Antisemitism is here to stay

Published by carolyn on Tue, 2018-03-20 01:25

Medieval illustration of Jesus being forcibly led by hook-nosed Jews before the Jewish High Priest Caiaphas. (from Salvin Hours c 1275. Photo: British Library)

By Carolyn Yeager

THESE DAYS, WE REGULARLY SEE IN THE JEWISH NEWS MEDIA story after story proclaiming that 'antisemitism is on the rise.” In Poland, in Germany, in Austria and Hungary, in British and US cities – the same phrase is repeated. And everywhere else, too. Will Jews never learn that the more they try to control what others think and say about them, the more antisemitism they create?

Antisemitism (dislike of Jews) will never go away. It's here to stay because it's caused by Jews themselves.

The current big push to “wipe out” antisemitism is a phony issue being used by Jews to get more laws on the books to protect Jews from the consequences of their actions. It is a cynical campaign devised by high-level Jewish strategists to further their entry into places, perhaps previously partly closed off, where they can make money. International or Diaspora Jewry became partial to bank notes (and their equivalent in precious metals, jewels, paintings, etc.), because they are easily transportable and able to be invested and/or held secretly and safely in many nations. It is important to Jews that these goods keep up a high value in our societies. (It's not a coincidence that Jews are so overrepresented in the fine art world and stock brokering, for example.)

Connected to that, Jewry has changed our Western social values from faith, family and homeland to gold, hedge funds and conspicuous consumption. Jews are more in control of our societies than most people are aware – in fact, most people have no idea at all of the high level of control Jews exercise over their lives.

But when people do get wise, they become antisemites. And this is the other side of the campaign of the Jews against antisemitism – to keep you from realizing the reality of their power and influence over you. They famously present themselves as either friends or victims, every kind of victim imaginable.

The latest idea in Germany to fight antisemitism is to mandate visits to former WWII concentration camps which have been turned into tourist centers – visits by Muslim migrants who bring their antisemitic views with them from their home countries. Even though this won't work with these people because they don't have the ethnic background to care about what happened in Europe during WWII (or any time), the German government is willing to spend their German taxpayers' money to keep the Jews satisfied that something is being done on their behalf. The Jews want to always see programs carried out for their benefit that cost the Gentiles money, even though they know as well as I do that these programs won't change anything.

The migrants are being told that to get along in Germany they must believe in the Holocaust and take it seriously. Thus, some who want to get along and succeed will adopt the necessary attitude toward Jews in public, but they won't change their private views. Jews and their sympathizers seem to think that a trip to a former concentration camp is more influential on the visitor that it actually is. In my experience, it works like this: those who are already believers will find the camp visit moving and/or convincing; those who are doubters or fence-sitters will not be moved and may even find that their doubts are reinforced. Visiting a camp does not change anyone.

Jews are also putting up elaborate new holocaust museums and centers in every city and town in the world, large and small. The latest I know about is a complex to be built in central Vienna, Austria, and another going up in a popular, peaceful park next to the Parliament in London. Why are they allowed to intrude on the landscape everywhere? Because Jews have money and friends and that equals power over the ruling establishments (which also have their share of Jewish members). Jews obviously do not care if they anger or upset the average man in the street, which means they actually do not care if they are disliked. They care about exercising power.

The only real fear Jews have is that there will be a popular uprising against them, which has happened many times in the past. Jews characterize these uprisings against them as unjust, as unwarranted persecution for no reason - in other words, they use guile to turn what is unacceptable in them and their actions within Gentile society into a blow and an accusation against that society. This is the meaning of the common saying: "The Jew cries out in pain as he strikes you." They have labeled the reaction against them as anti-human rights, anti-semitic, xenophobic, and now in current lingo, racist. Not so long ago (in my memory) everyone was 'racist'; now that has been changed - by the Jewish lobby - to be seen as a personality defect serious enough to have one fired from one's job, kicked out of a university, and even dragged in front of a court of law and sentenced to prison. Jews have been responsible for all the so-called international laws that impinge on the sovereignty of nations; in fact, Jews invented international law for that very purpose! 

