Protocols of Zion

"The International Jew" Study Hour - final episode

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February 27, 2014

Carolyn Yeager and Hadding Scott discuss Henry Ford’s famous trial in 1927, his formal so-called “statement of apology,” and its effect on his long-term influence as an anti-Jewish voice.

  • “The International Jew” series of articles in The Dearborn Independent covered every aspect of Jewish influence on and in America;
  • Even after the articles that make up “The International Jew” were completed in Jan. 1922, The Dearborn Independent continued to publish tough criticism until 1927 (as in 1924 story at right);
  • Jewish and liberal reaction against Ford’s newspaper was strong, but did not deter him,
  • In 1925, lawyer and farm organizer Aaron Sapiro filed a one-million dollar  libel suit against Ford for the article shown at right — which went to trial in 1927;
  • Rather than take the witness stand, Ford preferred to settle, agreeing to stop publishing The Dearborn Independent and destroy all existing pamphlets containing the articles;
  • While Ford lived up to his agreement, in 1949 there appeared in England and the U.S. a 174-page one-volume abridgment of the text under the title of “The International Jew”;
  • Today, The International Jew can be read on the Internet and bought in bookstores, so Henry Ford seems to have won.

Click Image to enlarge: The Dearborn Independent's April 19, 1924 investigative reporting on Aaron Sapiro and "pals" organizing of farmers -- calling it Jewish exploitation. Left to right: Albert D. Lasker, Sapiro, Eugene Meyer Jr, Bernard Baruch.

Note: We have been using the Noontide Press publication of The International Jew — The World’s Foremost Problem which can be found online here as a pdf file.

Saturday Afternoon: The Protocols of Zion and Antisemitism

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Feb. 1, 2014

What does acceptance of the Protocols and denial of the HoloCo$t have in common? ANTISEMITISM … which, according to almost all Jews, is the ultimate crime (because it leads to genocide, they are taught). Carolyn looks at a few  sites that seek to keep “Holocaust” alive, and finds they all have sections devoted to antisemitism … and the Protocols too!

Image: Booklet by Frederick Soddy, British Nobel prize-winning chemist (1921) and one of the fathers of nuclear fission, in which he quotes from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion on economic ideas, five years after its so-called exposure as a forgery. His co-author was Walter Crick, uncle of Francis Crick of DNA-fame. Click to enlarge.

The Heretics' Hour: How the HoloCo$t ties in with the Protocols

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Jan. 27, 2014

The 9th Commemoration in Honor of Victims of the Holocaust is now behind us — thank God. The whole ordeal was successful, for us, the Revisionists at Not so much for the Holo Industry, I don’t think.

  • The guests attending the Auschwitz ceremonies were 58 Israeli Knesset members, 24 Israeli “survivors,” 23 lawmakers from EU states,  3 from the U.S., plus assorted Israeli and Polish govt. ministers, rabbis and cabinet members;
  • There are many commemorations that fall on Jan. 27, among them Germany’s Day of Remembrance for Victims of National Socialism;
  • Poland, Romania and Hungary are targeted by Israel and the Holocaust Industry to kowtow to the Jewish narrative on WWII;
  •  ”Holocaust denial”  is connected with the “anti-Semitism” of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion on the website of Harold Marcuse;
  • The Protocols could become a powerful weapon against growing Jewish domination if freed from the charges of “forgery” and studied/analyzed by pro-White scholars.

Image: "Holocaust survivors" from Israel arrive at the Auschwitz memorial on Jan. 27 for the annual commemoration.

"The International Jew" Study Hour - Episode 47

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May 16, 2013

Carolyn Yeager and Hadding Scott  read and comment on Chapter 42, “The Present Status of the Jewish Question.

We are at the half-way point of  “The International Jew” – the end of Volume Two of four volumes – and the level of Jewish influence in America is examined and  judged. Some highlights:

  • Our growing weakness for applause and “boosterism” over straight talk and facts;
  • TIJ takes credit for the word “Jew” to now (in 1921) be spoken aloud and printed in newspapers;
  • Jewish leaders of today are in fear of further exposure – such as that they are the best organized people in the entire world, better than any government;
  • Jewish solidarity is largely anti-American, for example having the goal of weakening recognition of the Christian Sunday, while strengthening recognition of the Jewish Saturday Sabbath;
  • All antisemitism is the creation of Jewish leaders, and the charge is used as a last resort when confronted with the truth;
  • Jews do not believe in free speech or in a free press, they continue to press for laws to prevent any derogatory statements about Jews. [Today called "hate" laws.]

Image:  Stereotypical  sneaky Jewish “moneybags” who knows he is is an alien presence in a Gentile society, and up to no good.

Note: We are using the Noontide Press publication of The International Jew — The World’s Foremost Problem which can be found online here as a pdf file.

"The International Jew" Study Hour - Episode 41

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April 4, 2013

Carolyn Yeager and Hadding Scott read and comment on Chapter 37, Disraeli – British Premier, Portrays the Jews.”

Jews complain of “misrepresentation” whenever they are portrayed as they really are.  But one man, a Jew and one-time Prime Minister of Great Britain, Benjamin Disraeli, (pictured right) did portray Jews in many ways “as they are” and has not been criticized for it, but highly praised by Jews.

