equilibrium was completely upset.

The big barrier dividing rich and poor now became apparent. Luxury and poverty lived so close together that the consequences were bound to be deplorable. Poverty and frequent unemployment began to wreak havoc with the people, leaving discontent and embitterment behind them. The result of this was to divide the population into political classes. Discontent increased despite commercial prosperity. Matters finally reached the point at which everyone felt that 'things can't go on as they are,' although no one seemed able to visualize what was really going to happen.


Far worse than these, however, were other consequences that became apparent as a result of the economization of the nation.

In proportion to the degree that commerce assumed definite control of the state, money became more of a god, to whom all had to serve and bow down. Heavenly gods became more and more old-fashioned, and were stuffed away in the corners to make room for the worship of Mammon. And thus began a period of utter degeneration. This was especially pernicious because it came at a time when the nation was at its critical hour, and more than ever needed an exalted ideal. Germany should have been prepared to protect with the sword her efforts to win her own daily bread through 'peaceful economic labor.'

Unfortunately, the domination of money was sanctioned in the very quarter that should have opposed it. His Majesty the Kaiser made a mistake when he raised representatives of the new finance capital to the ranks of nobility. Admittedly, it may be an excuse that even Bismarck failed to realize the looming danger in this respect. In practice, however, all ideal virtues became secondary considerations to those of money; it was clear that having once taken this road, the nobility of the sword would soon rank second to the nobility of finance.


[F]rom the standpoint of blood-purity, such a development was deeply regrettable. The nobility began to lose more and more of the racial qualities that were a condition of its very existence. In many cases, the term 'ignobility' would have been more appropriate.


To Hitler's portrayal of how things were prior to WWI, I will compare today's 'business-friendly' conservative politicians (i.e., Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney types) who approve of allowing third world immigration that provides cheap labor to American businesses and wealthy citizens, which undercuts both the traditional working class and our nation's White racial majority. For these people, profits come first.


It is an overriding interest of the state and nation to prevent these people [referring to the simple and credulous majority “who believe everything they read”] from falling into the hands of bad, ignorant, or even vicious-minded teachers. Therefore it is the duty of the state to supervise their education and prevent every form of mischief. Particular attention should be paid to the press. Its influence on these people is by far the strongest and most penetrating of all, because its effect is not transitory but continual. It's immense significance lies in the uniform and persistent repetition of its teaching. Here, if anywhere, the state should never forget that all means should serve the same end. It must not be led astray by the drivel of so-called 'freedom of the press,' or be talked into neglecting its duty, and withholding from the nation that which is good and which does good. With ruthless determination, the state must keep control of this instrument of popular education and place it at the service of the state and the nation.

But what dish did that German press serve up to it's readers, in pre-war days? Was it not the worst poison imaginable? Wasn't the worst form of pacifism injected into our people at a time when others were preparing, slowly but surely, to pounce upon Germany? Even in peacetime, didn't this self-same press of ours already instill into the public mind a doubt as to the sovereign rights of the state itself, thereby limiting its means of defense? Wasn't it the German press that understood how to make all this nonsense about 'western democracy' palatable to our people, until an enthusiastic public was eventually prepared to entrust its future to the League of Nations? Wasn't this press responsible for promoting moral decay? Weren't morals and public decency made to look ridiculous and old-fashioned, until our people finally became 'modern'? By means of persistent attacks, didn't the press continue to undermine the authority of the state, until a single blow sufficed to bring this institution down? […]


The function of the so-called liberal press was to dig a grave for the German people and the German Reich. We need not mention the lying papers of the Marxist press; for them, lying is as much a vital necessity as the mouse is to a cat. Their sole task is to break the national backbone of the people, thus preparing the nation to become the slaves of international capital and its masters, the Jews.

And what did the state do to counteract this mass poisoning of the nation? Nothing, absolutely nothing at all! A few silly decrees, a few fines for criminality, and that was it. By this policy, they hoped to win the favor of this plague by means of flattery, with a recognition of the 'value' of the press, its 'importance,' its 'educational mission,' and similar nonsense. The Jews acknowledged all this with a knowing smile and a sly thanks.

[…] No one had the courage to employ any thoroughly radical methods. Everyone piddled around with halfway prescriptions. Thus, instead of striking at its heart, they only irritated the viper. The result was that not only did everything remain the same, but the power of the institution that should have been combated grew stronger year by year.



It must be admitted that all this was the result of, on the one hand, extraordinarily crafty tactics on the part of Jewry, and on the other, an obviously official stupidity or naivete. The Jew was too clever to allow a simultaneous attack on the whole of his press. No: one section served as cover for the other.

