AfD questions disabilities in migrant children; accused of bringing back Nazism

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2018-04-13 23:54

The AfD faction in the Bundestag with leaders Alice Weidel and Alexander Gauland seated in front.

By Carolyn Yeager

Deutsche Welle has reported on a question raised by the opposition Alternative fuer Deutschland (AfD) party as if it were the return of Adolf Hitler in the flesh. Their article is interjected with old stories and pictures representing euthanasia during the Third Reich and warnings of its resurrection by the AfD!

Parliamentary questions are a routine method of gaining information for lawmakers. In this instance, the query was broken down into five questions to Chancellor Angela Merkel's coalition government, asking for data on disability by age, migratory background, and main cause, and for statistics on disabled children born to parents, "especially those resulting from [incestual] marriage within the family."

The query was prefaced with a 1995 British study and two German media articles – dating back to 2003 and 2008 - implying links between incest and children born disabled. Very interesting, I would say, and justified. But in Germany, all hell broke loose. Especially from the Church folks and the communists, but also a spokesman for Chancellor Merkel's party.

Catholic Prelate Karl Jüsten spoke for the German Catholic Bishops Conference, saying the query's wording implied a difference between worthy and unworthy life. (The exact wording was not given.) But Jüsten insisted. "For the Catholic Church, all disabled [persons] are equal, regardless of how the disability originated, whether through birth or misfortunes in life." Isn't that nice. However, the state pays the bill, not the Church, and therefore legislators have a right to study it.

Peter Dabrock, a theologian and chairman of the German Ethics Council said it was "shocking and fully unacceptable that a German Bundestag question conveys in subtext that a rise in disabilities is a societal scourge." Hmm, such a thing is a societal scourge, dummy!

Dabrock said the AfD had "consciously transgressed the boundary of extreme-right vocabulary" and posited an "abstruse connection" to Germany's migration issue. All persons, whether disabled or not, should "recognize clearly which dark intellect such questions come from." Yada, yada, yada.

Not to be outdone, Peter Weiss, social welfare spokesman for Chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU) described the AfD question as "completely inhumanely contemptuous."

And Left party (former East Germany Communist party) co-leader Dietmar Bartsch accused the Bundestag's 92-member AfD group of staging a "fully illegitimate provocation," saying the query used the language of the NSDAP in the Third Reich and thus violated post-war Germany's Basic Law first-article principle of human dignity.

Wow, this is some heavy stuff, and all from a few questions seeking information. This is the rough road the AfD has got to travel just to bring it's supporters concerns to the German Federal Parliament that has been growing increasingly far left in recent years. Because of this climate, they have been very careful in presenting their issues so far, yet still the reaction has been close to hysterical every time. These particular questions have been tabled (whatever that means in Germany) so I don't know when we'll hear more about it, if ever.


... is in a parlous way in Germany (or at least its Bundestag). And most other places both east AND west of Germany.
I will NOT get used to this. Quite the contrary.

America has its sanctuary cities; Germany its sanctuary churches.
On Thursday Herr Moutala from the Niger attacked and killed with a knife at a subway station in Hamburg his estranged german mudshark, Sandra P. and their common daughter.  Herr Moutala, being a gentleman, called  an ambulance, then he ran away. 
Moutala was one of hundreds of Subsaharian refugees on the Italian island of Lampedusa who had their asylum application rejected and who then decided to move to Hamburg to try again.  When your asylum application is denied in one European country you don't have the right to apply again in another EU country; so those Africans were about to be detained and then deported until.........a miracle happened: They were offered "church asylum". Later on they were allowed to stay.  Thank you Christians!

Alexander Gauland, the leader of the AfD parliamentary group, told DW: "There's still no concrete evidence of a chemical attack on Douma. Therefore, the strikes by the US, France and the UK are premature. Only when it's clear that it was a poison gas [attack] and that Assad was responsible, should such a retaliatory strike be considered."

"Ms. Merkel's position is, as usual, half-hearted, following the motto: 'Let me have my cake and eat it, too.' This isn't good foreign policy for Germany," he added.

Very sharp man, I say.

Hope that the german people isn't so brainwashed as theirs politicians are. It's incredible the stupid reactions to very logical questions. The AfD will need a lot of strength to fulfill the role for which it was elected, it has a very rough road ahead.

Good article.  My late German parents would no longer recognize the country.  When I read some of the commentary by these communists I just want to see someone ram a fist down their throats.  Now, incest can't be critizized or you're a "NAZI".  That also sums up the difference between the National Socialists and the Jewish Bolsheviks and their democratic alllies.  Germans fought for family, church, morality and a better life for people.  The Jewish communists fought to destroy nationalism, the church and traditional values so these things could be replaced with support for homosexuality, pornography, children born out of wedlock growing up without fathers, transgenderism and a hollowed out Christianity that now supports these disgusting sins.  When the British and Americans hooked their bandwagons to the Jews, these idiots had no idea where the Jews were leading them.  
They empowered the Jews even more than before the war so they are now the uncontested world power that dominates the world.  The stupid British aren't even allowed to discuss the destruction of their empire and how they could still be a prosperous and strong country if they accepted Hitler's generous offer of friendship and hadn't joined the Jews to murder millions of Germans and destroy Germany.  And Germany can't discuss any policies that would improve life for Germans and make the country more prosperous.  Instead, many of the policies they pursue seem aimed at deliberatley making the country weaker.  The very idea of supporting the German family is a "NAZI" idea to these disgusting degenerates.  This filth needs to be castrated or they will succeed in completely wiping out the German people and the other European peoples as well.  

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