"German" Turks want dual citizenship and political clout

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A Muslim Turkish family portrait: Levent Bayram, wife and kids

The following was taken from Deutsche Welle's report: Germany's Turks favor duel citizenship at http://www.dw.de/germanys-turks-favor-dual-citizenship/a-16954911

German law only grants dual citizenship in exceptional circumstances. It's often a problem for German Turks, many of whom feel marginalized as they don't want to give up their Turkish passports.

Levent Bayram is 39 years old. He was born in Berlin in the 1970s, when children born to immigrants in Germany had no choice but to take on their parents' nationality, regardless of where they were born.

Levent still only has a Turkish passport, as he was never naturalized in Germany. If he was to become German, he would have to renounce his Turkish passport. It's not an option for him, as he has "such a strong emotional connection to his parents' home country," he tells DW.

Levent spent a few years working in Turkey selling books and telephones. Now he works as a social media manager for the German-Turkish Journal in Berlin, but he doesn't want to lose touch with Turkish culture. For him, a Turkish passport symbolizes and strengthens that connection.


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Only witness to first NSU murder saw little, isn't sure

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First Turkish victim Enver Simsek at home with his wife. A flower seller?

The following article is taken from a Deutsche Welle report published on July 10, 2013 (http://www.dw.de/witness-testifies-on-first-nsu-murder/a-16943666).

The Munich court probing a neo-Nazi murder series has heard testimony on the first killing in 2000. A passing motorist said he saw two men dash from a roadside stall where flower seller Enver Simsek was fatally shot.

Germany's trial of alleged neo-Nazi accomplices begun in May switched on Wednesday [July 10] to hearing witnesses on nine murders of small-business proprietors of mostly Turkish origin and a policewoman.

The first murder, when Enver Simsek was fatally shot in Nuremburg in 2000, was followed by nine further killings until 2007. Only in late 2011 did German authorities attribute the spree to far-right extremists and were criticized for following false theories.


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Carsten S. is a Homosexual - Credibility in Doubt

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Carsten S. enters Munich courtroom wearing hooded jacket.

German news service Deutsche-Welle reported on June 21st (one month ago, and which I missed) that Carsten S., the government's top witness in the NSU murder trial, said his exit from the far-right scene was due to his homosexuality, which he said had caused him difficulties in those surroundings.

At the beginning of 2000, Carsten S. left Thuringia to study social work in Dusseldorf. Until his arrest in late 2011, he had been working at an AIDS support organization.

The following article is taken from http://www.dw.de/credibility-of-nsu-defendant-called-into-question/a-168...

Defendant Carsten S. is accused of complicity in the NSU murders for allegedly supplying the gun with which nine of the 10 victims were killed. At the end of his testimony, S. apologized to the families of the victims.


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Interview with Bradley Smith, Founder of CODOH

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July 20, 2013

Bradley R. Smith, author and founder of the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust (CODOH) talked about the appeal of Holocaust Revisionism for him and how it’s always been the Taboo side of it that interested him most. Though Bradley was  little late in appearing, the program was never slow from then on.

  • USA is the only place that true debate can go on, and it’s tough even here;
  • Has been in communication with David Cole Stein who says that, since his outing, his post-revisionist career as a political activist is no longer possible;
  • Rejects the term “Holocaust Denier” for himself as totally hinging on the definition of “Holocaust”;
  • Rejects “blaming the Jews” in favor of blaming cowardice of Gentiles, especially academics who put money and position ahead of truth;
  • Focus has been for a long time on getting the revisionist message to university students who exist in an atmosphere where contrary opinions on “Holocaust” are not allowed;
  • On the question of success, he sees CODOH as part of a larger revisionist movement that has made great headway, but at the same time the Holocaust Industry has grown even more;
  • Current project – The Jan Karski Institute at Georgetown University.

"The International Jew" Study Hour - Episode 56

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July 18, 2013

Carolyn Yeager reads and comments on Chapter 51, “Will Jewish Zionism Bring Armageddon?

The success of World Zionism in capturing Palestine for their “Jewish Homeland” is the subject of this chapter.  In 1917, Jewish power was strongly active in Russia (the Bolshevik revolution), in Great Britain (the Balfour Declaration), and in the United States (the New York Kehillah). The illustration at right represents the International Jew behind the curtain of all three nations.

Many profound points are brought up, including:

  • Bolshevism all over the world is Jewish;
  • The Jewish Telegraph Service is the Associated Press of world-wide Jewry;
  • Center of Jewish gravity was shifted from Berlin to America as early as August 30, 1914, a month after the outbreak of war;
  • Cultivated American and English Jews wanted the lawful inhabitants of Palestine to be driven out;
  • Jews attempted to expropriate everything in sight for themselves;
  • Jews distrust their ability to make a state because they don’t know how their people will contrive to live together as their behaviors are so destructive of social comity.

Note: We are using the Noontide Press publication of The International Jew — The World’s Foremost Problem which can be found online here as a pdf file.

Documents detail Justice Dept. role in Trayvon Martin rallies

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Attorney General Eric Holder (left) and Al Sharpton are very good friends.

Judicial Watch obtained documents showing the Justice Dept. (DOJ) helped to organize rallies in Florida against George Zimmerman in March and April last year.

The documents reveal that a unit of the U.S. Department of Justice, the Community Relations Service (CRS), was deployed to Sanford, Florida following the Trayvon Martin shooting to help organize and manage rallies and protests against George Zimmerman.

The records say that from March 25 to April 12, 2012, the CRS spent a total of $5,320.88 in Sanford to provide "technical support" and assistance for protest marches and rallies.This total does not include, of course, the salaries and normal expense accounts of the CRS employees involved.

