Lakewood's woes a reminder that Jews always create chaos in Gentile societies and bring no benefit

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2017-07-30 23:51

Lakewood Yeshiva students read posters in Hebrew. The community was criticized after it was revealed police training includes helping  members on the Sabbath by turning on lights for them or even going to the drug store! Seems to me to nullify the purpose of Sabbath rules if you can so easily get someone else to do it for you. (Alvaro Leiva/Getty Images/)

By Carolyn Yeager

LAKEWOOD, NEW JERSEY'S LARGE HASIDIC ORTHODOX COMMUNITY  exemplifies how Jews create chaos in Gentile societies; they do not contribute value as they claim. They are not good neighbors since they're extremely clannish and care only for the advancement of their own personal goals and those of the Jewish community of which they are a part.

Already in Lakewood, the school district had to be bailed out by an $8.5 million loan from the state because the Orthodox don't attend the public schools, therefore the public school system does not receive state money for their education, yet it has to bus the 30,000 Orthodox students to their far-flung private schools in separate gender buses. The district is nearly $15 million in the red, while Jews dominate the school board seats. The Orthodox founder of a prominent special-needs school, Rabbi Osher Eisemann, was indicted on charges of stealing more than $600,000 in public money, while three other black-hatted Lakewood rabbis are on their way to prison after losing the appeal of their guilty verdict for conspiring to kidnap and torture a husband in an Orthodox “divorce” case.

With leadership like this, is it any wonder 26 community members (13 “married” couples) have been arrested and charged in June and July with more than $2 million in public assistance fraud (with more arrests promised). Rabbi Moshe Zev Weisberg (below), a spokesman for Lakewood's Vaad (Jewish council) has contented himself with saying they will hold community seminars to educate residents about the rules for applying and reapplying for public assistance. He doesn't mention that the district attorney held such meetings a couple of years ago, warning the Orthodox community against welfare fraud (in essence, giving them a head's up) but at least some of these Hasidic Jews did not stop what they were doing. 

Recently, Rabbi Weisberg had these careful words to say:

“Our community has become much better at reaching out for resources. This is one example of that.

In years past, it was more of a cultural thing — and I understand other societies have it as well — when there was illness with a child, or there are special needs or a disability, and that child was somewhat hidden away and wasn’t spoken of. The public interaction with that child was minimized.

Now the first reaction a family has to getting the news about an afflicted child — after the shock — is, ‘What can I do about it? What resources are available? How can I help this child?’"

One of the resources they've made use of is the Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund (CICRF) funded from an annual assessment of $1.50 per employee levied on all workers who are subject to the New Jersey Unemployment Compensation Law. This state fund is for families whose children have an illness or condition not fully covered by insurance or other government programs. Two of the 13 couples arrested were accused of wrongfully collecting CICRF benefits: Tzvi Braun, 35, and wife Estee, 34, are accused of taking $62,747 they weren't entitled to in Medicaid, low-income heating assistance, and CICRF money between January 2009 and December 2013.

An Asbury Park Press investigation found that Lakewood residents received $5 million from the fund over the last five years, compared to Newark and Jersey City combined who received $627,000. Because the Lakewood Jews have become so adept at “reaching out for resources”, the township received a total of 756 grants from the CICRF, while records show that Paterson NJ (population 150,000) was in second place with just 26!

For children from newborn to age 21, covered expenses include the works – special ambulatory care, acute or specialized in-or-outpatient hospital care, medical equipment, medically related home and vehicle modifications such as ramps or wheelchair lifts, home health care, and medical transportation.

Program officials said the applications from Lakewood have the same rate of chronic childhood medical conditions associated with reduced mobility — such as muscular dystrophy and cerebral palsy — as found in other municipalities. However, the Lakewood applications have higher instances of reimbursements for therapy treatment of speech and language disorders, apraxia (a motor disorder caused by brain damage) and lack of coordination, hypotonia (also known as floppy baby syndrome, marked by reduced muscle tone and strength). These are often congenital (genetic) disorders but can be caused by infection or injury after birth. There is currently no known treatment or cure for the causes, and objective manifestations can be lifelong.

Which brings us to the cost of Jewish genetic disorders and why Jews are so in favor of government health care. David Shafter, the Jewish state-appointed monitor of Lakewood schools, admitted

We have a high number of children who have special medical needs that arose from genetic disease. A lot of children in the Orthodox community have this. In some cases, it requires special environmental conditions. We also have a number of children who need one-on-one nurses.’’

