9,000 take to the streets again in Dresden

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2015-10-12 19:32

Angry Germans turn out again to the Pegida-sponsored Monday rally, and Tatjana Festerling, the group's leader, called Chancellor Angela Merkel, "the most dangerous woman in Europe" and demanded she resign. Festerling ran in the Dresden mayoral election in June and garnered 10% of the vote. Good video.

Deutsche Welle, Germany's official news agency, could hardly bring itself to publish the story. They like to focus on Lutz Bachmann and his "hitler selfies" instead of the legitimate concerns of the participants. But they did publish the great picture that I have used for this post. It's quite powerful but I haven't figured out the "erica" part yet: Im Erica in place of America.

Another great picture from the rally: "They want to lynch the Chancellor and Vice-Chancellor ... at least." Click pictures to enlarge




IM is short for Inoffizieller Mitarbeiter (inofficial agent/coworker), a term used by the DDR's Stasi. IM's were snitches that reported unkosher activity in the populus. IM "Erica" was Angela Merkel's cover name, allegedly. Germans talk about this, I don't know if it's true, but these IM snitches generally did exist. 
IM-Erica is a nice wordgame though in reference to America. "I" is always pronounced as in "intelligence" for example in German. So, Imerica, a snitch for the Americans. 

That's very interesting. I thought you would come through on this.

I wish I had an English translation of Festerling's speech ... and Bachmann's, too. Or just an outline of the highlights. Is such a thing available anywhere?


However, it was revealed that a similar display at the anti-TTIP demonstration in Berlin last week caused no problem with authorities. Here's a picture of the fake guillotine (with fake blood on it yet) with the sign saying: "Pass (sentence) on Sigmar (Gabriel, the Vice-Chancellor). Probably the gallows-maker got the idea from this guillotine-maker. An investigation and search for this Berlin person will have to be undertaken if the investigation of the Dresden gallows-maker continues.

Latest: Berlin Public Prosecutor's Office say they are not investigating this at present.

I have listened to one of her speeches. It's very good. She points out all the problems, yet without mentioning the Jews. But she isn't deflecting onto some imaginary Nazi plot that is allegedly behind it, unlike some other speakers in the truth movement. 
She is not a shill from what I can see. But she either doesn't know the whole truth or she's not saying it. 

She could hardly mention Jews. PEGIDA, and all these anti-immigrant movements in Germany, are in no way anti-Jewish. It's unfortunate, but they would be put in prison immediately if they spoke as if they were. Like Horst Mahler.

Here's Festerling at her best. She agrees with AfD that Deutschland's exiistence is endangered.  That's the attitude that is needed. https://www.facebook.com/Solidarit%C3%A4t-mit-Tatjana-Festerling-5964351...

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