On Adolf Hitler's 129th birthday—“Thanks to him alone”

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ON THE OCCASION OF HITLER'S BIRTHDAY ANNIVERSARY THIS YEAR,  I am presenting passages from Joseph Goebbels' speech on the eve of the Fuehrer's last earthly birthday on April 20, 1945. Everyone knew that final disaster was closing in and Goebbels' had the unenviable task of saying words to the nation that would honor the 56-year-old Leader and encourage and fortify the people without raising false hopes. He did his usual eloquent job and his speech went out on the airwaves that evening and was printed in the German newspapers the next day. Here is much but not all of the speech.

German citizens!

At the moment of the war when — so it seems — all forces of hate and destruction have been gathered once again, perhaps for the final time, in the west, the east, the southeast, and the south, seeking to break through our front and give the death blow to the Reich, I once again speak to the German people on the eve of 20 April about the Führer, just as I have done every year since 1933. That has happened at good and bad times in the past. But never before did things stand on such a knife’s edge, never before did the German people have to defend their very lives under such enormous danger, never before did the Reich have to draw on its last strength to protect its threatened self.


This is not the time to speak of the Führer’s birthday in the usual way or to present him with the usual best wishes. More must be said today, and by one who has won the right both from the Führer and the people. I have been at the Führer’s side for more than twenty years. I have seen his rise and that of his movement from the smallest and most improbable beginnings up to the seizure of power, and gave my best efforts to them as well. I have shared joy and sorrow with the Führer, from unprecedented historic victories to the terrible setbacks in the remarkable years from 1939 until now. I stand beside him today as fate challenges him and his people with its last, most severe test. I am confident that fate will give him and his people the laurel wreath of victory. The fact that Germany yet lives, that Europe and the civilized world have not yet fallen into the dark abyss that looms before us, is thanks to him alone.


Times like those we experience today demand more of a leader than insight, wisdom, and drive. They demand a toughness and endurance, a steadfastness of heart and soul, that appear only rarely in history, but that when they do appear produce the most admirable achievements of human genius. Burkhardt said in his Observations on World History: “The fates of people and of states, of entire civilizations, can depend on whether an extraordinary person can bring forth the proper strength of soul and action. Normal minds and spirits, no matter how numerous, cannot replace such a person.”

Who can deny that only the Führer has the right to feel these words apply to him and his deeds in our and many coming generations? What can enemy statesmen say in response? They have nothing but superior numbers, their stupid and insane destructiveness and their diabolical lust for annihilation, behind which lurk the chaos of the collapse of civilized humanity.


The most shining culture the earth has ever seen sinks in ruins and leaves only memories of the greatness of an age destroyed by satanic powers. The peoples are shaken by the most severe economic and social crises, which are but foretastes of the terrible events to come. Our enemies claim that the Führer’s soldiers marched as conquerors through the lands of Europe — but wherever they came, they brought prosperity and happiness, peace, order, reliable conditions, a plenitude of work, and therefore a decent life. Our enemies claim their soldiers came to the same lands as liberators — but wherever they come there is poverty and misery, chaos, devastation and destruction, unemployment, hunger and mass death. And what remains of their so-called freedom is a life that no one would dare call decent even in the darkest corners of Africa.


Opposing this apparently all-powerful coalition of destructive satanic forces brings with it tests and burdens of superhuman nature, but that is not dishonorable — the opposite in fact! To bravely accept a battle that is unavoidable and inescapable, to wage it in the name of divine Providence, to have confidence in it and its eventual blessing, to stand before fate with a pure conscience and clean hands, to bear all suffering and every test, never even thinking of being untrue to one’s historic mission, never wavering even in the most difficult hours of the final battle — that is not only manly, it is also German in the best sense of the word! Would our people not accept this task and not fight for it as if it were the word of God, it would not deserve to live any longer, and would lose any possibility of further life.

