Race Conscious Women

Five Women Talk About Race

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Gratefully taken from Robert S. Griffin’s wonderful book, One Sheaf, One Vine.


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Mary Rowland is thirty-three and single and lives in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada mountains in northern California. She is self-employed, operating a business out of her home.

Until a couple of years ago, I lived in southern California, so my socialization was all in that area of the country. I was raised a liberal and was a liberal activist in my twenties. I was primarily involved with conservation issues, but sometimes that would prod me into getting involved with other causes, like Indian rights. If they had a dump a mile from an Indian reservation, I might write a letter to the editor or something pointing out that this was environmental racism.


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Laura Hayes * is thirty -four years old and lives with her husband near Tampa, Florida. They have no children. Laura is about to complete a graduate program in business administration and works part-time as a sales clerk.

I was raised in northern Indiana and had contact with very few minorities growing up. There were some blacks that had spilled over from the Chicago area living there, but they tended to stay in a separate area of town. I would see them shopping, but that was about it. There were a few Asians who I believe worked at a nearby science laboratory, but I didn’t have any contact with them either. That area is now heavily settled with Hispanics, but there were none there when I was growing up.


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Carolyn Davies* is fifty-three and a widow and lives in Massachusetts after spending most of her life in Texas. She works for the government in the area of social services.

My first awareness that there were different races came when I was a little girl, about five or six. This was in the mid-1950s. We were living in California. We hadn’t moved to the South yet. We visited my mother’s relatives in Texas. I went downtown with my mother and my two aunts. We went to a department store and they were talking and shopping and I was just sort of looking around like children do, and I noticed that they had two water fountains on the wall. One of them had a sign that said “colored.” I had never seen anything like that before, so I ran up to my mother and said, “Oh mommy, they have colored water over there! Can I have some?”


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An online personals ad read as follows:

I am a 30-year old, single white woman seeking a strong, traditional white man for family building. I am a racially aware Southern gal with Scotch-Irish/Swiss ancestry. I am a graduate of a four-year university but have recovered from the brainwashing. I have worked as a newspaper editor, play traditional Irish and Appalachian fiddle, and like to dance. I am a former county beauty pageant winner, 5’6”, 120 lbs., blue eyes, and have long, red hair. I am ready to have an intelligent, physically fit Anglo man support me in my role as homemaker. I welcome correspondence from racially conscious men.


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Nadine Taylor, a native Texan, is twenty-three and a senior at the University of Texas in Austin. She comes across as personally grounded and positive in outlook.

Since I was a teenager, I have always been into metal, the music. I’ve always liked the sound of it and everything else. I especially like black metal. Black metal is a segment of the underground, as we call it, where the bands are more obscure and a little more artistic. They have a big heathen and pagan element, and they are concerned with expressing old European ways, like a lot of old Viking ways. There is a pretty strong anti-Judeo-Christian message in black metal.