In the most despicable manner possible, the Marxist newspapers reviled everything that was sacred, furiously attacking the state and government and inciting certain classes of the community against each other. At the same time, the Jewish bourgeois-democratic papers knew how to camouflage themselves as models of objectivity. They studiously avoided harsh language, knowing well that blockheads can only judge external appearances and never penetrate to the real depth and meaning of anything. They measure the worth of something by its exterior and not its content. The press owes its esteem to this human frailty.

For these people, the Frankfurter Zeitung [like the New York Times in the USA] was the essence of respectability. It always carefully avoided coarse language. It rejected the use of every form of physical force, and persistently appealed to the nobility of fighting with 'intellectual' weapons—an idea that was, curiously enough, most popular with the least intellectual classes. This is one of the results of our half-education, which turns people away from the instinct of nature, and pumps them with a certain amount of knowledge without being able to create a complete understanding [This is why, under Hitler, public school consisted of less academics and more sports and citizenship-moral training until an academic specialization was chosen in higher grades. Common sense was encouraged]. […]

Man must never fall into the insanity of thinking that he was meant to become lord and master of nature, which a half-education has helped to encourage. Man must realize the fundamental necessity of nature's rule, and realize that his existence is subject to the law of eternal strife and upward struggle. He will then feel that there cannot be a separate law for mankind in a universe in which planets orbit suns, moons orbit planets, and where the strong are always the masters of the weak—subjecting them to such laws, or crushing them. Man must submit to the eternal principles of this supreme wisdom. He may try to understand them, but he can never free himself from their sway.

It's for just such intellectual hedonists that the Jew writes his so-called intellectual press. The Frankfurter Zeitung and Berliner Tageblatt are written for them; the tone is adapted to them, and it is on them that such papers have an influence. While studiously avoiding all crude forms of expression, poison is injected from other vials into the hearts of the readers.


The moment any attempt is made to proceed against a member of the gutter press, all the others rush to its assistance—not to support its policy, God forbid, but simply and solely to defend the principle of freedom of the press and of public opinion. This outcry will succeed in cowering even the staunchest critic, because it comes from the mouths of the 'respectable' papers.


I believe that our present generation could easily master this danger, if they were rightly led. It has gone through certain experiences that surely strengthened the nerves of all those who didn't lose them completely. In days to come, the Jew will surely raise a tremendous cry in his newspapers, if a hand is laid on his favorite nest, if a move is made to end this press mischief, and if this tool of education is brought under state control and no longer left in the hands of aliens and enemies of the people. I believe that this will be easier for us than it was for our fathers. A 30-cm shell hisses louder than a thousand Jewish newspaper vipers—so let them hiss!

To be continued ...


This selection from MK is particularly pertinent to today's news. This morning President Trump sent out this tweet:

Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump

The Summit with Russia was a great success, except with the real enemy of the people, the Fake News Media. I look forward to our second meeting so that we can start implementing some of the many things discussed, including stopping terrorism, security for Israel, nuclear........

Then this afternoon, Press Secretary Sarah Sanders tweeted this:

Sarah Sanders ✔ @PressSec

In Helsinki, @POTUS agreed to ongoing working level dialogue between the two security council staffs. President Trump asked @Ambjohnbolton to invite President Putin to Washington in the fall and those discussions are already underway.