So I repeat, dislike of Jews has always existed and it is based on the behavior of Jews. Their tendency toward arrogant or dismissive attitudes toward the concerns of non-Jews (which each and every Jew may not be fully cognizant of) is a turn-off. So is the criminality of Jews that is directed toward non-Jews, mainly in white-collar financial schemes, but also in many other more repulsive areas such as pornography and the sex trade. Finally, it is based on the way Jews look out for other Jews to the detriment of their host people, not only in business and professional advancement, but in their vaunted charity as well.

Considering Jews' attachment to their centuries-old religious and cultural programming that they are a special, chosen people (with corresponding special privileges), how could antisemitism ever be ended? I think that can only happen if they succeed in turning the rest of us into masochistic, self-hating, blubbering punching bags or else door mats.

If antisemitism is our only defense, we would be not only fools but craven cowards to give it up.


The biggest group supportive of Jews are the Christians; it makes sense for them since Jews are the people of the Book. There are e.g. millions of christian conservative Americans who put the interests of  Israel (the holyland!) above those of their own country. These morons who support Jews are the real problem - we can't blame Jews for  privileges bestowed on  them by the above mentioned morons. The same applies to negro privileges - affirmative action etc....If I were a Jew or a negro why would I complain of my privileges? In fact I would whine even more to get even more privileges from those mor.....

The very Jewish-looking Jörg Kukies will replace Thomas Steffan as deputy finance minister upon stepping down as the co-head of Goldman Sachs in Germany and Austria.

A top Goldman Sachs investment banker is set to become a deputy finance minister in Chancellor Angela Merkel's new coalition government.

Politicians from across the political spectrum, including Merkel's Christian Democrats (CDU), immediately criticized the appointment.

Hi, please check out my playlist regarding the mind blowing criminality of Judaism.
According to the criminal religion it is forbidden to save the Non-Jew from death, IF the Jew can get away with it.
See the revered rabbi David Bar Chaim teaching Jews how to lie (to the police) when the Non-Jew is left to drown!!!
This is also reported by some Jewish humanists whistle blowers:
-The late professor Israel Shahak
-Former Chabad rabbi Shmarya Rosenberg Israeli rabbi and former head of a Yeshiva Mr. Yaron Yadan mitzvah/commandment is one of the 613 commandments every orthodox Jew must follow. Violations is considered a sin and the Jew must repent and ask god (= satan) for forgiveness. The name of the mitzvah is "Lo Tsichonaym" which can be translated "No compassion". The Jewish humanist and documentary film maker Menachem Daum complains about this misanthropic mitzvah and gets his ass kicked in a Jewish discussion forum here:,5081,5140#msg-514*/,5081,5140#msg-514
  -Harvard professor Noah Feldman reports on a related mitzvah which is about not breaking the Sabbath for saving the lifef of a Non-Jew here:
-The late humanist rabbi Jehiel Jacob Weinberg complains about the criminality of Judaism in letters to his friend Prof. Samuel Atlas regarding this and other matters at pages 112 & 118
 The criminals are hiding the document at the site - one cannot find it through their site search.The fact that organized Jewry refuse to  whistle-blow the lethality of Judaism is a criminal offense which should be tried in a court of law.
Teaching Judaism regarding how to decieve law personell so that the Jew can get away with not even calling 911 to save the Non-Jew is a criminal offense which also should be tried in court.

I really hope that image is legit.
Where did you find it Carolyn?  Love it.  Any information on the source of the image would be appreciated.  Wood Carving?  Stained Glass?  Or just an illustration.  And what year.  Awesome. 

The Jew's Response:  The Artist is obviously Mentally Ill.  HaHaHa! 

The greatest inspiration for anti-Semitism today is the measures being employed to combat anti-Semitism.
Without anti-Semitism, Judaism would just dry up and blow away. You're quite right; it'll never go away. Judaism couldn't afford to let it.

The best defense then will be to ignore and trivialize it. Every time it is brought up, respond with 'No, it's not your religion/ethnicity, that doesn't interest us remotely. It's your behavior that's the problem. Behave like a decent human being and you will be treated as one."