What we experience today is the last act of a powerful drama that began on 1 August 1914 and which we Germans gave up on on 9 November 1918 just before the end. That is why we had to begin again on 1 September 1939. What we hoped to spare ourselves in November 1918 we have paid for two- or threefold today. There is no escape — unless the German people surrenders any kind of decent human life and is ready to forever live in a way that would shame even the most primitive African tribes.

If it is manly and German as Führer of a great and brave people to depend wholly on oneself in this struggle, relying on one’s own own strength and certainty as well as the help of God in the face of an enemy who threatens with overwhelming numbers, to fight rather than to capitulate, then it is just as manly and German for a people to follow such a Führer, unconditionally and loyally, without excuse or reservation, to shake off all feelings of weakness and uncertainty, to trust in the good star that is above him and us all.


The world speaks of loyalty as a German virtue. How could our people have withstood the tests of this war without it, and how could it survive the war’s coming end without it? For it is ending! The war is nearing its end. The insanity that the enemy powers have unleashed on humanity has gone beyond all bounds. The whole world feels only shame and disgust. The perverse coalition between plutocracy and Bolshevism is collapsing! Fate has taken the head of the enemy conspiracy [U.S. President Roosevelt had died the week before]. It is the same fate that the Führer escaped on 20 July 1944, amidst the dead, the wounded and the ruins, so that he could finish his work — through pain and trials it is true, but nonetheless as Providence ordained.

Once more the armies of the enemy powers storm against our defensive fronts. Behind them is the slavering force of International Jewry that wants no peace until it has reached its satanic goal of world destruction. But its hopes are in vain! As He has done so often before, God will throw Lucifer back into the abyss even as he stands before the gates of power over all the peoples. A man of truly timeless greatness, of unique courage, of a steadfastness that elevates the hearts of some and shakes those of others, will be His tool. Who will maintain that this man can be found in the leadership of Bolshevism or plutocracy? No, the German people bore him. It chose him, it by free election made him Führer. It knows his works of peace and now wants to bear and fight the war that was forced upon him until its successful end.


German history is not rich in great statesmen. But where one has appeared he usually had something to say and give not only to his own people, but to the world. What would there be European about Europe had not German kaisers and kings, counts and generals and their armies repeatedly withstood the onslaughts from the east! Usually only a disunited continent stood behind them that either did not understand or even fell upon Germany in the midst of its saving work for Europe. Why should it be any different today? At the present state of things, it is difficult to understand this great battle between peoples. One thing, however, can no longer be disputed: If there had been no Adolf Hitler, if Germany had been led by a government like those in Finland, Bulgaria, or Rumania, it would long since have become the prey of Bolshevism. Lenin once said the path to world revolution leads though Poland and the Reich. Poland is already in the possession of the Kremlin, despite all the attempts of the Anglo-Americans to conceal it. If Germany had followed, or would follow, what would become of the rest of our continent?


If the world still lives, and not only our world but the rest of it as well, whom has it to thank other than the Führer? It may defame and slander him today, persecuting him with its base hatred, but it will have to revise this standpoint or bitterly regret it! He is the core of resistance to the collapse of the world. He is Germany’s bravest heart and our people’s most passionate will. I permit myself to make a judgment that must be made today: If the nation still breathes, if it still has the chance of victory, if there is still an escape from the deadly danger it faces — it is thanks to him. He is steadfastness itself. I have never seen him fail or falter, or weaken or tire. He will go his way to the end, and there awaits not the end of his people, but rather a new and happy beginning to an era in which Germandom will flourish as never before.

Listen, Germans! Millions of people look to this man from every land on the earth, still doubting and questioning whether he knows the way out of the great misfortune that has befallen the world. He will show the peoples that way, and we look to him full of hope and with a deep, unshakable faith. We stand behind him with fortitude and courage: soldier and civilian, man, woman and child — a people determined to do all to defend its life and honor. He may look his enemies in the eye, for we promise him that he does not need to look behind him. We will not waver or weaken. We will never desert him, no matter how desperate and dangerous the hour. We stand with him, as he stands with us — in Germanic loyalty as we have sworn, as we shall fulfill. We do not need to tell him, for he knows and must know: Führer command! — We will follow! We feel him in us and around us. God give him strength and health and preserve him from every danger. We will do the rest.