Dear Carolyn Yeager,
Thank you for the insights. Concerning today's Rest-Germany and the press: It once was stated in an interview, that the newspapers of the Lügenpresse resp. Lizenzpresse (license press, the classic mass media which are given a license by the occupation forces to spread the propaganda of the All-Lies) no longer would intend to get new readers. The print runs of those newspapers and magazines are totally falling, due to people being totally disgusted by their lies. Financially, it does not pay off to produce them any longer, though they too are financed by the tax payer, subsidized with many millions. They only would still be produced and sold in order to keep those in deep sleep, who are still hypnotized by the propaganda, their only purpose would be, to prevent the hypnotized rest (die Tiefschläfer) from awakening.
That does not mean that all the others are awakened concerning what is going on, there is an incredible amount of ingoramuses who do not care about politics as long as they do not seem to be affected and as long as there are enough distractions and the food supply is given. And of course: People are still forced to pay for the Lügenpresse-television-stations, they still consume the propaganda of the All-Lies on a daily base, also via daily soap-operas, in which all the (multicultural) propaganda-lies are inbuilt and presented on a regular base, directly or indirectly. However, the dark era of the information monopoly has ended, thanks to the Internet. And: Third World people reproduce third world conditions, they are now everywhere. Already since decades, you could encounter East-Europeans in every corner, and now you also encounter Africans and Arabs literally everywhere where you are and where you go. And in the meanwhile, the economic conditions have become so crucial for the majority of the Rest-Germans, that the reality now can be experienced nearly everywhere. Due to this, the lies of the Lügenpresse fizzle out, more or less.
Naturally, there are still those who cannot be saved. The impact of 70 years of indoctrination and brain poisoning is heavy, all Geschichtsfälschungsbewegungen (history-falsification-movements) were and are totally concentrated and united in Rest-Germany (American, British, Polish, Russian, French etc.), their anti-German lies being bundled and constantly hammered into the German brain and soul, from birth on. And before, there were hundreds of years of Christianity, serving as preparation to conquer the Germanic tribes/peoples, preaching permanently self-hate in the churches and glorifying the strangers (einerseits Selbsthaß und andererseits Fernstenliebe bis zur völligen Selbstaufgabe, bis zur völligen Selbstvernichtung).
Being German was demonized round around the clock, total demonization in all fields of life, 24 hours, day by day. For decades, when you had a radio alarm clock, at the beginning of the day, being still in half-sleep, you got the history lies directly into your mind, including the staged/faked incidents reported by the “news”. Then it continued in school, and via the mass media and by Hollywood, total brain poisoning round around the clock, total indoctrination, everywhere, and by brain poisoned parents and grand parents too.
In total contrast, the foreigner was and still is glorified in inconceivable ways, totally, in all fields of life, being the savior for the German people, send to put a stop to the evil German DNA, to neutralize it. Exaggerated? Not at all! You probably know those Pope-believers who are appalled, if you criticize their “Holy Father” representing God's will; even normally critical thinking people suddenly turn into children/teenagers, raving about their pop star: “That is something different!” It is like if the brain would be in a racket, and suddenly, when speaking about the pope, the brain (the common sense) unlocks out of the bracket. Probably millions of Germans believing in the All-Lies propaganda reacted in this way (many of them even today!), they constantly perceived foreigners as saints, they suddenly lost (and lose) any critical thinking when you start(ed) to talk about foreigners. 70 years of brain poisoning have a drastic impact, there was and still is a permanent divinization of the foreigner, so for probably millions of uncritical Germans, the foreigners became the embodiment of something divine, the complete opposite to the evil, to the German element (= Satan, satanic scum). And you cannot question the divine, representing all the good and all your personal ideals, that would be blasphemy. And, after all, didn't we exterminate millions of Jews and foreigners? Don't we have to compensate for our sins? How dare you to question these facts!
However, being in the end phase of the Kalergie-Plan, being surrounded by Third-Worlders everywhere, reality will be the best therapy for such believers, though it will be a tragic and very sad one.
Everything is done to annihilate the rest of the authentic German people, on all conceivable levels: Destroying its mind by permanent lies and brain-poisoning, by flooding Germany, by complete and total disenfranchisement at all levels. De facto, there are 40 million foreigners in West- and Mid-Germany (East Germany being occupied by Poland, at present). This is a completely unnatural state, as the majority of them only can survive as parasites. Also, the many millions of Pseudo-Germans and their children (“Aussiedler”, “Spätaussiedler”) since the 1980s were and are totally privileged under every conceivable aspect, at the cost of the native Rest-Germans. Main goal “diversification” at any price.
“Currently, one man alone fights against the devils of the world, Donald Trump” [1]. He is the last who really fights for his people. The answer: 192 countries signed a declaration [2], and they all know, that the invaders will not come to Russia, China etc., but mainly to Germany, being the main goal of annihilation.
This will lead to a complete collapse, taxes will rise to an inconceivable height. Already since decades, there is unpaid work and low-wage-work and lowest-wage-work everywhere, camouflaged with numerous euphemisms (internship/traineeship, federal volunteer services, voluntary social year etc.), one-euro-jobs, unpaid traineeships/internships and pocket-money-internships/traineeships being omnipresent everywhere (“Generation Praktikum”, one trainee replaces the next trainee), and low-wage hire-and-fire-temporary work, and leaving staff members not being replaced, and more and more work for the rest. All this prevails for the native Germans, almost all the good jobs/positions are always reserved for foreigners and Pseudo-Germans from Russia etc., combined with numerous privileges from the beginning (tax privileges, free furniture and kitchen furnishings, getting extra start money + interest-free credits, a pension they never paid in, receiving land to build upon on as good as a gift/free, so that they could and can soon build their own houses etc. etc.), since many decades. Practically 99.99% of those Pseudo Germans have no relationship to Germany at all, being Russians in mind and in language. And concerning those 0.00...1 % who still have some kind of distant association with Germany: Wouldn't it be grotesque, if the Anglosaxon-Americans who have English ancestors from many generations ago (who never made any advance-payments [Vorleistungen: taxes, pensions etc.]) could come to England and would get such privileges?
After all, the Lügenpresse has finally reached its goal (together with the churches etc.), having successfully manipulating the Rest-German people for 70 years, in order to prepare the ground for its final annihilation. However, the outcome of the battle is not predetermined, it is totally open, though there will be millions dying of starvation. The collapse inevitably will come. The Lügenpresse no longer can camouflage what is going on, reality now coming closer and closer to everywhere. Finally, Third World people reproduce Third World conditions. When no more money can be pressed out of the native Germans, the war finally will begin: The ignoramuses (“You with your conspiracy theories!”) [3] will no longer be able to ignore the facts, marauding foreigners will be everywhere, no more rest civilization can be uphold in the future, no more food supply, resulting in a total catastrophe. [4]
Unfortunately, we have no Donald Trump.
 [1] “Derzeit kämpft ein Mann allein gegen die Teufel der Welt, Donald Trump”, German “National Journal,” July 14, 2018 (
[2] “Over 190 countries agree on global compact on safe migration” (
[3] Unlike during the Kaiserreich and during the 1930s, today's Rest-German-People probably consists of (at the least) 50% debut-humans, humans being incarnated for their first time, being highly susceptible for the All-Lies propaganda and their brain-poisoning, never questioning the system they grew up in, never questioning what they were taught in school and by the Lügenpresse. Indeed, there are prevalent tendencies you cannot dispute. Read Michael Winkler's article “Tiermenschen (20.3.2013)” (e.g. here:
[4] Here is a scenario described by Michael Winkler: “Wenn die Lumperei aufkommt … (15.4.2015),” e.g. here: . This scenario probably will happen. During this phase, you only can hide at home and try to protect yourself as best as you can.