Remember Helen Thomas who objected to being called anti-Semitic saying, "I am a Semite".  She was of course Abrabic.  That means the most anti-Semitic people in the world are the Jews themselves.  Their present agenda is the genocide of the Arabs in the Middle East. And it's working.   By making themselves the only Semites they play identity politics.  The new church is the Holocaust muesems and the virtue signaling by defending the lie of the 'Holocaust' over against the real holocaust of the German people.  The goal then, as Churchill so aptly put it, was "to baste the German people" (And they did at Dresden and all major German cities, clearly a war crime.  It was mainly the Germans who bore the brunt of the battle against communism and lost because, as Gen. Patton said, we were fighting the wrong enemy.).   The goal now is to get paid for the deed.  What is needed is the truth.  We need to turn the lie upside down.  For starters I suggest Christopher Bollyn's 9/11Solved.  We know who brought down the Trade Center and why.  Not to know with all the evidence revealed by Bollyn, an investigative reporter and foreign correspondent, is cowardness. But this needs to be part of the dialogue because it is inderectly linked to Zionist hedgemony in every aspect of our lives.  We have got to keep up the stuggle alongside of those like the late Ernst Zundel, and Carolyn, and the many other courageous people who take up this cross.    

Objecting to or resisting Jewish parasitism or domination is the normal and natural reflex of an organism struggling to survive. The Jews call this self defense 'antisemitism' and are trying to pathologise it---but a completely accurate term for this phenomenon of attack and survival would be anti Jewish Supremacism.
I read on blogs, fora, and comment sections how everyone is reading 'Culture of Critique' and of what a big revelation it is. Where the hell have you been for the last 2,000 years?
There was no "industrial, planned" holocaust. The Jews are not Chosen. The only right to exist that Israel has is 'might makes right'.

The Jews are not a race, so both the Jews as "Semites" and "Antisemitism" are non-sequiturs. Although the Jews are not a race, they play the "race card" for victimhood and sympathy. The latest genetic research (conducted by Jews) shows that the Ashkenazi Jews are mainly descended from Italian converso mothers during the Roman Empire, about 2,000 years ago -- from whom they have inherited the dark curly hair and the hooked nose -- which is an Italian nose, not a Jewish nose.

The Jews are not descended from the Italians! Produce the research please.

And it's the Jews who consider themselves a separate race. Because they are Semites, they use the word "anti-Semitism" in spite of the fact that they are not the only ones. I guess, for them, they are the only ones that matter.

1) Ashkenazi Jewish women descended mostly from Italian converts, a new study says. By Jon Entine, Genetic Literacy Project, October 8, 2013. (
2) Genetic Roots of the Ashkenazi Jews, By Kate Yandel, The Scientist, October 8, 2013. (
3) Jews constituted as much as 10% of the population of the Roman Empire at the time of Christ. [During the Roman Empire, most of the Jews did not live in Palestine, but were dispersed throughout the Empire.] - History of the Jews in the Roman Empire, Wikepedia / Geoffrey Barraclough, The Times Atlas of World History, 1981.
The Jewish Encycopedia and other sources also report a big Jewish population in Carthage circa 300-146 BCE. The Jews were already international merchants and financiers, long before the time of Christ. The "Phoenicians" were Canaanite seamen carrying Jewish merchants and Jewish cargoes between Jewish-dominated entrepots.
The Jewish Revolt in 67-70 AD was only a minority of Jews who lived in Palestine. Most Jews did not live in Palestine, and were loyal Roman subjects. Josephus married into Roman royalty (the Flavians), and Josephus helped defeat the Jewish rebels. 
I don't think that the Jews were ever a "race", not even in Biblical times - the Hebrew Bible is chock-full of instances of Jewish men mating with non-Jewish women.
By the way, your comments program does not allow me to cut-and-paste quotes, nor references, nor Internet links, which has made it difficult for me to respond to your request for references. I would have written more, and quoted more, if it were not so difficult.

You have written enough. All your information comes from the one study, written up in two articles published close together in 2013. Guess there wasn't much follow-up on it. That website, The Genetic Literacy Project, looks a little fishy to me. It came online in 2012, for what purpose?  They say their mission is "to aid the public, media and policymakers in understanding the science and societal implications of human and agricultural genetic and biotechnology research and to promote science literacy." 