Our misfortune has made us mature, but not robbed us of our character. Germany is still the land of loyalty. It will celebrate its greatest triumphs in the midst of danger. Never will history record that in these days a people deserted its Führer or a Führer deserted his people. And that is victory. We have often wished the Führer in happy times our best on this evening. Today in the midst of suffering and danger, our greeting is much deeper and more profound. May he remain what he is to us and always was — Our Hitler!

[Translation by Randall Bytwerk, copyright 2002. http://research.calvin.edu/german-propaganda-archive/goebmain.htm]


Adolf Hitler


Well you got angry with me for calling Goebbels "mouse-faced" in a comment at The Occidental Observer, but now you publish a picture of his which only confirms that epithet !
As for Goebbels' lack of realism in his last speech, here is a gem :
"I stand beside him today as fate challenges him and his people with its last, most severe test. I am confident that fate will give him and his people THE LAUREL WREATH OF VICTORY."
Germany's fate was already sealed by the defeat at Stalingrad, or, as some say, already BEFORE the Russia campaign even started, when it was delayed by Hitler's effort to save Mussolini's ill-fated campaign in Greece. Cold and hunger worked against Hitler's Russia campaign, as they did against Napoleon's campaign.
What happened in Hitler's last days in his bunker is what is nowadays called "group-think", the maintenance of the group- illusion of a final victory ("Endsieg") that was just around the corner.
For the rest : Happy birthday of your Hero !

1. I was not angry, I just didn't agree with how you described Goebbels (you said worse things than "mouse-faced") and photos are not always flattering. You shouldn't criticize others' looks when unwilling to show a picture of yourself. What do you look like?

Goebbels was a small man with very big talents. If he had been on the side of Germany's enemies (which the Dutch like you should NOT have been), they would have been happy to have him. And to utilise his great abilities! Everyone acknowledges that. And women really liked him! He had great success with women, so I guess his personality and brains made up for his small stature.

2. "The laurel wreath of victory..."  This was a birthday address; defeatism was out of the question. I read it, and most Germans then would have too, as ultimate victory, as in "he/we will be vindicated." Plus the troops were still fighting. And may I remind you, more troops were killed after the forced unconditional surrender of the Wehrmacht than before, plus civilians too. And why? Because Jews were in control of the postwar occupation, put in place by the Allies who you see as the "good guys", and were allowed to be as cruel as possible while the Allies cooked up their lies for Nuremberg! How you can portray yourself as anti-Jew and pro-White, I don't know.

3. 'Fate sealed' etc. - you just repeat cliches presented by the jew-approved historians, since you don't have any deep knowledge from independent study. Talk about "group-think" - that is what these historians are about.

4. 'Last days in the bunker' -- It was not the way you say at all. Again, you buy inito the group-think of the false narrative of WWII. Everyone who was there said otherwise, including Hanna Reitsch in the very last few days, saying Hitler was alert, fully aware, in control, calm and wanted the others to attempt to escape if at all possible. She wrote:

"When I was released by the Americans I read historian Trevor Roper’s book, The Last Days of Hitler. Throughout the book like a red line runs an eyewitness report by Hanna Reitsch about the final days in the bunker. I never said it. I never wrote it. I never signed it. It was something they invented. Hitler died with total dignity."

