Thoughts on the Jewish Problem and the HoloHoax

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2013-03-27 17:04

By Carolyn Yeager
Copyright 2013 Carolyn Yeager

The following is a written version of the ideas at the beginning of my recent Heretics’ Hour radio program of 3-25-13 titled “Time to Blow the HoloHoax Out of the Water.” Some people get upset when the word ”holohoax” is used instead of  “holocaust,” thinking it is unnecessarily antagonizing to Jews — but I think it is proper, if just to keep from having to repeat their word, Holocaust, over and over and thus reinforcing a word that to those of us in the know, is offensive to us.  Left: Inside Yad Vashem’s over- the- top “Hall of Names.”

What holds the HoloHoax in place? Not the truth, not the facts. To find out, look at it this way. Imagine that it was “blown out of the water.” No more gas chambers. No more familiar sentences in newspapers and magazines, radio and TV, plus all over the Internet,  reminding us daily that “6 million Jews were killed by the Nazis.” No more aging “survivors” trekking to public schools, public libraries, community centers and any other venue that is offered, to tell how they escaped from a gas chamber during history’s most evil event.

But how much else would also go? How many jobs would be lost. (Re-training would be on a massive scale.) How many books would need to be rewritten, or trashed altogether. How much embarrassment would be felt among how many  people of the educated class. Yes, it boggles the mind.

But even demolishing the Hoax to that extent would not do away with the mass deportation of Jews, experienced by them as a traumatic event, which was carried out by the National Socialist regime of Adolf Hitler. This mass deportation from Nazi-occupied Europe, and the concentration and transit camp system built to facilitate that move, really  happened.  Labor camps cropped up, after 1942 especially, because of a shortage of German manpower due to the war on the Soviet Union — which also greatly hampered, and ultimately prevented,  the plan to move the Jews further east into the Russian interior. Thus, the decision was made to place them in labor camps and try to get some war-industry benefit out of them. All of this presented great challenges to the Germans.

What we can, and should, call “The Great Jewish Deportation,” rather than “Holocaust”  is a fact. So is the concentration and labor and transit camp system,  overseen by Heinrich Himmler, Reichsführer SS. No matter what else is wrong with the Holohoax, this remains to be dealt with, and always will because it was a reality. What attaches to it, and is untrue but hard to get rid of, are the stories about SS brutality in the camps that Jews and their communist non-Jewish allies love to tell. But this also can be effectively countered by revisionist scholarship and the weakened credibility of the “survivors” who tell and have told these stories. What doesn’t go away, ever, is the deportation itself and the widespread idea that it was wrong and inhumane, and in fact constitutes a crime against humanity (in loose, not legal, language). In the language of the Jews, it is the inevitable result of antisemitism — though they like to spell it anti-Semitism.

Antisemitism is our stumbling block

The idea I’m presenting is that the real problem we face is The Jewish Problem, also known as “the Jewish Question” – which Jewry turns around on us and calls antisemitism. Henry Ford’s early publication of his ambitious work was titled The International Jew – The World’s Foremost Problem. It was later shortened to The World’s Problem. And even then, when Jews were identified as having a detrimental influence on the country they had only recently come to in great numbers, the United States, the Jewish leaders characterized such criticism with cries of  “religious persecution” and “antisemitism.” And they always won with such tactics, too.

Therefore, the critical need that we better understand The Jewish Problem.

The major effort of the Jews throughout history has been to prevent their expulsion from their host countries. Think about it – as parasites, which they truly are, it is critical to their survival to remain in host countries. I’m aware that calling a whole race of people parasites is considered antisemitic in itself. Okay, it is — but it is also true. From their early tribal times (beginning at least 2500 years ago) they were a wandering people who sought out “others” with whom they could trade, and also live among and transfer to themselves some or much of the wealth of these “others.” This is the story of the Jews. Natural traders, they sought out foreign places and peoples where they could make a living from trade primarily, but also through performing services of various kinds. Jews were not tillers of the land and had little loyalty to a homeland or a particular place with which they identified. They easily became Internationalists, and still cling to those values to this day, values in which their sense of security comes from transportable wealth and tribal/family bonds as Jews, crossing national boundaries.

Thus their way of life is parasitic. It’s not a nice word, but it is true nonetheless. Jews don’t bring benefit to the population of the countries they inhabit (always temporarily because they do not strongly identify with it); rather they enrich themselves from it. They live off their host (the work and wealth of people united by blood, soil, language and history) exactly as do parasites in the animal/insect world. When this is noticed and resented by the host population, the Jews cry persecution in some way or other — the contemporary cry has become “antisemitism.”

The Survival Instinct plays a key role

Everything in nature is built, or has evolved, with  survival as the strongest, most primary instinct or value. Survival is our first concern as humans, before anything else can matter. For Jews, survival depends on the willingness of their hosts to allow the Jews to live as parasites among them. This requires a great amount of propaganda and thought-control by the Jews, which is why they went first of all for control of communication outlets, which we now call Media. 

Through their foresight, planning and propaganda, they managed to disable the survival instinct of their White host population by convincing us that our  survival was not at risk. The very idea seemed impossible to us and was not entertained … until very recent times when we see with our bare eyes (if we’re not blind) the terribly dangerous demographic and political situation we are facing.

