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This is a photograph taken today, 11-23-15, by Siefried Daebritz. See more here.

At 6:30 in the evening, German time, the Dresden Theaterplatz fills up, with carols playing over the loudspeakers, such as "Jingle bells, Dingalingaling." On an LED screen it reads: "We are not a stage for xenophobia."

At 6:42 the Pegida anthem resounds. In the past few weeks, observers at the demo say there are at least 25,000 people on the street. The police will not give an official figure anymore. Today's speakers will be Siegfried Daebritz and Lutz Bachmann. Tatyana Festerling will not speak, but a short video by her in front of the Berlin Chancellery was shown to the crowd.

6:50 Lutz Bachmann opened the rally with a statement on the cancellation of Xavier Naidoo as Germany's representative to the 2016 European Song Contest based on complaints that some of his song content is antisemitic and homophobic - calling it a scandal and the result of  "an  antidemocratic and fascist octopus" in Germany.

Bachmann's speech is a sweeping attack on the media and politics. He cites the Central Council Chairman of the Jews, Josef Schuster, who has just said the very things he, Bachmann, has been saying about the massive illegal immigration and which led to outrage against Pegida.

7:02 Bachmann asks "Do terrorists take a Christmas break?" and advises the tourism chief of Dresden, former FDP [Free Democrats] politician Lohmeier, to be removed from office for asking Pegida to take a break at Christmas time. Bachmann read out his response to the FDP which he had written on Facebook:

"The FDP wants to make Pegida break over the Christmas period in Dresden. We can do that when:
1. A law on direct democracy is adopted according to the Swiss model.
2. Entry for illegal immigrants is stopped.
3. TTIP, CETA, TISA & CO are stopped.
4. The 6 week period is used to effectively deport as many as possible of the Million Illegals.
5. The job cuts to the police are stopped immediately and more forces are set up to relieve the officers.
6. All arms exports are stopped.
7. The war-mongering and incitement against Russia stops. "

7:05 The next speaker is Agnes from Hungary.

She says there is a Hungarian saying: "Either I adjust myself, or I have to disappear." She had adapted in Germany and did not regret it. "When I first came to Germany, the Germans had the events of 10 September 1989 still fresh in memory." At that time, the Germans thanked her as a Hungarian for the role that Hungary played in opening the country. For that she was proud to be Hungarian.

“Today we hear again sentences that start with "Thank you Hungary", but they end up with "that you protect yourself and our freedom with your border fence".

The international media lies are such, however, that many Hungarians today believe that most Germans stand behind Merkel's boundless welcome policy. (Giant Buh- and whistling choir!) That this is not the case, one can see here at the Pegida demo, said Agnes.

Agnes thanked them for the many Hungarian flags seen on Theatre Square. That shows recognition. Meanwhile, several Eastern European governments that had demonized Hungary's fence now have begun to build border fences themselves!

"I encourage you to continue to continue so," she said to the protesters: "open, friendly and peaceful."

--The Walk--

8:25 Siegfried Däbritz is the next speaker

He calls for more terror alert levels; quotes Thomas Oppermann of the SPD who had already in 2010 proposed the introduction of several terror alert levels in Germany. "So far there is only black or white: either we have a terrorist alert or we do not have terror alert," security expert Thomas Oppermann said.
Däbritz (who works in security) calls for four terrorism warning levels and a specific preparation of the population with rules of conduct for serious cases.

But what's this deal with disarming the legal target shooters and hunters, who are the most checked citizens of the state, while the immigrants "wreak explosive violence with illegally acquired and imported weapons of war massacres".

Däbritz said the Austrian police officers will now be forbidden to carry their service weapons during their leisure time. This amid the rising terrorist threat.

8:35 Then Däbritz reads a letter from a "petty official" concerning the attacks in Paris who says the German police would be hopelessly overwhelmed and unprepared if a similar scenario would play out in Germany.

While Däbritz reads the description of the policeman the Pegiden are speechless and silent. The applause afterwards reveals great consternation.

The letter is very long and is a desperate plea for policy makers and police leadership to respond. You can read the entire letter in German at the Epoch Times under "Hier der Brief".

