Saturday Afternoon: Conversation with Margaret Huffstickler about Lies and Those Who Tell Them

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2014-02-15 12:23
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Feb. 15, 2015

Margaret Huffstickler joins me again to discuss the extent and nature of the LIES we loyal White have to deal with on a regular basis. Our topics ranged from Hollywood movies to Internet gossip on Facebook, and much in between.

"The International Jew" Study Hour - Episode 84

Published by carolyn on Thu, 2014-02-13 16:55
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Feb. 13, 2014

Hadding Scott and Carolyn Yeager read and comment on Chapter 79, “Candid Address to Jews on the Jewish Problem.”

This chapter exhorts Jews, with strong language, to clean up their act and stop expecting that they should never be criticized; in fact, to welcome it. Some highlights:

  • The articles in the Dearborn Independent are meant to show where “the stench” of  evil influences were coming from;
  • Jews have brought their Orientalism into the sound Anglo-Saxon morality of America;
  • One principle that Jews always answer Gentile complaints with is  “What you say is true but you should not say it”;
  • Another is “It’s not for the Jew to change, but for you to change to the Jew’s standards”;
  • A third is “We Jews don’t want to be driven to change by you, but there’s no other way we would do it”;
  • No success can be had by the Jew except upon the basic law given to Moses–the “most perfect social system ever devised”–and directly contrary to the modern Jew’s ideas.

Click image to enlarge: Moses pleading with "Israel." "The International Jew" also asks for a Jewish prophet to rise and lead Jews to reform themselves.

Note: We are using the Noontide Press publication of The International Jew — The World’s Foremost Problem which can be found online here as a pdf file.

Leopold Wenger's letters from France, January-June 1943

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2014-02-11 20:52

Leopold Wenger, Jr climbs into the cockpit of his plane as he talks with his mechanic. In April '43, Poldi was made squadron leader.

copyright 2014 Wilhelm Wenger and Carolyn Yeager
Translated from the German by Carlos Whitlock Porter

4 January 1943: We had some very strong wind and monstrous sea swells in the past few days. Heavy surf on the coast, like you hardly ever saw. I didn’t even celebrate New Year’s Eve at all this time. I was already in bed by 22 hours, since we wanted to convey our New Year’s Best Wishes to the tommies really early in the morning. But once we got outside on New Year’s Day, you couldn’t fly at all, the weather was so bad. So on the 2nd we bombed a small town, Knightbridge, until there was not much left of it. I took really good photographs during this attack. We were over there again yesterday. This time it was Shanklin’s turn to get it, a city on the Isle of Wight. The flak was quite accurate, but too late. Once again, we got good photos of the attack.

A deep attack was made into Knightbridge on Jan. 2nd (above) and on Jan. 3rd, Shanklin (below). Photos from Poldi's on-board camera.

The Heretics' Hour: Are we coming apart at the seams?

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2014-02-10 19:20
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Feb. 10, 2014

While it seems like many aspects of what we call White activism are coming apart, it may be just what is necessary to clean out the dead weight and learn to recognize “problem people.”

Margaret Huffstickler joins Carolyn in a discussion about Rodney Martin and his effect on the ability of Whites to organize, unite and defend ourselves.

  • Carolyn begins by telling about her phone conversation with the editor of Rodney Martin’s hometown newspaper,  who corroborated that there is nothing “wrong” in any of the archived newspaper articles by and about Martin;
  • Margaret describes her experience “debating” with Rodney about the Kevin Strom case on a Facebook thread — said Martin’s  style was  to repeat the same attack phrases over and over and never to consider what she said;
  • Is it important to know if Martin is just a “defective” (compulsive liar)  or could he be an agent sent to infiltrate;
  • John King calls to say that Martin told him he was a disabled veteran, which, if true, can explain his early retirement;
  • Carolyn, Margaret and John discuss the problem for Whites and why distractions are created to prevent us from dealing effectively with them.

Tonight’s broadcast was afflicted with Internet connection problems and 15 minutes had to be deleted from the podcast. Just one of those things.

The Rise and Fall of Tribal Administrator Rodney Martin

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2014-02-09 20:15

By Carolyn Yeager

Here is the story, as best I can put it together from the record of the Porterville Recorder, of Rodney Martin’s career with the Tule River Indian Tribe and their attempts to have an off-reservation Card Room. I am sorry it has to be so long, but it necessarily has to come from the newspaper reports since I know nothing first hand, of my own accord. I was not there.


Pictured right: The real Rodney Martin - taken in 2012 and published on his own website, not photo-shopped. Don't blame me.


Rodney Martin continues to say that he was working with the Tule River Indian Tribe on a consultant basis and was involved in helping work out an Airport Authority agreement between the city of Porterville, Ca and the reservation. Yet in the Porterville Recorder newspaper articles since 2007, Martin comes up mostly in connection with the “card room” project – a gambling venue associated with the Tribe’s on-reservations casino “Eagle Mountain.”

It appears that Martin was always employed in some form of government service, and from there went directly into full-time employment by the Tule River Indians as their administrator in August 2006. That employment appears to have ended sometime around the fall of 2008, if not summer … so he was employed for about two years.


Race, White Nationalism

Saturday Afternoon: February '45 Allied War Crimes - Steuben Sinking and Dresden Bombing

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2014-02-08 12:49
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Feb. 8, 2014

Map shows the three greatest maritime disasters in history, all in early 1945 – a total of 20, 660 fatalities!

