Augsburg: Even the supervisors have had enough of refugee complaints

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2016-01-01 14:22

As refugee complaints increase, will the cowardly Merkel-led Germans be able to stand up against the abuse?

A demonstration of refugees in Augsberg on Dec. 28, 2015. It's not a joke.

For weeks, there have been problems at the Ottostrasse property in Augsburg (Bavaria) because Syrians are not satisfied and want to go somewhere else. One man is the ringleader, according to the Augsburger Allgemeine.

Several Syrian refugee families want to move out of shared accommodations in Ottostrasse. For weeks, some fathers have been causing trouble: verbal attacks against social workers, shouting, criminal damage. Their argument is that in Lebanon, where they had previously been, the United Nations staff had promised them they would get flats immediately in Germany. On Monday, the situation escalated; three families threatened to spend the night in front of the Rathaus (Town Hall).

The Government of Swabia is now using the city and the counties to find apartments. That is not their job but the pressure is so great. Peter Roos, Head of Social Affairs, knows that "to find something is difficult." The families have up to eight children, the adults do not speak English or German. And some of them are pretty rough.

Even those who by profession have a lot of understanding are feeling they've had enough. Says Wolfgang D. Friedel, Head of Migration Caritas: "The behavior is very strange." Consultants had from the start looked after school, health insurance—there was even a staff member on site. Nevertheless, people became stubborn. Especially one man, Ahmed Safrani, who apparently plays the ringleader in "Clan leader-style"

These Syrians are quota refugees. Due to the civil war and the plight of 2.3 million refugees, the Federal Republic agreed to receive 5000. These are privileged asylum seekers--they need not go through a process to get higher benefits, they are allowed to work immediately and do not have to live in collective centers. Friedel, who has been often in the Middle East, suggested that in the "selection" bribes play a role that only a certain layer can afford. The Syrians in Ottostrasse say that in Lebanon they would have a home and work. (!! Why not go back there then, where it is better.)

The Ringleader explains the difficulties

The accommodation in the Ottostrasse are considered the best in Augsburg. The house, which opened in November, is renovated, well equipped and spacious for a refugee camp. It has many employees. Asylum seekers are housed upstairs; the Syrian families live on the ground floor, about 40 people. Crowds of children run along the corridor; the ordinary, but bare rooms are not soundproofed. It is noisy. Ahmed Safrani stands in the middle and tries to explain how difficult it is. The supply is good, the consultants are helpful, but his family of seven is divided into two rooms. When a child is sick, it puts out the others. "The older ones can not do tasks in peace."

[Too effing bad!! They're refugees! They belong in a big camp where they are safe and fed—that's all that their ethnic brethren will ever give them. But Germans think they must do more ... and prove what good-hearted people they are. But the refugees can be told: If it's worse here than where they came from, they can go back. The problem is they were promised too much, or thought they were, and being people of below-average intelligence, they then believe it will be true.]

As the housemaster unlocks the homework room, the parents say the children had not been able to utilize it. But he emphasizes that he declared that anyone can ask for the key, but none have done so. The organization next door started yesterday to help with regular homework. But Safrani wants to leave anyway. A return to Lebanon is out of the question. He hopes that he may move to another State (in Germany) where there are more homes. Because (he thinks) he has no chance in Augsburg.

*     *     *

He wants a single-dwelling home for free. This is all very familiar, isn't it? Like the coddling of groups such as "Black Lives Matter" with their outrageous demands, that is funded by people like George Soros and promoted by the liberal media. I would like to bring to your attention an opinion piece published yesterday at Deutsche Welle, titled "2015 was a horrible year." It blames the horror mostly on terrorism spreading out from the Middle East, but without mentioning Israel even once! Yet the turmoil in the world today stems directly from the agressive nature of the "Jewish State" planting itself in the middle of the Arab Muslim world and grabbing more and more territory for itself. It is universally condemned for this but no action is ever taken. The world FEARS Israel. Though Israel (with the help of its Allies) is responsible for Iraq, Libya, Syria, millions of deaths and the rise of Islamic terrorism, the German press is blind to it, and no one in Germany will say a word about it. They are brainwashed to the core. Disgusting.

I have a hope that when the PEGIDA organizers and followers see that the Jews do not support what they are doing, they might begin to wake up little by little. It's not ALL Merkel's fault. If she goes, she is only replaced with one just like her.




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