Belgian Jewish newspaper claims “gas chambers” are "the Holocaust"

Published by carolyn on Sat, 2016-01-30 00:35

On January 19, an Antwerp-based Jewish monthly, Joods Actueel, filed a complaint with the country's watchdog on journalism over an interview in a daily newspaper, De Morgen. The interviewee was well-known revisionist Siegfried Verbeke (shown at right in 2010). In the course of the interview, Verbeke said:

“Of course gas chambers existed, hundreds of them. To disinfect the clothes of people who went through them. But gas chambers designed to kill people never existed, no.”

In its complaint against De Morgen, Joods Actueel cited legislation from 1995 that forbids claiming the Holocaust did not happen – a law which the Jewish monthly's editor-in-chief Michael Freilich claims was broken both by De Morgen and by Verbeke.

So let's see—it's against the law in Belgium to say the Holocaust didn't happen.

Verbeke didn't say that—he said homicidal gas chambers didn't exist.

So is the existence of homicidal gas chambers equal to the Holocaust? Or, put another way, does the Holocaust consist of there being homicidal gas chambers in which millions of Jews were “gassed to death?” [This has been thoroughly disproven since the 1980's.]

This is a very important question. Will Belgium have to change it's law to make it illegal to say homicidal gas chambers didn't exist? My guess is this case will never be prosecuted once they realize they're opening a can of worms, even though Antwerp Mayor Bart De Wever expressed support for Verbeke's prosecution.