AfD wins largest increase from 2013 in Hesse regional election with 13%

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2018-10-28 20:57

Natalia Meuthen (left), wife of AfD co-chairman Joerg Meuthen (center), and AfD state chairman Klaus Herrmann celebrate after the state election in the German state of Hesse in Wiesbaden, western Germany, Sunday, Oct. 28, 2018. The nationalist Alternative for Germany, AfD, were elected into the parliament for the first time. (Frank Rumpenhorst/dpa via AP)

UPDATE - Angela Merkel has announced she will not run again for CDU Chairman at the party's annual meeting in December. At last, at last! She says she will remain Chancellor until her term expires in 2021 but, of course, if her government coalition falls apart at any time, there could be a call for new elections. The CDU made a historically poor performance in the last two state elections.

by Carolyn Yeager

BUT YOU WOULDN'T KNOW IT FROM READING THE GERMAN NEWS OUTLETS, who are all playing down the Alternative for Germany's success since it wasn't the big winner of the night and “only came in 4th” out of six parties that earned the minimum 5%. They fail to mention the AfD's +9 point increase from 2013, which is greater than the 8.5 point increase being so wildly celebrated for the liberal Green Party.

The fact that the Greens won between 19 and 20 per cent of the total vote in this Western Germany state, equaling the result for the declining Social Democratic Party (which lost eleven percent from 2013 – the biggest loser in that regard!) is enough reason for the press to accord them the title of big winner of this election. Well, the Greens probably took their substantial increase directly from the Reds!

Despite the slanted coverage, the AfD leadership was fully aware of the polling, and of its own goals. It did exactly as expected, and this party that only formed in 2013 is now represented in every state legislature in Germany and in the national Bundestag. Alice Weidel, Bundestag faction leader, tweeted:

“The AfD is now firmly established in the German electorate. Here to stay!”

The AfD has 17 seats in the Hesse state legislature compared to the CDU's 35 seats.

As for Angela Merkel and the CDU, they have little to cheer about; they can only be grateful that they didn't do worse and remain the dominant party (barely) that can form the Hesse coalition government.

The final results from the ARD:

CDU 27%     down 11.3% from 2013

SPD 19.8        down 10.9

GRN 19.8       up 8.7

AFD 13.1          up 9

FDP 7.5            up 2.5

Left 6.3            up 1.1


Finally some good news....but the synagogue attack overshadows it unfortunately.
Crypsis is their survival speciality and our achilles heel. 
They have orchestrated the War on Terror, using Muslims as the bad guys to justify bringing in all these heavy handed terror laws. When in reality these laws were created not to stop Muslims, but to stop Whites!
We see this so eloquently with the supposed synagogue attack. They will now create successive attacks either by radicalizing Whites online through their psy op websites such as Stormfront, or simply orchestrate false flag attacks and use this terror aimed at the Jewish people to shut down ALL discussion of Jews.
People like you and I will be imprisoned for what we are saying here.
I've been reading articels online by jews from their perspective and conclude you can't reason with these people. They want to continue being "missionaries to the gentiles" and live among us and have no intention of leaving us alone.
Remember for them it is all about creating a gentile free world, as this is the prerequisite required for their Messiah to come. It is also the promise given to them by their God, of a gentile free world, and as they believe their actions can influence their Gods actions, it explains their corrosive effect on our societies. This is the crucial point and why they are so dangerous to us and is something that many many commentators simpy overlook. This is the crucial message and only time we need to talk about Jews, if we mention them use the term "dominant minority". The rest of our efforts and talk should be put towards our own people. 
You can't reason with people who practice traditions such as this:
Karpas: green vegetable, usually parsley, which is dipped into salt water to remind of the tears of the slaves.
Charoset: mixture of chopped walnuts, grated apple, wine and cinnamon reminiscent of the mortar used by the Hebrew slaves when in Egypt.
Maror: bitter herbs, usually horse radish that represents the bitterness of slavery.
Lettuce: symbolises enslavement in Egypt. At first life appeared bearable, eventually it became forced and cruel labour. Lettuce leaves are not bitter but the stems are often bitter.
Archaeologists dismiss the idea that Hebrew slaves were used to build the Pyramids. There is simply no evidence for it. All the evidence points to the Pyramids being built by Egyptian labourers who were paid in foodstuffs and who were given excellent medical care. 
We are dealing with lunatics here. Lunatics whose culture is based on lies, lies that have persisted for thousands of years. Debunking the Holocaust is just the beginning.
The only solution is to create a new society on virgin territory. Buy an isolated island and populate it and protect it with nuclear ICBM. That way you have a society where Jews have never existed and have no right to exist. It's the only way we can be free of their presence and corrosive effect. 
I suggest reading "The Lost Hegemon" by Engdahl to get an idea of just how criminal our "free democricies" are. There is no hope in our existing societies, they are rotten to the core.
Who does this article on narcissists remind you of? This issue with Jews has been going on for thousands of years and will never be resolved. We saw what they did to Hitler when he tried to remove them, and so know that solution doesn't work. Instead of trying to restructure an existing degenerate society and fail like Hitler did, why not simply create a new society from scratch? We need to create an isolated island society like Singapore and at least have freedom there. This article tells me we are dealing with peope who can never be reasoned with because they simply want us to chase our tails for eternity.
Anyway bye Carolyn. I might pop in from time to time to read your thoughts but after this supposed synagogue attack I no longer feel like engaging online as I know it will be weaponised against me should they ever decide to come after me. Thank you for awakening me. All the best! Bye.

Take care.

Vice-President of the powerful Central Council of Jews, Abraham Lehrer, accused the AfD of helping to foster antisemitic attitudes on Sunday.

"At the very least (the AfD) creates a platform on which anti-Semitism can grow and manifest itself openly. In its draft party manifesto, for example, the party opposes circumcision and shechita."

Good for the AfD! Shechita is the cruel practice of slaughtering animals while they are fully conscious, because of some stupid, long ago priestly rules that were concocted  to set apart Israelites from everyone else. If they want to be different, they can be so in their own land/state. That's why they demanded to have it in the first place. But that was a lie.

"Radical representatives such as Björn Höcke relativize the Holocaust and are apparently supported by a broad majority."

He can't say Höcke is a "denier" so he condemns "relativizing." These Jews notoriously keep pushing non-Jews until they are flat on the ground and only take orders. Höcke only wants to stand up for German truth in history, as does the AfD, and that is seen as dangerous and threatening to Jews. As if Germany is their country!

On Friday, November 9, the Jews in Germany held an 80th anniversary commemoration in the Berlin New Synagogue for the unrest and staged riots that took place after the 1938 assassination of German diplomat Ernst vom Rath by Herschel Grynszpan, a seventeen-year-old Polish JEW living in Paris.

This unrest has been falsely played up since into a one-sided story of mass riots by Germans stirred up by Joseph Goebbels to kill hundreds of Jews, destroy their synagogues and their businesses. Jews and their lackeys have named this event Kristalnacht - Night of the Broken Glass - and the beginning of the 'Holocaust.'

Both Chancellor Merkel and President Steinmeier were present and spoke at the synagogue, where all the political parties in Germany were invited, except the Alternative fuer Deutschland (AfD) which was NOT INVITED by the Jews. Because AfD is a populist, nationalist and very democratic (open) party, Jews see it as their enemy and label it antisemitic. Fine with me because I would prefer that the AfD, which I support, would not make the Jew-friendly noises it does.

The AfD also speaks supportively of US President Donald Trump whom the Jews, as well as the Merkel government, detest.

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