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 You may be surprised to learn that you have a 75 percent chance of picking a food with genetically modified (GM)* ingredients when you’re at the supermarket, including baby food. This is because at least seven out of every 10 items have been genetically modified! 

Does this shock you? It should, because you probably don’t know the extent to which GM crops are being substituted for what we’ve always thought of as naturally evolved  food crops (see Dr. Mercola’s article below). If you’re already well aware of the dangers of GM foods, go directly to the Shopper’s Guide at True Food Now.

The free guide is a compilation of hundreds of brand name food products organized into 20 categories, divided into GM and non-GM. If carrying this guide sounds like it complicates your shopping too much, realize that it will usually come down to brand names. Some brands (ones with the largest market share whose names you recognize) use GMO in everything; other brands never use GM. So it becomes a matter of changing brands. Most brands that avoid GM additives also avoid harmful chemical additives as well, but that must be checked out on an individual basis.

*GM, GMO (genetically modified organism) and GE (genetically engineered) are interchangeable terms.

 To read a little more about the guide and GM go first to: http://www.truefoodnow.org/shoppersguide/

 From Dr. Mercola:

The United States leads the world in GM crop acreage with 123 million acres in all (that’s close to one-third of the agricultural land in the United States planted with gene-altered crops).

And the blight of genetically engineered crops across the globe continues to grow. Worldwide, there are at least 222 million acres planted with GM crops, and the number keeps rising.

Although the major food giants are carrying on with their claim that GM foods are no different from conventionally grown varieties, the research begs to differ.

Here is just a sampling of the unsavory findings associated with GM foods:

·         GM peas caused lung damage in mice

·         GM potatoes may cause cancer in rats

·         Bacteria in your gut can take up DNA from GM food

·         They may be spurring the creation of weed-killer-resistant superweeds

Aside from the potential risks to your health, genetic modification known as “terminator technology” is now being used to create, you guessed it, seeds that “self-destruct.” In other words, the seeds (and the forthcoming crops) are sterile, which means farmers must buy them again each year (as opposed to using the seeds from their harvest to replant the following year, which is the traditional way).

This, of course, means bigger profits for the food companies that are patenting GM seeds, and more money shelled out from farmers. Worse still, this practice could actually threaten the entire food supply because the sterile seeds may spread to nearby fields.

Continues at: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2007/09/18/the-gmo-food-guide.aspx


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