Judicial Watch also received thousands of pages of emails from the state of Florida, which included one from Miami-Dade County Community Relations Board Program Officer Amy Carswell congratulating the DOJ CRS for their "outstanding and ongoing efforts" in Sanford, FL.

You can read all about it here.

Jews Shocked by Polish Ban on Ritual Slaughter

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Compiled from various sources by Carolyn Yeager

Polish animal rights demonstrators hold a rally in Warsaw opposing ritual slaughter, or shechitah  (Photo Credit: Empatia PL Facebook)

The Polish Parliament on Friday rejected a draft law put forth by Donald Tusk's government that would have legalized Jewish ritual slaughter, or shechitah, in Poland.

The vote of 222-178 upheld Poland's supreme court ruling of last year that ritual slaughter, or shechita, is no longer exempted from requirements to stun animals prior to killing them.

The two main political parties that opposed the draft law are the Democratic Left Party (SLD), known for it's history of friendliness to Jews, and the Palikot Movement, described as liberal/libertarian, one of whose leaders recently declared "there is no permission for animal cruelty in the name of money."

Its kosher meat industry had became a $400 to $650 million market for Poland annually. The meat is mainly exported to Israel and Muslim countries like Egypt and Iran, not consumed by Polish Jews, which surprisingly number only about 6000. [We learned from The International Jew that millions of Polish/Russian Jews emigrated to the United States and form the largest Jewish "nationality" here.]

The Polish Chief Rabbi has threatened to resign and Israel’s Foreign Ministry summoned Poland’s ambassador to register a formal protest.



Racial Politics in the Aftermath of the Zimmerman Verdict

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July 15, 2013

Carolyn and  Tanstaafl discuss the situation for Whites in light of  the insane, unhinged-from-reality presentation of  “martyred Trayvon” that is being projected in the media (such as the Daily News cover at right). Tan comes on in the 2nd hour; in the first hour Carolyn talks about the botched NSU trial in Germany and the Zionist-Globalist program to destroy White racial and ethnic identity. Some highlights:

  • German govt. invents “right-wing, neo-nazi” dangers to keep Germans “thinking European”;
  • Hungary tells IMF to close its Budapest office;
  • Berliners protest new “Home for Asylum Seekers” while President Gauck says they will help maintain living standards;
  • U.S. Whites now minority in under-five age group;
  • Blacks identify racially and make no apologies for it;
  • Solution is to separate Whites, Blacks and Jews – it’s time to say so;
  • Inappropriate comments about Trayvon Martin made by black Attorney General Holder and President Obama;
  • John from Mississippi calls at the end of the hour.

Image: Shocking cover of the New York Daily News links the thug wannabe Martin to a list of black “martyrs” of the civil rights movement. The first line of the story reads:  “Trayvon Martin, an African-American killed in an attack seen by many as racially motivated, is just the latest name in a sad roll call.”

The Smoking Gun in the NSU Trial?

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By Carolyn Yeager

All-glass facade of the new Kaufhof Department Store in Chemnitz, Germany.

Co-defendant in the bizarre NSU (National Socialist Underground) trial and also the prosecution's star witness, Carsten S. gave his testimony in early-to-mid-June in the Munich courtroom.

Update! see below

I have posted what's been said in the news media, for example here and here, but some details I only managed to talk about on a radio program, not recognizing at that time how important they would become.

The Der Spiegel International article of June 12, 2013 gave these details:

The NSU stands accused of murdering 10 people between 2000 and 2007.

Carsten S. had already admitted to procuring a gun for the murderous neo-Nazi trio known as the NSU.


the meeting referenced by Carsten S. took place in a café in the Galeria Kaufhof department store in Chemnitz. It was, in fact, during that meeting that Carsten S. handed over the Ceska handgun he had obtained for the trio -- a weapon that was used to kill nine of the 10 murder victims.


He told the court that Ralf Wohlleben, a co-defendant who stands accused of providing material support to the NSU, knew that the trio had committed serious crimes. Wohlleben, S. said, spoke on the phone with the NSU trio in his presence and afterwards chuckled and reported that the three had shot someone.

Saturday Afternoon: Günter Deckert live from Germany

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July 13, 2013

Günter Deckert is Carolyn’s guest to talk about Germany-related issues, after he tells us all about his recent five months (Jan. 2 to May 31) spent in Mannheim Prison for “questioning the holocaust.” 

  • Majority of prisoners are foreigners, but one has an individual cell-room of one’s own;
  • Political prisoners are “bullied” by top administrators with restrictions on or denial of preferred reading material, letters and visits on the grounds of “rehabilitation”;
  • Angela Merkel’s strong stand against Brussels new shared banking proposals in eurozone will probably dissipate after the general elections in September;
  • Merkel’s complaints about the NSA spying by the U.S. are weak, but Social Democrat says spying on the EU is for economic advantage, not terrorism;
  • Less likelihood of an NPD ban, but the NSU will be used against the NPD beginning in September;
  • NSU bombshell? – Prosecution’s star witness inadvertently revealed the gun that allegedly killed the eight Turks was purchased after the first four were already dead (according to Compact magazine);
  • Thoughts on a world-wide pan-European movement based on White unity;
  • Günter recommended the article “Unruly Europe” by Mark Bruigh, in two parts at American Renaissance;
  • Hadding Scott calls in to ask about reports that Adenauer was forced by Eisenhower to agree to pay reparations to Israel.

Image: Günter Deckert speaking in Denmark in 2008.