Book News: “The Artist Within the Warlord”

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2018-06-24 23:54

THE SECOND EDITION of The Artist Within the Warlord is now being sold at TBR. It is no longer available through Amazon.

I have a few extra copies that I am willing to sell if you would like to get a personally signed and dedicated to you (by me) copy and don't mind paying other than by credit card. I have just four of the first edition and eight of the second edition. The first edition I will sell for just $18 plus $5 shipping/handling within the U.S. The second edition will be $25 plus $5 s/h.

You will have to email me at carolyn at carolynyeager dot net or use the contact form on this website and let me know which one you want.  I will confirm, and when I receive the payment through the US mail to my PO Box in the form of a check, cash or money order, and once a check goes through, I will mail you the signed, brand new book. Mail to: Carolyn Yeager, PO Box 294044, Kerrville TX 78029

This beautifully designed book is destined to become a classic. 


Adolf Hitler


Is there a difference between the editions (updated or additional information)? Or is the second edition just a second printing?

There is no substantial difference. The second edition is a second printing  because of trimming problems with the first edition, but with minor changes and corrections, plus a paper upgrade of both interior and cover.

Also, the four copies of the first edition that I have are from the batch that got trimmed 1/16" too much on each edge (to be exact, it measures 5 7/8" by 8 3/4"). So it's almost but not quite 6"x 9". That's the main reason for the discount. I do intend to make sure anyone who asks for that one knows that.

Why is this? Did Amazon delist you, the way it did Castle Hill Publishers last year, or did you pull the book from them for some reason? See

The Barnes Review placed it there with a special unaffiliated account they have, but have decided not to continue to service it. It is TBR's decision afaik.

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