As if, FR would have done any better.  You have the spirit of a fatalistic mongrel. 
No one is omniscient or omnipotent, yet slugs like you hold Hitler to superhuman standards when he faced superhuman challenges.
Presumably, if fate were sealed beforehand, he should have just given up.
You can't save Europe with defeatism. Defeatist leaders bring sure defeat.
Despite the overwhelming malice and power to crush Europe, Hitler fought its enemies, the vulture empires. Now, without the Soviet Union breathing down everyone's neck, people are still defeatist, instead of, celebrating their greatest defender.
The story of German fate is not over.  To quote Jan Lamprecht from his book, Government by Deception,
“Only a moral victory can achieve permanent victory. If the good does not triumph, the war is still open to reversal. The good can make a comeback through renewed support for the good. A victor who wishes to permanently hold his conquest must be perceived as the good guy.
That's why revisionism is a holy cause and why it is so important. It pulls the rug out from under the victors, who will be tomorrow's villians. That is why documentaries like Adolf Hitler Greatest Story Never Told are so powerful. They turn lead to gold on the basis of facts. Unlike revisionists, Franklin isn't in the warrior class.
When Hitler is recognized, deservedly, as a GOOD MAN WITH GOOD INTENTIONS, Europe will be free to chart a course for its own interests again. Tactical and strategic errors and failures aren't moral issues. No one is omniscient or omnipotent.
Despite apparent defeat, the truth of Hitler's cause is the foundation of his and Europe's righteousness. That is the salvation of Europe.
The allies NEVER had moral stature.
How do you save civilization by firebombing it? How do you build Europe up on the backs of 70 IQ rape invaders? How can the post-war power structure validate itself when European fertility has been crushed? How is the European family when millions suffer from family breakdown from drugs and other pathologies of foreign import? Where are the arts that bespeak of the great period of the allies? How can things be right in American-dominated Europe when women and little girls have to fear for their life?
On every count, the allies brought murder, open borders, and the ugliness of mass rape democracy.
Hitler stood for Fortress Europe, a Fertile Europe, and a beautiful Europe.
Defeatism is depraved indifference to the Will to Live.  Hitler should be honored for his will to live, an avatar of Europe's will to live, and for putting up a fight a scant few could ever wage.

Revisionism is a just cause. I personally think the word "holy" should be phased out from Europe's vocabulary. Ultimately, revisionism represents the losing side's point of view. I think a lot of people would be surprised to find out that a lot of revisionist arguments were laid down by surviving National Socialists (often in their memoirs, including Giesler's).

Way to go Lorenz good to see you put that shill in his place, I wonder if he is just another one paid to troll.

Rochus Misch points out how people in Hitler's inner circle preferred Goebbels over Bormann. "Goebbels we liked. He was usually cheerful and was man enough to contradict Hitler even if only to turn down a dinner invitation." A very accurate assessment, as Goebbels can regularly be seen challenging some of Hitler's decisions in his diaries.
Goebbels was just as much a realist as Hitler, Himmler, Goering, etc. They were perfectly aware of their precarious situation and entertained no delusions. Hitler had a historical basis for his hope of holding out to the bitter end: Frederick the Great.

It looks like a human face to me.  There is no mouse in that picture.  Goebbels did an outstanding job of keeping Germany and the best soldiers in the world fighting to the bitter end.  When things dont look good during a war, it's a diificult job to remain honest and at the same time keep your people motivated.  No one did it as good as Goebbels, who was fortunate to have the most highly motivated people behind him who never gave up, no matter how many thousands of Germans the allies murdered on a particular night.  No other country could have kept fighting under such conditions.  The US would have broken out with riots and looting after the first bomber attack, while Germans never did such things.  Even British leaders commented on German toughness in conversations, comparing the Germans to English and saying the German people are tougher. 
My mother told me the saying was something like "enjoy the war because peace will be hell".

