In Auschwitz open your eyes: new video with English subtitles

Published by carolyn on Wed, 2015-09-23 23:45

Vincent Reynouard produces a brilliant 40 min. video with English sub-titles for students and all people who will be traveling to Auschwitz-Birkenau for the first time. While special teachers "prepare"  high school students by having them first close their eyes and imagine the horror that is described to them in order that they will have an emotional experience and "see" what they are "supposed to see," Reynouard tells them to open their eyes and use their critical judgement about what they see while they are there.

The Big Lie that is behind pre-conditioning impressionable young people to believe that everything they see at Auschwitz-Birkanau has the most beastial and horror-filled meaning is exposed by Reynouard. He promises a Part 2, dealing with the gas chambers, still to come.

Please watch the film, "In Auschwitz, open your eyes and don't listen to the guides" (1) here.


Off topic... Why not do a show on the disgraceful Dominique Venner article posted at Greg Johnson's Counter-Currents?
Disgraceful comments, too, among them the disgraceful Franklin Ryckaert, Dutch professional anti-German troll.
You've gone over this ground before, notably at:
Having said that, this sort of thing needs to be tackled, again and again.
If you don't do something on the Venner piece, I'll write something of your own.
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Haven't read the article yet, but here's a good reply, #15:
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Applying 21st century White Nationalist morality to Hitler is like applying 21st century Liberal morality to Andrew Jackson (or whoever they’re complaining about nowadays).

Hitler’s people were not Whites, but Germans and his primary duty was to them. If zero sum interactions with other groups were required in order to make the Germans great, then it was his duty to undertake those interactions.

Transferring your allegiance from your actual tribe to a broader category (race, species) prematurely, when it will not be reciprocated, puts you at risk of cuckoldry. If anything Hitler was too lenient with the British, due to his feelings towards them.

Hitler lived and died in a white dominated world, where conflict between whites was the norm. Conflict is natural to our species and if a white world ever arose again, we could expect conflict between whites to resume.

If, in the 21st century, we think of our people as whites, rather than Germans, Americans, British, etc., it is because our people have fallen so far that whites must hang together or they will surely hang separately.

But at the time of Hitler’s suicide, whites still dominated the world, and all that we’ve lost since then is the responsibility of the allied nations who inherited control of that world.

Ironically, Hitler may still save us in the end, because he showed us that our decline wasn’t the result of some inevitable historical process, but an intentional result that certain people wanted very much to achieve. And it didn’t have to be this way.

Who cares what is posted at the homosexual defense site, Counter-Currents. All the gay-boys and those who like to pretend they are the "intellectual new right" congregate there amongst assorted undercover jews. Its problem with Adolf Hitler is that he did not tolerate homosexuality as an "ok" lifestyle in the Reich, and SS leader Heinrich Himmler actively spoke out against it. For that very reason a "New Right" was necessary to replace the Old (anti-homo) Right. Was Venner queer? He probably was, so everyone can figure that out for themselves.

Counter-Currents' real purpose can be discovered here:

The goal for this 6-month period is $120,000.00, Gee, is that all? Are they tax-deductible yet? For all we can tell, this is Greg Johnson's only source of income and life in San Francisco is not cheap. From the time he talked himself onto The Occidental Quarterly paid staff (where he racked up over-high "expenses" on his expense account and was fired for it), he has been looking for a free ride. And just what has he done for the movement in return? As far as I can see, his main accomplishment is publishing the books of James O'Meara.