Jews, however, have never lost touch with their survival instinct – and those individuals who appear to be assimilating too much are reminded, through a variety of ruthless tactics, to get back into the tribal thinking or bad things will happen. The HoloHoax is made to order for that.

Revisionism and the “good Jew”

The “good Jew” is our worst enemy. Otherwise admirable revisionists who search for the good Jew -  some who actually love the Jew and others who are merely tolerant of them in our midst, sometimes because they fear crossing them – are nullifying their own work. The end of the HoloHoax cannot come when such beliefs and “values” are held. If the deportation of Jews from Europe is the only basis left for the “Holocaust,” but that deportation was unwarranted – was not justified on grounds of their harm to European society – then the Jewish Holocaust cannot be completely dismantled. The harm done to Jews, not to us, is what will stand in history.

Considering this, defining the rightness or wrongness of expelling Jews en masse from any of their host nations is the key to solving The Jewish Problem. The idea that it is wrong to do so, and cannot be justified under any circumstances, IS The Jewish Problem today. This idea must be re-examined in the light of the increasing criminalization of antisemitism, in the form of “hate laws” and large fines and prison sentences for hurting the feelings of Jews by not liking them and/or not wanting to live with them.

This campaign to create a total intolerance of antisemitism is a huge project of International Jewry. The Alliance Israelite Universelle was founded in 1860 in France as an international organization to defend against any perceived slurs or “attacks” on Jews anywhere in the world. This included, at that time, legal charges of ritual murder of Christian children and adults against religious Jews. World renowned Jewish legal minds volunteered their services to defend any Jew who was so charged. Today, all Jewish criminals are still defended (think of the 1913 Leo Frank murder case in Georgia, Israeli spies, and today’s rabbinical pedophiles) and great efforts made to “hush up” the gory or incriminating details from the White public. Disapproval of this kind of Jewish cover-up is labelled antisemitic.

On “The International Jew’ Study Hour” program here at The White Network, Hadding Scott and I have just been reading about the American Jewish Committee, begun in 1906 in New York for the same purpose – to protect Jews from negative publicity. They pretend Jews need physical protection – that antisemitism leads to physical violence against Jews – but in reality that has not been demonstrated. In actuality, their purpose is to stop cold any anti-Jewish thinking, feeling or believing, and to cause Whites to feel guilty and ashamed of such thoughts. In Chapter 36 of The International Jew we read something very relevant to this essay:

For a long time in the United States the people did not know how to refer to the Jews, whether as Hebrews or Israelites or what, because the fear of giving offense had been so diligently cultivated in all quarters.

How to respond to the charge of  “antisemitism”

If, as I’m stating, the HoloHoax is a result of The Jewish Problem, and we can’t rid ourselves of the first without ridding ourselves of the second … then revisionism has mental and emotional blocks to overcome. When revisionists want to talk about facts, forensics and the reliability of documents, Jews only respond with charges of antisemitism. Because of this, CODOH (Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust) is somewhat behind the times in its current form in the fight for truth. There is no debate and no hope for any future debate. Since the 1970′s, when the Holocaust Industry (“exterminationists”) found they were losing the debate to the revisionists, all pretense of debate has stopped. We should not still be looking for debate when the Holocaust Industry already moved on to the use of government and judicial power. Now only he who has the power counts.

Jews have been establishing their power for centuries, while they outwardly claim they only seek fairness and equality. Thus, our many revisionists (some of whom have already spent years in prison for staying the course) who insist on talking in terms of “fairness and equality” in return, are fooling themselves. It is painful to say, but their efforts are, in the end, not enough to do the job.

“Waking up” is more than some people think it is. Waking up to the facts of the HoloHoax is only the first part. Waking up to the reality of united Jewish power and united Jewish parasitism, which are two things Jews can never let go of as they are essential to their survival, is the rest of the waking-up process.

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Postscript:  An interesting quote sent to me by reader/listener Michel might shed more light on The Jewish Problem. Douglas Rushkoff,  Jewish author of Nothing Sacred: The Truth about Judaism, was featured in a 2005 film “Protocols of Zion”.  At the 1:05:48 mark, he said:

The thing that makes Judaism dangerous to everybody – to every race, to every nation, to every idea -  is that we smash things that aren’t true. We don’t believe in the boundaries of nation states, we don’t believe in these individual Gods that protect individual groups of people; these are all artificial constructions, and Judaism really teaches us how to see that. In a sense our detractors have it right, in that we are a corrosive force. We’re breaking down the false gods of all nations and all people because they’re not real … and that’s very upsetting to people.

This reminds me of the video of the Jewess Barbara Spector in Sweden who so carefully explains that the Jews are behind the introduction of diverse races and cultures in Europe, and it’s for our own good, as well as being an unstoppable force. A quote from another Jewess commenting on Rushkoff’s book:

“Rushkoff uses millennia of Jewish teachings to reveal that God is indeed to be questioned not obeyed, created not worshipped, continually revised, reconsidered, and debated – not graven in stone.”  -Naomi Wolf