Nazi Germany's fate was not sealed at Stalingrad. The war was lost for two reasons above all others - Germany's reliance on synthetic oil and the gross underestimation of the strength of the Red Army.
Germany had no natural oil resources and access only to small fields in Hungary and Romania. Germany's reserves were also dependent on the production of synthetic oil from rubber which was an expensive process.
Germany's one and only source of oil was in the Caucasus which is why in 1941, Hitler took the correct decision to make the conquest of the Ukraine and the capture of Rostov - gateway to the Caucasus the priority.
The switch back to attacking Moscow was entirely the result of the incorrect decisions of the plutocratuc German general staff to whom carefully the Fuhrer gave in and launched Opertation Typhoon to take Moscow in the Winter of 1941.
Again because of the wrongful estimation of Soviet Strategic reserves  (around 12 million soldiers), Typhoon failed.
It has become clear that high ranking traitors both at OKH  in Army Group Centre and by the pro-Soviet Admiral Canaris - disastrously head of the Abwehr - The Werhmachts intelligence service that the misleading figures were fed (constantly!) to the Fuhrer. 
Canard was shot in 1945 for his treachery - 5 years too late.
With the Allied genocidal proclamation of Unconditional Surrender. Hitler was forced to carry on the war. His last gamble was Operation Blue in 1942 which failed, again due to massive Soviet Reserve armies being activated, surrounded 6th Army at Stalingrad as but a prelude to the annihilation of Army Group A in the Caucasus. 
After that and with the bloodthirsty bombing of round the clock bombing of Germany which knocked out the Synthetic oil refineries, Hitler had two choices - to surrender Europe to Jewish-Bolshevism or to fight on as best he could.
His epitaph was the epic struggle of the ordinary German people who fought beside him to the very end. 
Adolf Hitler - 1889 - 1945 - Hero of the Aryan People! 88

Thanks, Edmond.

The switch back to attacking Moscow was entirely the result of the incorrect decisions of the plutocratuc German general staff to whom carefully the Fuhrer gave in and launched Opertation Typhoon to take Moscow in the Winter of 1941.

Hitler told Hermann Giesler (The Artist Within the Warlord, chapt 5, p 88), and it is documented elsewhere also, that he fell ill in August '41 and "was so weakened that I could not gather the necessary insistence and steadfastness to push my plans through against (the egoism and one-track thinking of) my generals."

I think maybe your word "carefully" was unintended.

Hitler also told Giesler: "A complete failure of intelligence by our general staff and the military information service, and by the spy-agents and all the way up to the military attache at the embassy in Moscow--nothing of real information!

"We did not know anything about the strength of their divisions. We knew what was opposite us, but nothing of what we had to expect in the depth of the Russian spaces." (p 89)

Happy Birthday, Hitler!

Happy Birthday Adolf!

I received this from a new reader from South Africa through the website contact form and want to share it with all:

Heil Dir Carolyn Yeager,

Thank you for your website. I found your website only because I was looking if people still celebrating our Leaders birthday.

I am an South African German and we German speaking as well as Afrikaans speaking, Netherlands, Flemish and even French speaking South Africans celebrated our Leaders birthday till a few years ago. Now, more and more of our comrades are leaving us for Walhall.

Our Leader Adolf Hitler was the greatest son the German Volk had, till now, and National Socialism shall rice up again or the German Volk and the White race shall disappear and only mixed people shall live in my homeland.

I hope that the youth in Germany and other White countries stand together to build a White future for our children.

Our leader Adolf Hitler shall never die! He lives in our hart's forever!

National Socialism shall rice up again!

Heil Deutschland and all White countries

Straatman (From South Africa)

Amazing speech from an amazing man. I truly feel Hitler the greatest figure of all history, he laid out a blueprint for eternity in national socialism which is truly the only answer to Jewish domination and the only way out for the white world and European man.  

National Socialism was designed for the German people (i.e. peasants, workers, masses, intelligentsia). For the humanist leader types, there will have to be something more robust, grounded firmly in reality, and more thoroughly familiar with the laws of the world. The Germanic Revolution he laid down in his private notes really ought to be the blueprint for the latter group.


You mention the Germanic Revolution here and also on your website where you call it "Hitler's Notes." What are you referring to? Richard Tedor's book Hitler's Revolution, by any chance? I am completely unaware of any "private notes" by Hitler.

Carolyn,On Hitler's Letters and Notes by Werner Maser, p.g. 281 is a book's front page design attributed to Hitler followed by his notes (in German presumably) and translated into English. https://archive.org/details/hitlers-letters-and-notes-werner-maser I have bought a physical copy of the book just to confirm it's existence. What is written there is consistent with his later philosophy.
I recently picked up Tedor's book but I haven't gotten around to extracting anything out of it yet.

