Britain's Rabbi Sacks explains antisemitism

Published by carolyn on Sun, 2016-10-02 14:53

Jonathan Sacks was encouraged to become a rabbi by Menachem M. Schneerson, the leader of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement, which means it's not so much religious as about "what's good for the jews."

By Carolyn Yeager

ON SEPTEMBER 27 IN A LECTURE GIVEN TO THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT, former Chief Rabbi of Britain, Sir Jonathan Sacks (above), who was invited to speak by president Martin Schultz, declared that:

"Antisemitism is not about Jews, antisemitism is about antisemites."

If it's not about Jews, why is he so worried about it? I guess because he describes antisemites as "people who can't accept their own failure and instead have to blame someone else (the Jews)."

This man is in deep denial. How can millions of non-Jews, most of whom are not failures at all, be the reason Jews are so widely unpopular? The problem has to be at least partly with the Jews.  He also told the parliament:

"Antisemitism is symptom of a disease"

He means a mental disease, a sickness of the mind. But he then turned it into a legal problem, by saying:

"Antisemitism means denying the right of Jews to exist collectively as Jews with the same rights as everyone else." 

Aha! Collectively. Well, why should Jews exist as a collective within another collective, i.e. a national people, with full rights? Jews are a people of their own, proven by the fact of their passionate love for the Jewish state, Israel. History is rife with examples of nations that granted equal rights to Jews, with Jews then turning around and using those rights to plot and conspire to create conditions better for Jews and worse for the national people. They are in fact doing this right now in the United States and in Europe. They have done it for centuries in the UK.

So there is a reason that many national people want to deny Jews full rights collectively. It is an astute position and shows a knowledge of history. Rather than being a disease, this reservation comes from a healthy mind.

Instead of applauded, Rabbi Sacks should be answered, as I have answered. You can watch this entire lecture on video if you want. I wasn't able to get through it.




""Antisemitism means denying the right of Jews to exist collectively as Jews with the same rights as everyone else."
What crap! Nobody is trying to deny the Jews the right to exist collectively nor depriving them of their rights.
If I point out the fact, for example, that Hollywood is dominated by JEWS, I'm called an "antisemite." If I condemn Israel for its genocide and displacement of the indigenous Palestinians, I'm called an "antisemite". Etc., etc., and not this ridiculous, neurotic nonsense spewed by this bearded clown.
Like Edgar J. Steele once said: "Antisemitism is a disease--you catch it from Jews."
Bottom line: antisemitism is a natural, normal and healthy defensive reaction to Jews, who truly are "our misfortune." 

Another example of antisemitism which excludes all the other semitic people (e.g. palestinians). It is copyrighted for the Jewish people and it doesn't matter if some of those Jews (e.g. ashkenazis) aren't from semitic background.
Cry of "antisemitism" is pitiful and worn out defence to shield them from the criticism of Jews and Israel.

Yes, Carolyn, we are made to fear being called an anti-semite.  I was talking with one my relatives about the movie Denial and how Irving's challenge had been misrepresented.  The frist thing she asked me was if I am an anti-Semite.  By your insightful definition I suppose I am.  My biggest beef with the Jews, I think, which is really the institutionalization of this anti-Semiticism is the genital mutilation of infant boys.  They tie a baby boy down on a cross so he can't object and then proceed to cut an organ off of his little dick.  It is barbarian and has absolutely no health benefits yet it is permitted by otherwise rational human beings because of so-called religious liberty.   They do this while laughing and drinking.  It is child abuse and against every notion we have of a person's right to their own bodies.  If the Jews want to practice circumcision let them choose it as adults.  And while they are at it may they castrate themselves.  But because I believe that we ought protect the most vulnerable in our country I am called anti-Semitic.  In this case I wear it proudly.  Thank you for your work.  

I do believe that antisemitism, jealousy of the Jews and anger at them, for their exploitation of the peasantry and the unfair advantages accorded them by the church and the princes, did at one time exist. But that was long ago and far away. I do not use the term antisemitism, preferring to utilise instead 'anti djoo supremacism' to cover the modern normal reaction to the multifaceted Jewish war against the goy.
A Very Merry Rosh Hosannah To One And All.

Who coined the word/phrase "counter-semitic"? I find it admirable, as it deftly expresses the notion of defence against aggression, and echoes the media mantra "counterinsurgency" which seems intended to mean "the good guys".

Google: The JEWel wasp and the Cockroach and see how this parasite turns its victim into a zombie!
Now compare the power of the JEWISH Bible, Jewish Hollywood and Jewish media, to brainwash the Goyim/Gentile and turn them into zombies and you have a perfect match between the JEWel Wasp and the JEW.

One of the foremost tactics of the jews (small j intentional out of disrespect and contempt), is to point the finger at others and accuse them of exactly what they (the jews) are guilty of.
It was 9-11 that got my attention. The evidence it was a jewish operation would convince any honest jury.
As this article displays, the jews are the world's premier con artists. No other group comes remotely close.
And to quote John Kaminski, "Anyone with a brain is an anti-semite."