Here's an example of the news media control that Germans are up against:

But heck, we have that here too.

"Israel’s parliament has passed a controversial law characterising the country as principally a Jewish state, fuelling anger among its Arab minority.

The “nation state” law says Jews have a unique right to national self-determination there and puts Hebrew above Arabic as the official language."

An article that I would really like to see:

"Germany’s Bundestag has passed a non-controversial law characterising the country as principally a German state, fuelling anger among its Jewish minority.

The “nation state” law says Germans have a unique right to national self-determination there and puts German above all others as the official language."

I wish Germans would wake up. Other ethnic peoples have a right to their own homeland, including the Germans, and not just Jews. Why is this so hard to understand?

Bill, In my opinion this is a better comment than Beobachter's long lament. German's have to stop accepting their victim role and stand up for themselves. They can do it legally and annonomously just by voting for the parties on the Right, such as now Alternative fuer Deutschland.

I believe Adolf Hitler himself has no sympathy for this defeatist thinking -- his advice would be to follow what you suggest here. Wake up, stand up, speak the plain truth.

I do grasp the fact of the pressure exerted by the European Union to "play by the rules" and "not go it alone" ... the second part being what Hitler was/is accused of doing. Yes, it is also what Trump is accused of doing and it is only because he (Trump) is the legitimately elected leader of the most powerful, richest country in the world that he manages to get away with it (so far), even so with constant criticism and attacks on his character.

I'm sure Hitler would oppose the weak cries of helplessness we hear from Germans today. Hitler's party ran in elections, and through hard work gained support. Elections are the way to move forward in democracies. No government is legitimate unless it is backed by the people.

Dear Carolyn Yeager,
I absolutely believe in the survival and in the resurrection of the German people, not being defeatist at all. In essence, the long comment was thought as a report from the front in Germany, it simply should illustrate the impact of propaganda: No people in the world ever experienced such a total “brainwashing”/brain poisoning like the German people did; currently, there are prevalent tendencies resulting from this.
The broader demonization of the US-American people by the (((US-media))) is relatively new, I suppose it started in the late 1980s. Before, there already were the classic lies about “the evil Southerners”, the “racist” Americans etc., and probably the majority in Europe did believe these lies on the American People, not knowing anything about the real facts and issues, the horrific crimes committed by Blacks on Whites etc. However, before the 1980s, the American People got the exact opposite “treatment”. Being chosen as main power base for establishing the New World Order, the background forces needed a people easy to manipulate. If you embody God's will, then you do not need to question yourself and your government (“The most moral and greatest Nation in the world” * “Moral superiority” * “American exceptionalism” * etc.). For Americans it may be difficult to imagine, how devastatingly the German mind was “treated” over the decades, being permanently told, round around the clock, that you and your ancestors represent the scum on earth.
US-American sites and archives like yours, Carolyn Yeager, have a strong impact, they are well-known by informed Germans. Do you know, how highly appreciated the work of pro-German American freedom fighters (and those of other Nations) are, how highly appreciated by the Germans? And, the U.S.-Internet-servers are the last bastion of freedom of speech, its last line of defense.
Concerning the transition period in Germany: Finally, there will be a counter reaction, resulting in the expulsion of the invaders, and this will be an intense phase. All the other nations used and use the opportunity to dispose of their worst scum, not wanting them back again. And the European nations let them pass to Germany, but they will keep their borders tightly closed, they will not allow them to enter their land again for the backwards route, for that they can leave Germany. It all will result in a bloody defense battle within Rest-Germany.

