Why are you obsessed with race? What is your agenda?

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Many whites are concerned and even disturbed by talk about race. The politically correct attitude which has been drummed into us since the end of World War One is that the belief in separate races is an outdated notion that leads to division, persecution and even war. The mantra is: We have much more in common than that which divides us, so lets ignore science in favor of social engineering for social change. The following helpful information is taken from a page that is no longer online from the old Majority Rights.com

Why are you obsessed with race? What is your agenda?

We are not obsessed with race. People who are truly obsessed with race are the leftist/Marxist academics who deny the existence of biological races among humans while blaming minority failure on racial discrimination. So what is the need for this FAQ?

Western civilization, particularly America, is reeling under the impact of massive Third World immigration, minority handouts, affirmative action and a high frequency of crimes on the part of numerous non-European ethnic groups. The people promoting this have not only made no attempts to examine whether the Third World masses possess the same aptitude as whites and whether they can be made to behave like whites, but also have attempted to sabotage attempts to answer these questions and persisted with their policies in spite of evidence that decades of affirmative action has not reduced the need for affirmative action for American blacks in the slightest amount, reduced the aptitude/performance gap between whites and blacks, made non-Europeans behave like Europeans...in short, make the non-Western populations Western apart from looks. These individuals obviously need to convince Westerners that aptitude/behavior differences between populations stem from the social environment, and therefore need to argue that biological differences between populations are minimal and limited to superficial differences, not aptitudes and behaviors. This is why they are especially motivated to deny the existence of biological races among humans.

Are these people denying racial reality to promote racial harmony? Is it reasonable to attempt to promote harmony between ethnic groups by telling a white person that you cannot get this job because your ancestors exploited the ancestors of this non-white who needs to be compensated in the form of getting your job? Does one promote mutual understanding by insisting that the failures of a non-white group stem from white racism? Is it reasonable to place together in the same geographic region a large number of people from populations having different trait distributions pertaining to altruism, respect for individual rights, criminality and intelligence if the trait distributions are primarily caused by genetic differences between the populations? Obviously not. Therefore, if promoting racial harmony were a goal, these individuals would make sure that genetically-based population differences are ruled out before they implement their grand social schemes, but they have done the opposite, i.e., opposing a proper investigation of group differences. Some of these individuals are obviously malicious and hostile toward Western societies and Western people, whereas the others have good intentions but are ignorant and useful idiots for the malicious ones.

The malicious ones know fully well why they deny racial reality...to minimize opposition to their plans, namely the race replacement and dispossession of whites and the destruction of Western civilization. The irony is that for races to exist, there need not be any genetically-based behavioral or aptitude differences between them. Conversely, the existence of genetically-based aptitude and behavioral differences between populations does not imply that these populations belong to separate races. However, it obviously helps the malicious individuals to minimize populations differences. Therefore, the purpose of this FAQ is to hopefully get Western people to ask whether the behavior and aptitude differences they observe between populations possibly result in part from genetic differences since there are numerous genetic differences between populations with respect to a lot of traits. The purpose of this FAQ is not to argue that since races exist, it follows that differences between the races with respect to aptitude/behavior stem from genetic differences.

When more people start wondering whether genetic differences are involved, there will be a stronger sentiment in favor of a moratorium on the grand social schemes currently in place till it is shown that genetic differences between populations are not involved in the discrepancies regarding socially undesirable outcomes. At stake are the health of Western societies and white people, and these stakes are high. If indeed genetically-based differences between populations are implicated, then the grand social schemes currently in place will simply serve to convert First World productive societies to Third World hell-holes with a large and more crime-prone underclass that one could hardly do anything about. It is fair to ask that a proper assessment of the most likely consequences of a grand social scheme be thoroughly investigated before it is implemented.

A second purpose of this FAQ is to be of educational value regardless of any use that it could be put to.

Don't you think that belief in race will lead to racist horrors?

In a 1998 statement denying the existence of biological races in humans, the American Anthropological Association (AAA) mentioned the following:

During World War II, the Nazis under Adolf Hitler enjoined the expanded ideology of “race” and “racial” differences and took them to a logical end: the extermination of 11 million people of “inferior races” (e.g., Jews, Gypsies, Africans, homosexuals, and so forth) and other unspeakable brutalities of the Holocaust.