Dr. Andreas Wesserle returns as Carolyn’s special guest after a 3-year absence to discuss a letter to Queen Elizabeth II and a  paper on RAF and USAF strategic bombing  history he has written. Dr. Wesserle has been on The Heretics” Hour six times previously (when it was at Voice of Reason); his last appearance was Feb. 21, 2011.

About Dr. Wesserle: Born in Prague, he was a member of the Karpatendeutsche community in Slovakia and experienced the tyranny of the partisans in Sept. 1944. He emigrated to the United States from war-torn, refugee-filled West Germany with his parents in 1952. They settled in Wisconsin, where he still lives after a distinguished teaching career in U.S. and European universities. Highlights:

"The International Jew" Study Hour - Episode 83

Published by carolyn on Thu, 2014-02-06 17:03
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Feb. 6, 2014

Carolyn Yeager and Hadding Scott read and comment on Chapter 78, “A Jew Sees His People As Others See Them.”

Bert Levy, an orthodox Jew and  cartoonist of Jewish life in America, particularly of vaudeville,  was born in Australia in 1872, from where he emigrated as a young man to New York.  He died in Los Angeles in 1934. In later years he gave a speech to Jewish groups which he titled “For the Good of the Race,” advising “aggressive” Jews to “Supress thyself!” Some highlights from his speech:

  • Upon arriving in New York, he found his beloved Jewish Brethren to be a hurrying, shoving, pushing bunch with no sense of friendship for newcomers;
  • Upon recommending himself as a fellow Jew to a Dept. Store Magnate, he pooh-poohed the idea of Judaism for he had become a Christian “cultist” as being good for business;
  • He tells of having a dream on a park bench in which hundreds of thousands of “reformed” Jews marched, promising to “suppress themselves” so as not to anger Gentiles by their bad and dishonest behavior;
  • He admires the old Talmudic scholars in their dusty back rooms who care not for material riches, as the “real Jews.”

Image: Self-portrait of Bert Levy holding his sketchpad. At bottom is written, "As Bert Levy sees himself, from the NY Morning Telegraph.

Note: We are using the Noontide Press publication of The International Jew — The World’s Foremost Problem which can be found online here as a pdf file.

Rodney Martin in his own words

Published by carolyn on Thu, 2014-02-06 11:12

Rodney Martin, Tule River Indian Reservation's Tribal Administrator, talks to the press in November 2007 about the tribe's purchase of a card room license.

By Carolyn Yeager

On March 15, 2007, two months after he accepted the full-time position as Tribal Administrator for the Tule River Indian Tribe, whose Reservation was close to Porterville, California, Rodney Martin penned the following [my emphases -cy] in the Porterville Recorder, a newspaper in which he would continue to write op-eds and editorial comments in the following years.

*       *       *

“I would like to weigh in on the comments of Mr. and Mrs. Day concerning Mrs. Jennie Perez’s letter to the editor. While I will not put words into Mrs. Perez’s mouth, I believe the intent of her letter was a message of embracing diversity. What a novel idea, given we are the nation with the Statue of Liberty in New York Harbor that welcomes people from all lands.

The Rodney Martin Problem: "Where's the Evidence?"

Published by carolyn on Thu, 2014-02-06 07:41

By Carolyn Yeager

Above: Rodney Martin (2008?) and Elie Wiesel - two con men.

Just like Elie Wiesel, of whom we ask, “Where’s the Tattoo?,” and whose tales of sadistic treatment at the hands of the “Nazis” have been totally discredited by me and many others, Rodney Martin supplies no evidence for the numerous, fanciful claims that continue to pour out of his mouth and pen in an effort to revenge himself on this writer for telling the truth, and on everything, everyone I am, or have ever been, associated with.

Just yesterday, on February 5th, Rodney posted the following on the Facebook page of David Rottweiller Jones, a British White activist. It led me to not only respond with the below, but to do a more thorough search through the archives on Rodney Martin at the Porterville Recorder (Calif) newspaper [Rodney's home town]. It’s amazing what has been sitting in there all this time. But I will begin in an orderly fashion with some very basic responses to what Rodney wrote on David Jones’ Facebook page. Rodney’s words are in black text, my comments are in blue.

The Heretics' Hour: All-Hosts Get-Together

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2014-02-03 19:18
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Feb. 3, 2014

Carolyn is joined by The White Network hosts Tanstaafl, Paul Hickman and Hadding Scott for discussion of issues important to Whites. Some highlights:

  • Our Network has approximately doubled in the past year in terms of visitors to our site, according to our server stats;
  • Renewed calls for the release of spy Jonathan Pollard on the basis that his continued incarceration is “anti-Semitic” and an effort to “intimidate American Jews” by saying they are “more loyal to Israel than to the U.S.” says Abe Foxman;
  • Tanstaafl says Jews base their control on a sense of moral legitimacy which White people don’t have;
  • Hadding says that plutocracy always leads to Jews gaining control;
  • Carolyn says Hollywood will send a very bad message if it gives an Academy Award to Woody Allen‘s film Blue Jasmine after his adopted daughter’s latest pedophile allegations against him;
  • Paul says celebrations of  “White” national holidays like St. George’s Day in England should be encouraged with marches and music;
  • Anti-Zionist Jews like Gilad Atzmon and Paul Eisen are really apologists for Jews to continue living as parasites in white countries.

Image: left to right - Hadding, Paul, Carolyn, Tan LOL