What is meant by Rest-Germany? What Günter Deckert calls "the smaller Germany of today?"

It would be good, Beobachter, if you would define your terms so people know what you are talking about. More clarity - less verbosity.

I just noticed in your first comment, at the end in Footnote 3 which refers to the "ignoramuses," you define today's Germans as: "50% of whom probably consists of debut-humans, humans being incarnated for their first time."

I'm not sure if this is your idea or that of the article you've linked to, but it is nutty, to say the least. There are no people incarnating today, especially in advanced human communities, that are here for the first time. It's impossible, and what's more Adolf Hitler would never agree with such a foolish, out-of-touch idea, I am sure. You do seem to exhibit a bit of that 'German Supremacy' that I read about, which most Germans do not have at all. Maybe if you presented your case better, you would get a better response.

For Americans it may be difficult to imagine, how devastatingly the German mind was “treated” over the decades, being permanently told, around the clock, that you and your ancestors represent the scum on earth.

I think all German-sympathetic Americans are aware of the evil and extremely crude treatment given to post-war Germans and of the mind-conditioning and 'lying press' that continues to this day. But there are also great sources of truth available, and then there is the human spirit that rejects such abasement on its own. I myself have read many books and other literature on the subject and done many podcasts on it too, with people who lived it. But we shouldn't live in the past. Once again, citing Adolf Hitler, he would not recommend it. The whole world wants to see Germans rise up and throw off this evil narrative. We're behind you!

Even President Trump would welcome it! Just think.

‘Deutschland Erwache’

According to the United Nations, the right of self-determination is a Human Right, under the Declaration of Human Rights. This same right of self-determination was re-affirmed in the Helsinki Accords, which many nations, even the USSR signed. So self-determination has been long understood as a Human Right and not simply as a right or privilege "unique to Jews".

Get up to speed, Bill. Don't just repeat what you hear other people say. So-called 'rights' exist in many forms.

People have to have the will to assert their self-determination - that's what it always takes. No institution can magically confer it on you without you having to do anything.

Hungary asserts its self-determination not to accept Muslims. Belgium preaches that migrants have a "universal right to come." Germany, France, etc. go along with Belgium and the "EU." That's a choice. It's presented as virtue. So individual people have to choose where they stand and take a stand.

“Rest-Germany” refers to Restdeutschland, the current remainder/remaining territory of the German Reich in which Rest-Germans live (Restdeutsche refers to the rest(population) of the authentic German people, not referring to Passport-Germans); the Deckert-reference probably means the same.
The referenced article of Michael Winkler takes as a basis that reincarnation exists. I do not know definitely about Adolf Hitler's attitude concerning this subject, though he was highly spiritual and I cannot imagine at all, that he reduced life to biochemistry, he had a holistic worldview. Maybe I did not use the correct English word when choosing “incarnate”.
I do not know about the term “German supremacy”, though it reminds me of the anti-German propaganda-terms created by the (((US-media))) resp. by the (((Anglo-Saxon))) press; nevertheless, I am open to constructive criticism and will define my terms more precisely. :-) I appreciate your many interviews with contemporary witnesses (Zeitzeugen), I listen to your podcasts and read your articles and analyses since from the beginning, since Michael Collins Piper.
Comment cut-off here

I deleted the bottom half of your comment. I've had enough of your "reports," which are not as informative as you'd like us to think they are.

Thanks for your answers to my questions. But I think your terminology is on the "affected" side - used to make your ideas appear more intellectually exalted than they are. For example, nothing wrong with the word "incarnate", but a lot wrong with the idea that beings are incarnating for the first time ever into Germany now.

Here is your Michael Winkler ... is he a glutton? Like Michael Moore? Maybe as eccentric as Moore.

The comment function here is to comment on the articles and posts, NOT to disseminate your own ideas. For that, you should get a website of your own and see if you can attract anyone to it.