According to the Jewish Genetic Disease Consortium, an awareness group, there are a number of genetic diseases for which people of [racial] Jewish heritage (at least one grandparent) are more likely to be carriers of than the general population. Thus, in the past year the Lakewood school budget spent $33.8 million on 1,254 special needs students, not including out-of-district busing for 346 children of that group to private schools in surrounding towns.

Rabbi Weisberg used the word “cultural” in reference to what is going on with the Hasidic Jews in Lakewood. Other Orthodox leaders say that “cultural pressures” cause many young families to rely on public assistance to make ends meet. [??!] It is not their culture but their religion that tells them to marry young and start families while the men are studying in yeshivas for many years still, meaning that they don't have sufficient money to raise the children they are required to have. But what must be said is that often they hide money they do have so that they can get the Goy government and charities to pay their high child-raising expenses. This last is both their religion and their culture. By marrying within a close-knit group as they do, they increase their chances of passing on genetic weaknesses and diseases they are known to have. But they will not control this because it is a religious commandment; thus they have large families to insure a certain amount of healthy offspring. In the distant past, the unhealthy ones would die, but not now. Now we make it possible for them to even reproduce.

Another organization that helps Jews get as much “free” money from agencies as possible is the Lakewood office of Agudath Israel of America, a nonprofit that advocates for civil and religious rights in the Jewish community, directed by another rabbi, Avi Schnall (left). He said,

"Children are the top priority. Everything is about education and taking care of our kids and making sure they have the resources to thrive and, when assistance is needed, making sure parents are educated on what’s available and make sure they know."

This Jewish organization doesn't itself help families financially, but only helps them to find it from Goy sources. They want their kids well taken care of, but not if it means Daddy has to get a job to bring home the bacon (or Kosher equivalent) instead of going to yeshiva all day, mentally submerged in Torah and Talmud. So it's pure hypocrisy to you and I, which they very well know but don't care as long as it works for them. In their teachings, this is the proper world order as their G-d has ordained it to be.

All that it takes for it not to work is for the goyim to say Stop – enough of this! How much chance is there of that happening?

Well, when the arrests began, hundreds of Jews called township leaders asking how they could drop their public assistance or avoid arrest in relation to the investigation. It is clear the Gentile community is followng this scandal with great interest, leaving many sharply-worded comments at the online news reports. It is being openly acknowledged that a divide exists “even among the much more moderate members of the [Gentile] community.” The accusatory warnings against expressions of “anti-Semitism” are also being raised.

Tom Gatti (above), chairman of Lakewood's Senior Action Group, said he doesn't see a clear way forward for the town if Orthodox leaders don't start the conversations. (They, however, say they can't.) "Everything that  happens in this town results in a benefit for the Orthodox community," Gatti said. "I think it's up to the Orthodox community to have more than a symposium." Among the top issues for Gatti, other officials and thousands of residents is the unceasing development in Lakewood. "It seems there is no regard [concern] for high-density housing," he said.

Endless rows of new homes keep going up - these a part of Pine River Village across from a shopping center.

State Assemblyman Sean Kean, R-Monmouth, said, "Development is a serious issue that has to be addressed." The construction has choked strained roadways and taxed infrastructure in town, and given rise to a strong anti-development movement. Planning board and zoning board meetings that previously were lightly attended are now followed with interest.

A man who calls himself the 'First Amendment Activist' records nearly all public meetings in Lakewood. An anonymous resident has started a movement called "Take Back Lakewood," which aims to challenge development in town. The result is people in Lakewood are more aware of development than ever. Dozens of residents came to a zoning board hearing to fight a planned four-story apartment building on Park Avenue. In the face of the opposition, the developer's attorney pulled the project.

You can bet that the Orthodox community's sharp businessmen are finding ways to cash in on all the development. Earlier this year, a 167,000-square-foot shopping center proposed by a development company owned by Lakewood's Beth Medrash Govoha, the large rabbinical college that started all the growth to begin with, was delayed after protest from residents.

At the last Township Committee meeting, Mayor Coles called for unity, saying, "We are one town. We are one big family." This is a sentiment that is often expressed by township leaders, but evidence of a desire for real compromise remains elusive.

"Lakewood has a problem," said Black pastor Daniel Wilson, "As long as we continue to cater to one community over another, we're always going to have this divide."

It's much worse than that. It is not possible to be "one community" with ultra-orthodox Jews. They are always a people unto themselves. It is they who should not settle among us but should remain in their own land.


