Announcement on comments addition

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2015-09-08 17:41

I am adding the original comments to the program posts of the radio shows I did at The White Network when it was functioning. I have completed all the posts at Saturday Afternoon with Carolyn, and the few at Hitler's Table Talk so far. You will see it as “1 comment” because I am the one posting the entire group of comments, whether they be 8 or 50 or more. And you can now add a new comment of your own, if you like.

It is a time-consuming labor, but worth the effort to me. I want those who wrote comments to my shows to have them visible where people will actually see them. I will begin next on The Heretics' Hour, and end with The International Jew Study Hour. I'll just point out here that I produced 278 radio shows totaling 463 hours for The White Network. That contrasts to Tanstaafl's 97 radio shows totaling only 48.5 hours, meaning I did 10 times the program hours that he did! So what gave him the idea it belonged to him and he could shut it down?

Some of you might know that I tried to cooperate with Tanstaafl on making his TWN-archive complete, but he rudely refused my offer. Thereupon, I blocked his access to my audio programs and am in the process of making complete instead !


The White Network


when couples divorce, they still have to deal with their children on certain topics together, find reasonable ways to liquidate the shared house and in general must find a way to move on in a friendly way, for both have the same friends and a common reputation etc. 
"My mistake" could have been handled by saying, "Carolyn and listeners, I've decided to leave the White Network for personal reasons and disagreements with her. I wish Carolyn good luck and we will be working on separating from each other without listeners' inconviniences". That's normal and professional.
I think Carolyn knows about a skeleton in his closet and he is scared about this. That's why he's hysterical and runs away and never even wants to speak to her again. Very immature. 

That's what Tanstawful has been doing in the past month and a half or so. He's in the best tradition of the communists and Jews in the art of rewriting history. He figures he can get some people to believe it and that's good enough for him, since he's dealing with a very small audience of similar-thinking men anyway.

There is a lie in practically every sentence on that page of his age-of-treason site, including some of the comments. He has become an attack dog, using attack words like "whine" -- "she is whining" when actually he is the one doing all the whining. I have seldom seen a more pathetic page of WN whining and misrepresentation than that one. I happen to know that two WN men in good standing wrote comments that were fair/friendly to me and Tanstawful did not print them. He cannot accept criticism in this matter from those he says he is in solidarity with; he prefers to deny that there is any.

I have a podcast (part 1) already made answering his blog post, but at the last minute on Monday, August 27 something I saw stopped me, and I decided not to post it. But I also knew it would lead to another pointless argument like is beginning now, and I have better things to do. Instead, I asked my site administrator (not "some unfortunate minion") how Tanstawful was linking to my sites and my admin was able to, in a matter of minutes, block from accessing I was thrilled! The reason I didn't do it before was because I didn't realize how T. was doing it. I figured he had a more foolproof method. I was over-estimating him as I had always done. I'm not very swift computer-wise, as everyone knows, so I over-estimate what it takes for people to be so.

Once again, Tanstawful is imputing motives to me that are made up of whole cloth in his devious mind. I said in my first post the very night of TWN shut-down catastrophe that he was devious. What he did then showed me that, and he just keeps getting more so. He has gone from being devious to being an outright liar.

So Markus, speaking of "skeletons in the closet," I do have a few things to say along those lines. Some are in the podcast I've already made, another will be in the one I've yet to make. But I'm not going to give out his name and address, which he keeps suspecting I will. Before I post my podcast answers to his devious words, and those of his commenters,  I want to get all the comments to my programs up, because they say and reveal a lot about the atmosphere at TWN and the carping attitude of T. toward some of my guests, and some who commented on my shows.

I also will be removing Tanstawful's voice-over from all the intros/outros of my podcasts. That will take some time. 

Markus, I forgot to mention, Tanstawful repeats again and again the words, "When I ended our partnership ...".  But no one ends a partnership the way he did, and when that is brought up he pretends he did not hear. Because after he "ended our partnership" by closing me out of the network and website, and writing "The End" blog, he expected me to remain his partner!!  I was supposed to continue paying for the server so he could keep the "archive" online without any cost or effort to himself. The "archive" was accessible only to him. Yet this "elephant in the living room" is something he is in denial about, and a few of his hard-core supporters are too.

How does that make White Nationalists look? They stand up for their principles by being unprincipled?

TANSTAAFL admits to being married to a half-Jewish woman. He claims to love and refuses to disown his Jewish mischling children.
Should we choose to know people by their deeds or by their podcasts?