On anniversary of Dresden terror-bombing, “Holocaust” divisiveness rears it's ugly head

Published by carolyn on Mon, 2017-02-13 12:49

Björn Höcke, AfD state party leader for Thuringia.

JUST TODAY, FEBRUARY 13TH, THE LEADERSHIP OF THE NATIONAL ALTERNATIVE FUR DEUTSCHLAND (AfD) in Berlin announced its decision to expel Thuringia state party leader Björn Höcke from the party. In order to move forward, however, it requires a vote in favor by an arbitration committee of the AfD in Thuringia, which is expected to take some time

In Erfurt, Thuringia's capital, Höcke released a statement: "It is with deep worry about the unity of the party that I learned of the decision of the federal governing board,” saying he awaited the decision of the state arbitration panel “calmly.”

According to Compact Online:

The decision fell by 9: 4 votes at the request of National leader Frauke Petry. The four contenders [against removal] came from Andre Poggenburg, Alexander Gauland, Jörg Meuthen and Armin-Paul Hampel. Compact magazine opines:

the regional associations in the East will not allow the exclusion of one of their most successful politicians [Höcke]. Frauke Petry has to fear that she will be overthrown in her own Saxon state association in Saxony at the beginning of March.

Compact goes on to say: "It is irresponsible what the Petry / Pretzell leadership in the AfD organized - in the run-up to important elections. This gap policy ruins the Alternative for Germany. Only together - as an alliance from liberal to conservative to patriotic - can the AfD survive." Petry and AfD member Marcus Pretzell were recently married and Petry is expecting a child.

At issue is Höcke's speech, made to a group of young AfD supporters in Dresden on January 17. It was actually quite reasonable, but made to appear incendiary by the media and left-wing parties. Höcke said Germany was trapped in a culture of shame by the overwhelming attention given to “Remembrance” of the 12 years of National-Socialist rule, ignoring the hundreds of years of admirable German history. He certainly was not praising or even accepting any part of the Hitler regime.

At the time the party reprimanded Höcke, but it was decided to keep him in the party. As quoted by Deutsche Welle:

"I can live with this decision," Jörg Meuthen [moderate co-leader of the national party along with Petry], another top AfD figure, said, adding that keeping Höcke in the AfD was important to maintaining the party's broad spectrum of opinion.

But now, on the iconic Dresden anniversary of one of the greatest war crimes ever committed, the AfD leadership has forced a vote to put 'Holocaust' completely off-limits for party discussion and take the drastic step of removing the unpredictable, seemingly uncontrollable party representative from their ranks. A very sad state of affairs which I don't think, if it succeeds, will help the party at all.

72nd Anniversary of Dresden holocaust

On this 72nd anniversary of the arbitrary destruction of the magnificent "Florence on the Elba" by three separate Allied bombing raids beginning on Feb. 13th and ending Feb. 15cynically timed to kill off the survivors of the previous raid, all genuine remembrance of the victims is outlawed. Under the direction of Mayor Dirk Hilbert, the stupid "human chain" across the Elbe bridge will once again be photographed for the media, with the message of "reconciliation" and a reminder of "the crimes of the Nazis." For some reason, to these people, this atomic bomb-level firebombing of civilians and refugees is not a crime, but the wages of war. This attitude relays complete disregard of the value of German life.

The PEGIDA organization is sponsoring its own candle-lighting project. They write:

A Candle for peace!
In Memory of the victims of terror against the allied bombing of Dresden, we would like to create one giant collage and exhibit at which you can participate!
You have to just on 13./ February 14., somewhere in the city of Dresden place a candle for the victims, and take a photograph (preferably with a bit of Dresden in the background) and then send this photo as a comment here or to [email protected] Send.
We will create a big collage of all the photos and will make them public.
The second step is the pressure on a large-format banner planned, which will then be hung up in Dresden.
As a second option is a 10 cm wide band with all the pictures possible, which, if you're all busy, several hundred meters long, and we are then in a Monday walk like a loop around the city of Dresden, as a sign of Peace!
So, does a lot of beautiful pictures in the whole of Dresden and send it to us!