Very good. Very interesting. I just read from page 281 to the end. I believe I had seen some of that before and had forgotten about it. But I'm not sure there is an actual blueprint for a Germanic Revolution there, beyond the sketch for a book cover. You would have to lay out what you think it is. Werner Maser is less sympathetic to Hitler than I thought he would be. Pretty mean, actually.

I haven't read Tedor's book either, but have thought that I should. Let me know if you find it really worthwhile.

Well, Hitler was convinced that he had arrived at a "monumental history of mankind", a world-changing discovery. He would later invoke the British Jew Disraeli in his speeches, "the racial question is the key to world history". Hitler evidently derived several core elements of his philosophy from the Bible (not to represent him as a Christian):
The Jew as a destroyer of culture, racial purity practiced by the first Aryan peoples and in antiquity, miscegenation and it's consequences (same lowly conduct and behaviour), the antithesis of materialism and idealism (monism and dualism), two distinctive human types (educated and uneducated, well-informed and half-knowledge, idealists and criminals, etc.). A struggle between genuine ethicists (collaborators striving for a higher humanity, which includes humanists and idealists) and Pharisaic moralists (cruel, arrogant, sentimental).
Sure, I'll let you know if I do.

The "Shield and Sword" festival (or "SS Festival" for short) in set to open in the small eastern German town of Ostritz on Friday April 20, Adolf Hitler's birthday.


Peace rally?!! Peace for whom are they talking about? Peace with Islam in Germany, and murder and rape becoming commonplace? These people are hopelessly confused.

Thanks, Carolyn, for sharing this moving, exemplary speech.  Happy Birthday, Adolf Hitler. 

Good post .  Hope are keeping well.  Have a glass of tea tonight for a toast and listen to Wagner. I will.   

Yes, one of Adolf's favorite drinks, according to Hermann Giesler, was a boiled apple in a glass. If you don't have an apple, chamomile or peppermint tea will do.

Thanks for printing this great speech. Hard to ignore similarities to our current state, though one ray of Putin's invitation to the White House. (regardless any issues you may have with him) So much of it is true! And is born out, by Vietnam, Iraq, Libya, Ukraine, Syria. The malevolent destroyers of humanity seem to have the upper hand.

Thank you Carolyn, this speech brought a tear to my eye.  I am going to make sure that a German-American who turned 80 last week will read it, as I will send him a copy by snail mail.  

When I was growing up Hitler was the archetype of evil.  Thanks to the REVISIONISTS my sight has been given back to me and now I know that Herr Hitler was "a man for aw that, and aw that."  General Patton said after the war that we were on the wrong side.   Which gives one the suspicion that he was murdered.   Hitler was fighting Bolshevism and the slavery of the West to the Zionist war mongers.   And his courage is not disputable.  The fault of the German people today is that they have bought into the religion of the lie about their mothers and fathers.  Great speech, too, which reveals so much about the speaker.  Keep up the good work.  And whether the world ever recognizes the truth it's still the truth.  That is Hitler's victory.  Those who will not see are condemned already to a world that is false, where the Ministry of Truth tells them what to think and what to do.  That is slavery.   Without the truth (the Tao) all commands are tyranny and all obedience slavery (C.S.Lewis).   

Thank you very much, Carolyn, for this share. Mr. Goebbels was an amazing fellow in his own right, second only to the Führer in his ability to communicate effectively.

As Goebbels says, "what would there be European about Europe had not German kaisers and kings, counts and generals and their armies repeatedly withstood the onslaught FROM THE EAST?"
Now the onslaught from the East is promoted by the EU terrorists like Merkel through uncontrolled immigration.  Some years ago there were 24 mio. people in Romania; now it's down to 19 mio!  And the bastards keep coming!  Towns along the German border to Poland are already up to 20% Polish!  
Hitler became a nazi when he moved to  the capital of the degenerate Habsburg empire and experienced firsthand the "multikulti" freak show that was cosmopolitan Vienna full with the Balcanic human flotsam.

Diese letzte Rede als Video:
Heil mein Führer!

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