Another significant revisionist voice has fallen silent - Wilf Heink dies

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A GERMAN-CANADIAN WHO EMIGRATED IN 1959 with his wife and 1-year old child, Wilfried Heink took his last breath on the morning of Wednesday, April 27 – one month ago – a victim of cancer at the age of 79. Less than two months prior, Bradley Smith passed away at age 86 from the same affliction.

Wilf, as he liked to be called, was not as well known as Bradley, but was equally a friend to many because of his desire to be helpful in any way he could. First and foremost to me, he was a talented and committed revisionist who brought to the discipline the decided advantage of being a native-born German who spoke English as his second language. He generously gave of this ability by doing translation work for free. Many of his own articles are based on writings in German that are inaccessible to most of us, and of which he translated substantial sections that greatly expand our knowledge and help our understanding.

Wilf had a passion for books, always seeking out the best sources he could find in his search for answers. What he most wanted to discover was “why Germany was blamed for everything bad that happened at least from 1914 on; why there is [considered to be] a 'German problem',” … as he said to Richard Widman in an interview in 2014. Wilf was one of the mainstays at the Inconvenient History Revisionist Blog, along with Thomas Kues and Widman. A chronological archive of his contributions begins here [from last to first, 2014 to 2009].  

One of the themes he was drawn to, that is also of great interest to me, was the treachery of the “opposition” to Hitler within the German community – in the diplomatic corps, the Wehrmacht Officer corps, the former aristocracy, the journalists – and it's effect on the outcome of WWII. It was through this subject that Wilf and I first made contact in 2009. I had read his article at the Revblog titled “The opposition in the AA (Auswärtigen Amt=Foreign office)”. Because I, at that time, was working with Wilhelm Kriessmann translating the “Valkyrie” section of Hermann Giesler's book Ein Anderer Hitler which discusses the treason quite a bit, I wrote to the contact email address telling the author how much I liked and appreciated his article. He wrote me back in a very friendly fashion and that began our communication, often on the phone. I remember Wilf being “all for” the inclusion of my work at the Blog, although Thomas Kues was most agreeable too, and always helpful. I can say Wilf and I saw eye-to-eye on most things, but not always on everything concerning the Third Reich. He was more ready to be fault-finding when it came to Hitler's leadership style, especially as a war leader.

To give an idea of Wilf's thorough style and his efforts to help his readers understand the background behind the public utterances, news reports, publications, etc., I quote from the July 2009 article linked to above (my underlining). This is the first (2) and last paragraphs – I hope you will want to read the entire article.

On February 25, 2008 an article, written by Sven Felix Kellerhoff, appeared in Die Welt, a German daily, titled “Hitlers willige Vollstrecker im Auswärtigen Amt” (Hitler’s willing assistants in the foreign office).

We were informed that in 2006 a historian commission had been assembled, chaired by Eckhard Conze (J. Fischer, former German foreign minister was the instigator – the whole thing has a political overtone). Their assignment: to investigate the involvement of AA officials in the crimes committed under National Socialism, i.e., the alleged mass murder of Jews. Conze told Kellerhoff that the AA had been, as an official institution, not only part of, but a central agency of the Third Reich and therefore deeply involved in the crimes committed. He also let it be known that research had, for the most part, been completed and that a final statement will be published at the end of that year (2008). This date was then moved forward to summer 2009 and recently to summer 2010. Why the delay when a summary had been promised by year’s end 2008? One can only speculate, but I for one am convinced that the researchers re-discovered that the AA was riddled with members of the opposition, who had excellent contacts with the western Allies, as well as to the Soviet Union (von Schulenburg et al) and would have informed the Allies if crimes were indeed committed, such as Jews being killed en masse.

* * *

If “The Holocaust” indeed had happened, details about it would have been known from day one because of the many spies/traitors/opponents operating/present in the Third Reich. This spy/traitor/opponents issue was touched on slightly by some writers following the war, but for the most part it was ignored. Some authors are now starting to look at it again, but officially this topic is still taboo, as it just will not “fit” into the official narrative, the Greulpropaganda (atrocity propaganda) spread to defame Germany. And much of what is going on in the world today, such as the Zionist/colonial enterprise in Palestine, depends on the continued dissemination of this propaganda.

Wilfried Heink

We say farewell to a noble soul, as seekers after the truth should always be called. Thank you, Wilfried Heink. Luckily for us, his work survives.


It has been a long polar Midnight since Wilf announced publicly on January 21st 2016 that the doctors only gave him about a month to live. His fingers were clacking away on his computer keyboard and then went silent to me on March 28th when he said that he had to make it brief because he was not doing too good from the cancer. For me the shadows only get longer and more oppressive knowing that on April 27th Wilf Heink has at long last cashed in his tokens and will never come around these parts again to pass go and to cast his two cents. All we have left are the memories: his generosity and good humor, his patience and his perseverence, and his remarkable hunger for the truth. I am honored that Wilf once called me a "true friend," and I already miss him terribly. Rest in Peace, Dear Sir, for as you now are, we all so soon shall be.
~ Scott Smith

Wilf was a true gentleman and will be greatly missed by all who knew him.
Rest in peace Herr Heink.

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