Should we be concerned? After all, The AAA experts know better. Seriously, consider what the AAA or equivalent is saying.

A belief in race leads to a belief in superior and inferior races

Really? A race more susceptible to some genetic diseases is less susceptible to other genetic diseases. A white supremacist boasting about the intellectual achievements of whites will have his skin peeling under the hot equatorial sun in no time. A black supremacist proud of the domination of the 100m sprint by West African blacks will be at a loss to explain the near-absence of blacks among martial art champions...and so on. There is no race that has all the advantages or all the disadvantages. Just because a certain race has some advantage, it does not become racially superior to other races; it just has an advantage with respect to the trait in question or, if one insists, it is just superior with respect to the trait in question. Does one have to have an advanced education to understand this? There is nothing about the existence of races that lends itself to a belief that some races are superior to others. If someone who believes in the existence of biological races among humans also believes that his race his superior to others, then it does not follow that his supremacist beliefs stem from his belief in human races.

Racial supremacist beliefs make one want to enslave, dominate or exterminate members of inferior races

What in the world? Many whites are strongly opposed to keeping animals in cages even though they have no doubt that these animals are intellectually inferior to them. Why do these people not want to dominate/control/manipulate/enslave inferior species? Western nations spend a lot of resources saving numerous species from extinction, including species whose disappearance will not cause any harm to the ecology or humans, and this endeavor is supported by many in the general population. Why are these people not letting nature take its course and working to preserve species that are intellectually inferior and worthless to humans instead of speeding up their demise? It should be obvious that a belief in some sort of superiority does not lead to a desire to exploit others. This is not say that people with supremacist beliefs will not exploit others; some will, but the underlying reason will not be the supremacist belief. For instance, whereas numerous whites are attempting to save the great African apes from becoming extinct, numerous black Africans are merrily killing and eating them. Are these blacks eating apes because they believe they are smarter than the apes or because these apes are a delicacy in their cuisine?

It is a given that if the opportunities present themselves, some people will attempt to exploit others if they can get away with it. Slavery has historically been a universal human institution and is also found in non-human species. If a living organism can get away with exploiting others to his advantage, then some living organisms will be found engaging in this behavior in nature regardless of whether they are capable of higher thought or whether they harbor supremacist beliefs if human...this is a straightforward expectation...even some with an inferiority complex will be found to engage in exploitative behavior if they can get away with it.

If one uses supremacist beliefs to justify slavery, does it follow that a desire to enslave and exploit stems from the supremacist beliefs? What comes first...a desire to enslave or a justification for slavery? Do you realize what fine logic the AAA is using?

As mentioned earlier, some ignorant individuals are opposed to acknowledging racial reality in humans because they believe it will lead to horrors, but not all people in the AAA are this ignorant. A number of them belong to the same group that has been pushing the Holocaust hoax upon us...they are not stupid enough to believe that thelogical endto a belief in races is racism and crime, and they are not motivated in order to promote racial amity...they want whites to believe that the millions of non-whites flooding their nations have the same aptitude as whites and can be made to behave like whites so that whites offer minimal resistance to their race replacement and dispossession. Do not be fooled by them.


This is a great post you wrote 5 years ago. Has your views changed over the past 5 years considering what is happening now? To be honest with you, unfortunately we will be having a race war and there is nothing anyone can do to stop it. The media has told the African Americans that they have been oppressed and abused by the white man. Once they get that nonsense into their minds, their is nothing you can do to fix it. They want to believe it. It gives them hope and it gives them a life mission which brings joy. They are ruled by emotion not logic. Once they have found the hope of a mission which brings joy, they will never give that feeling up for facts. Never!
Not even Trump will be able to "bring people (races) together". He probably already knows that.

I didn't write this. As you can see, it came from MajorityRights.com, which used to be a good website but now has become crap. I brought it over from my previous website to this one because I liked it too.

I have not changed my views but know that Donald Trump is the best we can hope for at this time. I'm all for him. He'll do what he can and he won't hurt us. He's bringing attention to the strong media bias. You noticed David Duke didn't do very well in his senate run.