This is Larry Kahant

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My favorite picture of Larry sitting at the dining room table  in our newly rented house in 1972.

I was married to Larry Kahant from Sept. 1971 until April 1981. This has no relevance to the work that appears on this website, and would be of no interest to the readers thereof, except for the slanderous and ignorant attacks on my former husband made by one Rodney Martin and what used to be "his crowd," all of whom have abandoned him now.

That pig Rodney Martin (and that is a literal description) has claimed to as many persons as will listen to him, that the name Kahant can only belong to Jews. Yet he has not come up with the proof of even a single person named Kahant that is a Jew!

It is sort of like the Revisionists asking "holocaust historians" to come up with the name of one person who was proved to have died in a homocidal gas chamber run by the "Nazis." Just one. They can't do it. And neither has Martin come up with a single Jew named Kahant.

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Larry Kahant was born Lawrence Theodore Kahant in 1933 in Passaic, New Jersey, the son of Theodore Lawrence and Edith Kahant. His father was of German ancestry and his mother of Scots-English ancestry. He had an older sister, Barbara, and two younger siblings, Norman and Lois, who were fraternal twins.

It was understood in the family that Theodore Kahant's father had emigrated from Germany, but none of his four children had ever known their grandfather, he having died before that was possible. I have no recollection of any members of their mother Edith's family that they might have known, but I think there were some. I met Larry through his younger brother's wife in early 1971, and at that time his father was already suffering from arteriosclerosis - called at that time "hardening of the arteries," which severely affected his memory.

Larry's older sister had converted to Catholicism when she married a Catholic man; they regularly attended mass and all that. His younger sister was also a church-goer - she and her Polish husband and many children were active in a Protestant church. Larry's brother's wife was an active Christian, too, so he went along with things, as did Larry with his first wife, but both were more detached. Take it or leave it, sort of thing.

I can't find any photos of other family members or of gatherings. I probably didn't keep them, and may have left them with Larry. I'll keep looking because I need to clean out so much of this stuff I have. But I did keep some favorite pictures of him.

My favorite picture of all is at the top of this post. But there are others I like, for instance this one when he had just turned 14 but appeared quite mature for that age.

The year was 1947, that was his own truck and dog. Does he look like a 14 year old Jew boy to you? Haha, not hardly. He worked for his father in electrical contracting. Later his father sold his business and became a sales rep for a large electrical supply company, Westinghouse, I think. In the '50s they moved to Fort Worth, Florida because of Edith's chronic bronchitis.

The next picture at right is from 1952 - Larry had joined the Navy and he ended up in the SeeBee's because he had great mechanical ability. He was in for 4 years and was stationed in the Philipines and somewhere in the Arctic Circle, both very boring places, he said. When he got out, he joined the rest of his family in Florida.

And finally, below, a picture taken in December 1975. You will be asking why there is no picture of us together. I have only come across one and I don't really like it, but if I don't find any more photos, I will post that one.

I think you can see from this that Larry Kahant was genuine Western European, just like me.




The Jewish name Cohen has many variations (among which is Kahane), but Kahant is not one of them.
See : Wikipedia : Kohen, Cohen (and its variations) as a surname.
The name Kahant seems to be of Irish origin and has a coat of arms. See : <i>Kahant Family Crest, Coat of Arms and Name History</i>. Your ex-husband's father may have come from Germany but his family must originally have come from Ireland, which is perhaps unusual but not impossible.

Kahn is a German name that the Jews have taken also. Kahant could have evolved as a version of that ...Kahnt to Kahant. I don't really know, but his brother and sisters thought it was perhaps shortened by immigration officers from a longer German name. They didn't think it was Irish. And they certainly didn't think it was Jewish. They actually thought they were the only family with the name Kahant in the United States. They had a few relatives also.

When I first met Larry's sister-in-law, I thought her name was Cahan ... as in Irish. That's the only form of the name I knew, and I continued to see it with that spelling for quite a long time. The Jewish Kahane, etc. never crossed my mind until I became "Jew-aware" in the real, hard sense, and that wasn't until 2005 or so. I understood about the Federal Reserve Jews, etc. in the 1990's but didn't connect any Jewishness to my name. It's unfortunate that Jews have made so many good Aryan names suspect.