Bully Jewess DNC chairwoman shows the problem with Jews running America

Published by carolyn on Fri, 2015-09-25 19:46

Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, DNC Chairwoman and Congresswoman from Florida, has condemned Sen. Marco Rubio for going into a house that contains two Adolf Hitler paintings. And on Yom Kippur too!

Isn't it time to quit letting every Jew count for more than anyone else?

Jews want to run America as if it were Israel. They think a politician's views on their Big Lie “Holocaust” are the test of his/her fitness to represent Americans in their government.

And, as a matter of fact, it's not only one's actual views, but just some peripheral association with items of National Socialist origin that will bring out virulent attacks that are reminiscent of the reigns of Lavrentiy Beria and Josef Stalin, who were such favorites of Jews like Debbie Wasserman's grandparents in their day.

This particular Jewess, Debbie Wasserman-Schultz, claims active memberships in the National Jewish Democratic Council, Planned Parenthood, and Hadassah (Women's Zionist Organization of America), which shows her interests are entirely Jewish-oriented and anti-White. 

Consorting with Hitler

In her attack on Marco Rubio (who I do not personally like and do not want to be the Republican presidential nominee, by the way), she said that Adolf Hitler was “a man who dedicated his life to extinguishing the Jewish people” and therefore Rubio attending a fund-raising event in the house of a man who owned two paintings by Hitler “was the height of insensitivity and indifference" – to Jews apparently. She pointed out that Marco Rubio “represents a sizable Jewish population in our home state of Florida, [and therefore] should cancel this tasteless fundraiser."

But this jewess could never make the case that Hitler dedicated his life to extinguishing the Jewish people. He dedicated his life to saving the German people, whose #1 enemy happened to be Jews. Hitler did not cause that to be so; it was the situation he had to deal with after 1918.

She also said that because the event fell on the eve of Yom Kippur, the holiest day on the Jewish calendar, that meant Marco Rubio, who is NOT A JEW, was “insensitive and indifferent” to the Jews who make up a “sizeable part of our home state of Florida.” Good grief! Talk about overdoing the Jewish influence when Jews make up only 3% of the population of the "sunshine state." But of course, those Floridians who are outside of the high-population centers of South Florida don't count. Wasserman represents a district that holds part of Fort Lauderdale, Hollywood and the coastal area down to Miami.

Jewish suffering is overrated

Americans are used to allowing Jews and Jewish sensibilities to count for more than the sensibilities of any other people, but is that right? Should it be allowed to continue? No, a thousand times no. What  people like you can do is come down hard on Wasserman and others like her who play the “holocaust card” to get special favors and influence in a country with only 2 to 2.5% Jews. You who are reading this need to speak up in order to end this grotesque charade. We can put Debbie Wasserman-Schultz in her place.

Jews like Wasserman have managed to convince the majority of European-Americans that “millions of Jews the world over” suffered “horror” from the National-Socialist government of Adolf Hitler. But it is only because they have had the assistance of the Allied war-criminals such as Dwight D. Eisenhower, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Bomber Harris, to name just a few – and the false WWII narrative developed at Nuremberg, mainly by the murderous Soviet Union. It's time to change that narrative and stop giving Jews the free ride they've been getting.