On being banned from CODOH Forum ... again.

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2012-01-14 18:14

Update to this blog post, Wed. Jan. 18. My ban has been lifted and the slate has been wiped clean by the Moderator of CODOH Forum. All is forgiven - isn't that nice? I won't remove what I have written here, although I will take it off the front page in 24 hours so it will no longer be seen.


On Saturday, I was banned for two weeks from Codoh Forum. It is supposed to be a forum for debate -- Open Debate on the Holocaust -- but if you show any SPIRIT in your debating -- of which I have a goodly share (it is the secret of my sticking power and success as a revisionist) -- it is seen as inappropriate and your post will be removed and you will be given a public lecture by the Moderator about your bad behavior. At least if you're Carolyn Yeager, you will. It's kind of like being back in grade school.

In this instance, I had not said a single inappropriate word (even according to the Moderator's standards) from the time of the last public "warning" I got, but I was singled out a second time for censure along with Eric Hunt, who had once again gone off-topic and used 'crude language.' The moderator felt the need, while he announced the ban on Eric Hunt, to threaten me with some future banning if I were to say inappropriate things in the future! I objected to this characterization of myself, coming so soon after the other one. The exchange went like this:

Moderator wrote: Carolyn Yeager:
Ditto for you. Because Eric Hunt does it [uses crude language] doesn't mean that you should. You too need to cease with your inappropriate language when you respond or you will meet the same fate.

   My reply: What?! What inappropriate language? Please point it out. Are you just trying to soften the blow on Eric Hunt and his fans by  trying to make me wrong too? I object mightily to this characterization. When have I used crude language?

For this reply, simply for asking him to give an instance of what he is referring to, I was banned for two weeks! As a reply to me, he takes the prerogative of copying a private message he wrote to someone who wrote to him privately. So much for forum privacy. Naturally, I was the subject of the message. The moderator should himself be banned for breaking the rule on privacy! In my two private messages to him, I registered a complaint in the proper manner, without any exaggerations or "ranting." They were brief. They were not, as the Mod writes in his private message to that poster, "all complaining about the other, really ridiculous stuff."  I repeat, mine were not "ridiculous" but were right on target, as the mod otherwise confirmed. The other forum rule broken by the moderator, since he did not answer my question, is dodging a legitimate, or fair, question.

You readers should be aware that the Codoh moderator does not immediately remove offending posts. It often takes two or three days for him to review and decide, during which time most everyone who reads Codoh Forum has already read it. I recall an instance about one year ago or more, that Friedrich Paul Berg was criticized or had a post removed by the moderator. He was not banned, however, so he was able to write a New Post (new thread) with the title "Moderator 1 is an Asshole!". Within the body of the comment, Berg repeated that statement at least once, if not several times, along with other "criticisms." I was amazed to see that it remained up for at least 48 hours before it was quietly removed. No comment from the (same) Mod, and Berg was not banned for even one day. I guess he had a right to his opinion?? Compare what I wrote to that!  Maybe Friedrich Paul Berg is too big to ban?

Here is a little more about the long-running thread "Is this the end of Elie Wiesel?" which was begun by me.

Almost as soon as it went up, "The Warden" takes out after my website EWCTW in a pointless way. I respond in a decent way, but the Mod tells us both to "lighten up," while it was only Warden who needed that warning. Then Mod advises me to "roll with the punches" ... in order to avoid trouble for him with Warden. Why should I roll with punches?? I don't do that. I punch back. The Mod should have dealt with The Warden right away, but he allows him to get more and more abusive before he finally deals with him and removes his last pointless and rule-breaking post. In the meantime Eric Hunt jumps in siding with The Warden and characterizes me and my work in many ways which are not correct ... in effect setting up and knocking down "strawmen." I answer every one of Eric's questions and charges, but he does not acknowledge it and just keeps repeating himself in the same vein. (I finally ask him if he is drunk ... which eventually gets deleted with a bunch of other stuff.) In the meantime, Zulu does some nice research, which I like but Eric doesn't, and that gets into another whole argument about Elie Wiesel's sisters. Finally, some of Eric's repetitive posts are deleted by the Mod, along with the replies I had written to them, but a couple of them still stand. That's okay, they show where he's coming from.  I stop replying to Eric. But then something exciting happens. "Kladderadatsch," a "beginner" or newcomer, starts translating from Un di velt hot geshvign. He is excellent at it. We learn a great deal about the contents of the Yiddish book, mostly from the first 10-15 pages, but something from later on too. Eric, not happy with this, comes back with another repetitive post, trying to keep the attention on his issue. Here is a section of his last post, directed at me:

This misleading of Wiesel skeptics with psychadelic [sic] Jewish Holohoaxer-derived lies has gone on long enough, and it's time for a complete restructuring of CODOH's Wiesel site.

One based on truth, not Holocaust scat fiction author Gruner's lies about Elie Wiesel stealing a much older Elie Wiesel's original Yiddish book.

I also believe my point about Carolyn believing in Christian Identity is totally relevant to her pushing the "Stolen Identity" issue.
[Note: I don't "push" the SI issue; that's one of Eric's strawmen. cy]

Carolyn - do you believe the Jews of today stole their "Identity" and the real Jews of the Bible are Europeans?

I also believe the 9/11 conspiracy theories she wants to keep bringing up totally play into her ability to discern reality. I think people buying into her continued promotion of Holohoaxer Gruner's lies should read what they are.
[ Note: I do not and have not continually brought up 9/11. As my readers and listeners know, that is not a topic I cover as a rule. Both The Warden and Eric have accused me of pushing "conspiracy theories" in this thread. cy]

Since Gruner's older "Lazar Wiesel" definitely didn't write the Yiddish book, you now must have to claim that Elie Wiesel stole the identity of another Elie Wiesel, who is the same age as he is, and copywrited [sic] the book in Paris. Psychadelic! [sic]

Say in writing what you believe, so we can acknowledge how much sense it doesn't make.

*   *    *

This one remains in the thread, even though it caused Eric to be banned for two weeks. But the Moderator had to include me in his comments, as I described above, even though I had not said a word. When I complained about that, I was banned. So now the Mod is happy and his job is easier.

My point: It's not as even-handed as it's made out to be. And it's hardly worth it to try to participate ... when you're under personal attack right from the git-go, and so many posts that you carefully compose are simply deleted. People are only human and everything comes down to "interpretation" and personal affront. I am writing this here because no one can remove it; here on my own website at least, I am in control .