8:52 Lutz Bachmann, who did not know the report of the police officer, says he was speechless. Officials have told him similar, but never in the vividness and detail of this letter. Then he thanks the police again for their hard work: "A huge applause to all civil servants, who put their A **** on the line for us."

Today the Anthem is not led by Ramona, but another Pegidin. She says, "I think the last speech was very moving for all, I'm still a bit in shock."

8:53 Lutz Bachmann, still under the influence of the letter, announces “We are governed by madmen, and that must come to an end!" He declared the meeting closed.

Live stream video of the event:

Edited video of speeches:


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Gloomy outlook for Germany: The Economic and Financial Economist Bernd Raffelhüschen, adding the high follow-up costs to the ordinary cost of the migration crisis of an optimistic 17 billion annually, comes to alarming figures. He calls for a policy of having the courage to return refugees.

The immigration per se costs Germany 17 billion euros per year. These calculations are by the economist Bernd Raffelhüschen from Forschungszentrum generation contracts for the Market Economy Foundation. But the direct costs would not cover everything. Just like buying a house on credit. there is yet simple and compound interest, repairs, taxes, insurance incurred and  so on. So also is the migration cost factor a broad and wide field.

900 billion in an "unrealistically positive scenario" is what Raffelhüschen calculated according to the discounted cash flow method for all expenditure and social insurance over the lifetime of an asylum seeker. The economist worked from an ideal model, namely a successful integration into the labor market within six years.

Even in this "unrealistically positlve scenario", namely, when everything was going reasonably well, the number of refugees would fall next year and an actual labor market integration after six years could be made – already would it now cost 900 billion euros or thrice the German economy benefits. This was announced today in “Die Welt.”

His direct numbers are even slightly below those of his colleagues Hans-Werner Sinn, a prominent government critic and former president of the Munich-based Ifo Institute (21 billion euros alone in 2015) and Clemens Fuest (formerly Centre for European Economic Research, ZEW) “20-30 billion/year "). But Raffelhüschen goes deeper on the follow-up costs which will be really expensive. The calculations are based mainly on the experience of previous generations of immigrants. They usually have less education than German citizens, which means lower tax revenues. However, these people would want to have more of the social funds.

"We need people, that is clear. But we need the people we need" says Raffelhüschen. In his view, one must have the courage to discriminate, to select.

The economic expert Raffelhüschen is Professor of Finance at the University of Freiburg, and board member of the ERGO Insurance Group and Volksbank Freiburg. He trains inter alia advisory activities the Directorate General of Economic and Financial Affairs at the European Commission in Brussels, the Norwegian Ministry of Finance, the Danish Ministry of Economic Affairs, the Swiss State Secretariat for Economic Affairs and the Ministry of Social Affairs of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

In his view, Germany would have to send back refugees if it wants to get at least in the long run the refugee problem under control. Here, the economist hopes that those people would eventually understand it and no longer come. Those who are likely to still come and stay, would require a rapid integration of the second generation, that is, to allow the children as soon as possible rational training. If this does not succeed, then the cost to the taxpayer goes even higher.

Me: This is so totally unfair to the German taxapayer to have to foot so much of the bill for the conflict the JewSA has created in Syria and the entire middle-east !! But then, what else is new?;art1169,338461

Two asylum-seekers were stabbed by another on Thursday afternoon.

On 11/26/15, at about 3 pm, in the accommodation for asylum seekers in Landau an der Isar, a violent confrontation took place between a 23-year-old Afghan and other residents of the property. During the confrontation, police said the 23 year-old stabbed two other asylum seekers with a knife. The victims suffered injuries in the head and neck area. About the severity of the injuries, the police did not specify, only said that they were "not life threatening". They were hospitalized.

The 23-year-old Afghan was arrested provisionally as an  investigation was immediately undertaken. Currently, the interrogations are ongoing. Further details on the casualties are not yet available.

Carolyn - This is an example of the extra costs that will spiral up the final bill for "caring" for these economic migrants. All the wealth that the Germans have accumulated through their hard work and intelligence is going to be used up for a foreign people who are openly critical of the German culture, diet and way of life. Only a very bad end can be predicted.

But also, it seems to me that it is so often Afghans who are the attackers, the ones that quickly resort to violence, who carry knives. Maybe they are picked on by the others? Do we ever hear the honest results of these investigations? Not that I know of.

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