Bobina and Tatjana speak at 12-14 Pegida Demo

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Another massive and very enthusiastic crowd in Dresden on December 14, 2015.

Live stream:

Tatjana Festerling gives another powerful speech in defense of the German heart and soul.

From The Epoch Times, Dec. 14, 2015:

The motto of the demonstration is currently aimed against the  deployment of the Bundeswehr to Syria.

Pegida holds the refugee crisis to be a political conspiracy to destabilize Germany and the EU nations, based on publicly known US military doctrines. Lately, Pegida criticized the Syria-deployment of the Bundeswehr.

Pegida had said from the outset in their demands that war refugees must be given temporary protection. They are opposed to the admission of economic refugees and have a zero-tolerance policy towards asylum seekers and criminal extremists whose immediate expulsion it asks.

The movement made inter alia the following proposals; Building a border fence around the whole of Germany; Angela Merkel on trial for high treason; Police and army should refuse to obey, to put the constitutional right of resistance law in force.

6:50 Siegfried Däbritz opened the rally. He asks for applause for all helpers and participants.

"Speaking of huge applause. Did any of you see the SED uh CDU party? A 10 minute standing ovation for Angela Merkel! I was reminded of the People's Chamber. And so I welcome our first guest speaker ...: Welcome, Lutz "

6:55 Bachmann said that Däbritz opened the rally for "legal reasons". Because the city of Dresden was indeed checking out a Pegida ban, named him, as chairman, as "untrusted" because he had not interrupted an alleged seditious speech by Filip Dewinter last Monday.

In the city of Dresden, he says, "here on Theatre Square are thousands more patriots and everyone will be ready" to make the event director proud.

Bachmann castigates "the violence-distorted grimaces of the colorful and tolerant alliances", in light of the riots in Leipzig. He greets all the injured, police officers and civilians, and wishes them a speedy recovery.

He looked forward already to the images of the Theatre Square on 21 December when it will be filled with "
allegedly 10,000 self-proclaimed anti-fascists".

"I am already looking forward to the pictures, now we are, I think, again 1,500 ..." quips Bachmann. [Referring to the figures the media gives] He announces that Pegida will meet on Dec. 21 for a walk. [...] The city of Dresden has not yet responded to the request for the Theatre Square.

7:05  Bobina from the Czech Republic is the next speaker.
"It is impossible that millions of people migrate to Europe to seek what they lack at home," she says. "One can only help so far as one does not destroy himself for the aid." It is no shame to say that one no longer can. The meaning of aid is not to sacrifice oneself. "Where are the elderly, the sick and homeless people who needed our help? Buzz me no more, because I am simply not 'in' any longer,” said Bobina.

She said: If you currently go anywhere in the Czech Republic, in doctors' offices, barber shops etc. you hear everywhere: "Tell me, what are the Germans doing? Are they all mad, all mad? "And then she had to explain to her compatriots always, that it is not the ordinary Germans who were, but the politicians who" spit on their own people ".

7:18 Germans buy dumps in the Czech Republic:

Then Bobina says: It comes to that in the Czech Republic many Germans are currently buying up at the border with Saxony “the worst ruins", run down properties and apartments, which were the last holes, ie, apartments, that no Czech would buy. "That's not a good sign, politicians!" cries Bobina. The Czechs therefore, suspect that the Germans do that because they have such a fear of the future, they are setting up a hideout near the border.

Bobina then leads a song because her speech was so pessimistic ("of the future I can think of only one word: Apocalypse"), she concludes with playing a song on the accordion. It was her gift "to all traumatized citizens of this country." It is “Silent Night,” Heilige night. Bobina sings with her Czech accent and full of heart, even though she had declared two minutes before that she was an atheist ... Many demonstrators sing reverently with her ... all three stanzas.
Huge applause of the demonstrators.

7:29 Siegfried Däbritz thanks Bobina and opened the walk: "So now we bring again the images that are seen around the world ... and I can tell you, look at us, we are very, very many! ... We go now round through the city. "

Due to the Christmas markets, the route is not too long.

8:00 Tatjana Festerling (pictured right) cites the pledge of allegiance of the Bundeswehr:

"I swear to faithfully serve the Federal Republic of Germany and to defend the rights and freedom of the brave German people, so help me God." She railed against the planned Syrian-use:

The Bundeswehr is there to "defend our own country - and ONLY for that is it there!" (GG Article 87a) And Festerling also refers to Article 26 of the Basic Law: "actions  made with the intention to disturb peaceful relations between nations, especially to prepare for war of aggression, shall be unconstitutional. They are to be punishable."

Since Syria is still a sovereign state, the Bundeswehr makes itself punishable by taking part in a war of aggression.

"Dear soldiers - say NO!" She cries. The Syrian use is the "command by an entirely wrong political caste that are no longer worth the rule of law."

The Bundeswehr will be sent into the complete unknown: There are no clear goals and strategies against the IS-terrorists and no exit strategy.

8:22 Festerling again has a provocative suggestion: The Saxons could suggest to the illegal Muslim immigrants to move on to other parts of Germany [she names them].

"What if we openly reject the compulsion to take thousands of illegally invading, male Muslims from Arab and African countries?"

She calls it a "friendly and consistent policy of expulsion". Thus could Saxony and eastern Germany possibly keep clear of "Arab diversity" and "Merkel's Muslims".

She proposes an "inner-German population exchange": "All who enter here for the diversity of opinions and cultures, and for friendly, respectful relations with our neighboring nations should flee to the East and resettle."

And another is this: "Stand up for Islam, which is for the restriction of fundamental rights, the homo-discrimination and advocate Frühsexualisierung of children, and all those who wish for further measures by the EU," she advises, "please go to the West! Power over the Reich countryside! "


Festerling says to the "few freedom lovers" in the West: "Come to us in the East and help us repel the invasion here.

8:30 Festerling: N-TV reports that according to the IMF an estimated 2.7 million immigrants are expected in Germany up to the end of 2017. Of the working age population (500,000), only one in fifty will find a permanent job, ie. 10,000 people.

Also know that the application of the Christian Democrat and Schuster Bosbach which demanded compliance with Schengen and Dublin, was rejected almost unanimously by a rebuttal from de Maiziere. (Loud “traitors” call-outs) Why would "Merkel and her government gang" in "the most beautiful socialist style" [cannot understand the rest of this-cy] - distribute quotas for migrants.

"Merkel is and remains mistaken! She will no longer come to her senses. She lives in her own world."

"How will a President Marine Le Pen in France recapture [their nation] for the French?" asks Festerling. "How can we do away with the existing Caliphate?" Islam is already very advanced in our western neighboring countries.

In order to save the family, one must get a divorce from the "crazed part." The East had to decide whether it wanted to join the Western self-destruction policies or be associated with the more intact neighboring European peoples, like the Czechs, Poles, Slovaks and Hungarians.

Then she mentions:

"We have on the last Monday had something like a golden anniversary." There were "people among us" who missed none of the previous 50 Pegida demos. "Do you know what that is? German loyalty, German soul!"

She quotes Josef Eichendorff ("And my soul spread wide its wings") and asks the protesters to let the words be: "the heart and soul is what is to be taken from the Germans; that is what our people excel in and has made us strong," said Festerling.

8:40 The protesters sing the national anthem together with the singer Ramona. Siegfried Däbritz announces the event is ended.


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