He wrote a novel, Coningsby, in which a character named Sidonia appears as a type of Rothschild Jew of shrewd intellect and secret power. In this portrait, TIJ thinks that Disraeli told the truth about Jews and their financial involvement in revolutions and wars. This chapter touches on Freemasonry, the Protocols, and the Jesuits.

Note: We are using the Noontide Press publication of The International Jew — The World’s Foremost Problem which can be found online here as a pdf file.

Thoughts on the Jewish Problem and the HoloHoax

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By Carolyn Yeager
Copyright 2013 Carolyn Yeager

The following is a written version of the ideas at the beginning of my recent Heretics’ Hour radio program of 3-25-13 titled “Time to Blow the HoloHoax Out of the Water.” Some people get upset when the word ”holohoax” is used instead of  “holocaust,” thinking it is unnecessarily antagonizing to Jews — but I think it is proper, if just to keep from having to repeat their word, Holocaust, over and over and thus reinforcing a word that to those of us in the know, is offensive to us.  Left: Inside Yad Vashem’s over- the- top “Hall of Names.”

What holds the HoloHoax in place? Not the truth, not the facts. To find out, look at it this way. Imagine that it was “blown out of the water.” No more gas chambers. No more familiar sentences in newspapers and magazines, radio and TV, plus all over the Internet,  reminding us daily that “6 million Jews were killed by the Nazis.” No more aging “survivors” trekking to public schools, public libraries, community centers and any other venue that is offered, to tell how they escaped from a gas chamber during history’s most evil event.

The Heretics' Hour: Manufactured Reality – deception via photographs, film and television

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March 4, 2013

This is Carolyn’s 150th Heretics’ Hour program, and the 3-year anniversary too; the first program aired on March 1st, 2010 on Voice of Reason Network. She and her guest Harlan Schulke look at various politically motivated deceptions involving visual media.  Harlan also discusses what he sees as a Jewish-inspired effort to destroy the belief in Jesus and his very important teachings [which are reflected in the National Socialist Weltansschaung (world view)] via deceptive films, videos and books. Some of the deceptions looked at:

Saturday Afternoon: How the translator affects meanings in the Protocols of Zion

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Jan. 19, 2013

Harlan Schulke is Carolyn’s guest to discuss what he considers to be very meaningful differences between translations of the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion – the two main ones being the Victor Marsden and the Boris Brasol (or perhaps Natalie de Bogery) translations. Brazol’s translation was used for The International Jew by Henry Ford. In addition to comparing specific passages, Schulke made the following points:

  • Just the fact that our government is filled with “dual-Israeli-U.S. citizens” reflects much that is written in the Protocols;
  • Jewish nationalism is the term he prefers over “global conspiracy;”
  • The source of Jewish nationalism is in the Old Testament book of Deuteronomy;
  • The Protocols also throw light on the ritual murder accusations through the centuries.

Pictured right:  Boris Brazol, Russian monarchist expatriate credited with translating the Protocols, in a library after coming to the U.S. I could not find a picture that I was sure was Victor Marsden. Schulke rates the Brazol translation as inferior to that of Marsden.

"The International Jew" Study Hour - Episode 29

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Jan. 10, 2013

Carolyn Yeager and Hadding Scott read and comment on Chapter 24, The High and Low of Jewish Money Power.

Jewish high finance began in America with the Rothschilds and their agent August Belmont, who professed Christianity. Much of the veil of secrecy that held sway at that time, the mysterious magic surrounding large transactions between governments and individuals, has been stripped away. The Rothschild strategy has always been to bet on both sides so you never lose.

The large Jewish banking houses such as Kuhn, Loeb and Co. met resistance from the Gentile establishment of the day in their  effort to gain the upper hand in U.S. finance. This chapter also describes the lower and darker side of financial activity in this country, and relates the story of the shocking (at the time) Wall St. theft of $12,000,000 in bonds via an organized ring of mostly Russian Jews that began in 1918 and flourished until 1920. To things like this, there is complete silence from the upper level of Jewry. TIJ attributes the silence to the “racial instinct.”

Note: We are using the Noontide Press publication of  The International Jew — The World’s Foremost Problem which can be found online here as a pdf file. 

"The International Jew" Study Hour - Episode 26

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Dec. 20, 2012

Image from the pro-Jewish 1921 silent film “The Wandering Jew” or “The Life of Theodor Herzl.”

Hadding Scott and Carolyn Yeager  read and comment on Chapter 21, How Jews in the U.S. Conceal Their Strength.

This begins Volume Two of the four-volume work. Vol. 2  presents a general view of some of the evidence which illustrates and substantiates the Jewish World Program that was dealt with in the first 20 chapters.

In this chapter, we learn how the Jewish Lobby has been able to prevent the U.S. Census Bureau from discovering the true number of Jews that have flooded into the country since 1880.  They have accomplished this by insisting Jewishness is a ‘religion’ and not a ‘race.’ Excerpts from British Royal Commission hearings about immigration with Theodore Herzl and Senate hearings questioning lobbyist Simon Wolf are revealing. Hadding does some of his best voice characterizations!

Note: We are using the Noontide Press publication of  The International Jew — The World’s Foremost Problem which can be found online here as a pdf file.