They are funded by "tax deductible donations" and "by grants from independent foundations and charities." The truth is a lot of bad science is being pushed by "establishment" and "deep state/shadow government" entities, and anyone can put anything on the Internet. It might all be legit, and even great stuff but I don't have the expertise to know whether it is or not. I know my readers don't either.

The above article is about Jewish behavior today and in the last century, and that is all I'm interested in. Their genetics becomes an endless debate that I'm not prepared to put the time into. You can say the Jews are not Semites, but they call themselves Semites and I don't care enough about these people to investigate for very long what they are. They have proven themselves to be "bad hombres" that I would like to block from having any say on our lives and living spaces. That makes me an antisemite in today's lingo.

Don't bother to comment further.

The Jews are an Ethnic Group. Do you believe in the evidence of DNA and haplogroups? This has proven that the male Ashkenazim and Sephardim are overwhelmingly of Near East ancestry---they are closely related to Palestinians. The Jewish women are a different story; some have Near East ancestry and the rest are from everywhere  which would seem to suggest there were no "conversos" but rather they were bought in slave markets.
DNA has also demolished the Khazar theory. The Jews invented this fable in the 1500s to try to secure a historical presence in Poland and Ukraine. An earlier Big Lie.

Do you consider this purchasing wives in slave markets to be the reason Jews are such a Mongrel race?  (Or ethnic group)

From what I gather from Houston Chamberlain, Jews were mainly a Palestinian-Syrian mix, with other stuff thrown in here and there.

Boris Johnson, Britain's foreign minister under PM Theresa May's Conservative party, said today that Russia's hosting of the World Cup this summer will be akin to Hitler's hosting of the 1936 Summer Olympics in Berlin.

Boris Johnson is a nincompoop - he and Theresa May show how degraded a government can become that is controlled by its Jewish population. In Britain, expressing what is considered to be antisemitism is against the "Hate Laws" that were first put in place in the 1980's.

In the buffoonish and embarrassing UK Parliament yesterday, an opposition MP "suggested that Russian President Vladimir Putin would try to exploit the World Cup" much as Nazi leader Adolf Hitler had tried to do with the Olympic Games.

Johnson agreed with that sentiment, adding "I think it's an emetic prospect, frankly, to think of Putin glorying in this sporting event." An emetic is something that causes vomiting. But Boris did not recommend that Britain's teams not participte in the World Cup because, he said,  that would wrongly punish the players.

Talk is cheap.

The Jesse Owens lie repeated by DW

Not to be outdone in stupidity, Deutsche Welle on its own tacked the "Big Lie" about the 1936 games to the end of their article.

"Nazi leaders intended to exploit the summer Olympic Games in 1936 to promote the Nazis' belief in German nationalism and Aryan racial supremacy.

"During the event, Hitler refused to shake the hand of the black American athlete Jesse Owens, who had won four golds in track and field."

Both these statements are patently untrue, as confirmed by Jesse Owens himself. Why does DW push lies about it's own nation? Because all German governments since 1945 have consisted of the same people who waged total war against Germany twice. 

Regarding your first sentence:  "These days, we regularly see in the Jewish news media story after story proclaiming that 'antisemitism is on the rise.”    As you assuredly know, alot of the so-called anti-semitic acts are concocted by Jews themselves such as last year's story about jewish cemeteries being vandalized and it turned out that the tombstones were fallen and askew due to simple neglect or rash of threatening phone calls to Jewish organizations that were done by a "disturbed teen" in Israel whose father just happened ot have miliary or intelligence connections. 
I'm new to your blog so I suspect you probably wrote about the above incidents.  Bears repeating that as a direct result of these tactics, Amazon digitally book burned over 100 books on the holocaust, many of them scientifically oriented.  Despite official media eventually debunking the stories, the books were never restored to Amazon.
Truth be told there is no real rise of anti-semiticism per se in society.   Rather, I wonder that since Jewish elements are so deep within the digital technologies that they study web analytics and see a rise in people going to websites that, for example, explicate the holocaust lies.  That is what they may well actually mean by claiming a "rise in anti-semitism."   More people becoming educated to truth.