Blood, Sweat and Soil

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by Carolyn Yeager, April 2007

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Top: Flowers and herbs at my garden's edge. Bottom: Me and my harvest.



I'm a gardener.
I guess it's in my blood because seeing a garden, any kind of garden, brings up feelings that I can only call love, and even a kind of reverence. The concept that a tiny seed, planted in the darkness of living soil, sprouts and grows into the comparatively huge, beautiful shapes and colors of vegetables, fruits, flowers and trees inspires me as much as anything I can think of. It's magical!

While gardening gives a sense of security in knowing I can supply some food for myself apart from the exploitative agribusiness owners, industrial food manufacturers, distributors and retailers, the real reason I do it is because it puts me in tune with Nature's creative process. In other words, I experience the magic.

Soil is the secret. Since I'm a nurturer, it's highly satisfying to improve my garden's soil by composting, which is just a form of Nature's recycling genius. All my vegetative refuse is buried in two piles of "dirt", which are kept damp and turned infrequently. Somehow, earthworms and other beneficial organisms develop or find their way into the piles as the refuse breaks down into the vital, nutrient-rich substance called humus.

I find it interesting that Soil and Soul differ in only one letter. It's not farfetched to say that soil is the soul of a garden. In the same way, perhaps, land is the soul of a people.

As Aryans, we have always buried our loved ones and our great ones deep in our soil, and there they remain as a physical part of our national existence. As our common blood and our common soil bind us together, so we are willing to defend our kin and our land.

Land is worth fighting for. A people without land will not fight as fiercely. The revolutionary Jews who took over Russia found that out. When Hitler invaded, the masses would not fight for Bolshevism, a foreign and unpopular ideology, but only for the sake of Russian blood and soil. The Soviet leadership found it necessary to court the Russian nationalist elements that they had earlier worked to stamp out!

The Bolshevist Jews were one and the same as today's parasitic International Jewry with it's long-term plan to drive us off the land and alienate us from our roots so that we will not fight for what is ours. By convincing us over the years, through media distortions and distractions, that land ownership is a burden that limits our “more worldly” opportunities, we were led to embrace “international” values such as money, travel, and career. We were lured to the cities and coastal areas for good jobs and a more sophisticated, easier lifestyle. Today, these good jobs are vanishing and we're left without land or good jobs.

It's imperative now that along with re-establishing a fast and firm racial consciousness, we also reclaim the importance of owning and working the land.  Listening to White Nationalist talk, I hear from some a depressing theme of abdicating land by pulling back into what are called white enclaves. These brothers say the fight for a white America is already lost and our only realistic option is to give up vast tracts to the mestizo hordes, to Negroes and Jews, to Asians and Arabs, and to create a "white nation" in the Northwestern and North Central United States. Some among the intelligensia even talk of returning to Europe and "making our stand" there; in other words, giving up the entire continent.

While we all love Mother Europe, such abdication is unworthy of our heritage. To give up that which our ancestors conquered and for which they sacrificed - even one state, even one inch of it, would be contrary to our soul nature and would gravely damage us. We are European-Americans and America is our land, by conquest, sacrifice and nurture.

Because of a subverted public education system, many of our more brainwashed people have become willing to believe that it is "justice" for those who we overcame to now receive it back from us. They don't understand that such perverted thinking is simply shameful capitulation -- an injustice to themselves and their kin!

We need National Socialism to set us straight here. White Americans are not, as the National Socialist Germans were, a single ethnicity that originally sprang from the land we occupy. But we Euro-Ams have now intermingled enough to be able to identify ourselves as a unique group called Aryan-Americans or White Americans. We must learn to identify ourselves as such in order to bind together into a counterforce powerful enough to go up against our adversaries.

Adolf Hitler spoke to this issue in Chapt.14 of Mein Kampf. Among the many helpful words he wrote there, I point out these two sentences for us to ponder.

"For no nation on earth posseses a square yard of ground and soil by decree of a higher Will and in virtue of a higher Right.” 

"...we are sent into this world with the commission to struggle for our daily bread, as creatures to whom nothing is donated and who must be able to win and hold their position as lords of the earth only through their own intelligence and courage."

No race has greater intelligence and courage than the Aryan. We need only to reawaken the belief in the superiority of our blood, the will to work hard and diligently (sweat), and the spirituality to connect to the land we occupy (soil).



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