Carolyn is the only one out there in cyberspace who is consistently covering this kosher war going on in this Lakewood community.
Make no mistake here, it is a warlike conflict that these Jews have instigated against the non-Jewish residents of the community.  How are  the "goyim' going to respond in the days ahead?  These Lubavitchers will not cease their theivery and fraud until they are forced to. 
In a way what is happening there is good news because it will force people to wake up to the treachery and crimminality these self-chosen perpetrate non-stop. It is in their DNA as much as the Jewish specific genetic diseases which the article refers to.  One can blame it on religion and culture, but since it has been going on with them since the dawn of time, I would tend to say it is genetic. 

Now they've conquered Lakewood, they've moved over to close-by Toms River, where they're aggressively trying to persuade Christians to sell their homes to them. They even say, "Why would you want to live in a Hasidic community? You won't feel comfortable here." When they're told no, these black-hatted agents come back again and again. When someone criticises them for it, they reply, "It's not illegal."

Some residents are fighting back.

Of course the "Jewish specific" diseases are genetic... it's called INBREEDING!, the New Jersey official state web site, began a 9-day series today, August 2nd, on the Lakewood stresses and problems with its huge ultra-Orthodox Jewish community and international Yeshivas. Today's installment currently has 62 comments which should be interesting to read.

They say: "Each day, we will explore some of the major issues in the community, including the welfare fraud investigation, housing problems and the strains on the education system."

Expect them to bend over backwards to be fair to the Jews. I won't write further about it unless something new or outstanding comes up, and it may just be in the form of a comment here. So check back.

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Day 9: What's next for Lakewood? 10 questions moving forward  Another must-read. And check out the last link in the article, for the "Petition"


One thing to remember: these Lakewood orthodox Jews vote Republican and it's Republican politicians who support them and the BMG Yeshiva. The BMG chief Kotler accompanied Gov. Chris Christie to Israel last year.

Here's a worthwhile comment to the article mentioned above:

This community has played the special interest game that is the trademark of politics. No politician seeking office in Lakewood, Ocean County or any state or federal office serving Lakewood can afford to alienate a group that demonstrates that it will vote as a block. This group has demonstrated their ability to do just that. A hopeful office seeker will have to court their support with promises and assurances of special treatment. An official seeking re-election will have to provide a list of specifics where special treatment was granted. They are not alone in utilizing this strategy, but their common geographic location enables them to more clearly show what thy can do for or against a candidate than other groups.

When I was doing a Lutheran Bible study last year I was reminded over and over how the Biblical Jews would move to a new land and when they encouontered the new culture their women would tryst with the outsiders, and the men would do the same. And then God would unleash anger because the Jews had once again disobeyed His call for cultural purity.  
It is folly for our Euro-centric nation to invite any foreign cultures - Hindu, Moslem or Jewish or Marxist - into our sheepfold, where they turn into wolves to sheer and devour us.  
And then I stopped going to Bible study because Lutheran, Baptist, Catholic and other denominations are working tirelessly to import foreign culture that has no intent of assmimilation.  
Clearly this Orthodox community has turned into wolves...just as Richard Kelly Hoskins describes in his numerous writings. 

The Hebrew insurgent  never use their  own money ; it is  part of  their  economic success and  why Jew is synonymous with dishonesty. $$$$  generously  given to  politicians  are investments  that  return as  grants to finance such  things as "special private schools  for  these  chosen  one."  And free medical care  for congenital disease.
It is interesting  to learn these genetic weaknesses of  the  only  race. But after 6000 years of  endogamy what else can you expect? 
Mental illness here is  not   found. Perhaps  this  is appropriate;  for  Jews are  not  mentally ill. However  they have  a  nice  little  sinecure  named  NAMI, (National Alliance  for  the Mentally Ill.)  Please , may I  request  you  donate  so  God's  chosen  can exalt  themselves  and  pretend  to be  human with Seelenkrankheit, Soul sickness , the  is  the  apogee of their  existance. The Jewish psychiatrist  nd Jewish Treasurer will  acknowledge  you .  It is  you who  should  be  grateful that you can  finance their extravegant luxury.

We are well aware of the issues with Hasidim in Orange County, NY. First it was Kiryeas Joel, who recently seceded from the town of Monroe, after their ever-growing housing brought the water table so low that goy water wells were running dry in the town, and water tankers had to be brought in. Residents sued the Hasidic community over this issue, and ended up seceding from the town and its services, so they are responsible now for their own, self- created water issues. There was a famous case in the late 80's of Kiryeas Joel actually having their own special needs school built for their disabled children, but paid for by the State, bc their children were not allowed to mix with other goy disabled children, or children of different sexes.  Then, the community of Bloomingburg is also being overwhelmed, and now Route 17 is currently clogged with construction of major building of even more Hasidim housing. This is what the towns in NJ will have to look forward to.