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Liberal lesbian Federal Minister Barbara Hendricks with her man-cut hair foresees a huge increase in 'legitimate refugees' coming to Germany unless Europe takes responsibility for their environmental problems.

SPD Federal Environment Minister demands recognition for climate refugees !

Climate change could force millions more to flee

German Federal Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks calls for the UN to create a category for climate refugees. 

Without an effective climate policy, a massive new refugee movement will come to Germany, says Federal Environment Minister Barbara Hendricks (SPD - Lutz Bachmann calls it the Sharia Partei Deutschland).

"It is clear that there will be huge drought areas and flooded lands if we do not control climate change to a manageable level," Hendricks told the news magazine "Focus" on Saturday. "Already fragile states will be further destabilized. [Who destabilized them and why? -cy] This in turn will drive millions of people to flee and they will probably come to us."

Therefore Hendricks calls for recognition of climate refugees. "It would be the United Nations mission to create a category," said the Minister. "Currently, it is unfortunately the case that someone who comes to us for climate reasons is denounced by many as a so-called economic refugee. He has lost his livelihood," the Minister is quoted by “Focus” magazine as saying.

Right: Hendricks and Merkel at the signing of the coalition agreement for the 18th election period of the Bundestag in 2013.

Hendricks wants to work at the Paris World Climate Conference, beginning the end of November, to ensure that industrialized countries meet their responsibilities. "Climate policy is active refugee policy", said the Minister. "Finally we have signicantly polluted the soil during the decades of industrialization, and still contribute greatly to this." (AFP) ['We' signifies the global approach - 'we' are all responsible. We have a responsibility to "fragile" states that all happen to be around Israel ... and Muslim. -cy]

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Barbara Hendricks is the first openly lesbian federal minister. In a casual way, she said at the end of an interview that she was looking forward to celebrating New Year's Eve with her partner in Berlin. 


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I'm sorry but this one is particularly infuriating to me. If Barbara Hendricks is so "concerned" about the environment then why is she advocating for the overpopulation of Germany via immigrants who could care less about Germany's natural heritage?  If carbon emissions are such a problem doesn't she realize that Germany's emissions will rise as a result of this artificial increase in the population?  Don't fossil fuels come from many of the regions these people are fleeing from and have not their own countries also profited and benefited from the development of these fossil fuels and technologies?  This creature could care less about the environment, she is just using "global warming" as a rational for her borderless communist world view.  What is really a shame is that unlike the communists, the National Socialists really did love their homeland and their environment. 

Western states, and Germany in particular, have very strict environmental laws. China and India (and other developing countries) don't care about this but only about profits. 
Best thing for Germany would be closing their factories in the third world and bring the jobs back home. Why do we industrialize these nations anyway if that is so bad after all? 
It doesn't make sense as usual. They just use any excuse to wipe us out without openly admitting it. 

As you and Richard both say, since what they're doing doesn't make sense, that is the admission of their intentions right there.

Markus, if you notice any mistakes in my translation of these German articles, do draw it to my attention. I don't want to leave a wrong impression.

Angela Merkel is giving the impression lately that she wants Germany to be a recognized leader in the "free world", on a par with the US and UK. For that she seems willing to give up German identity to remain an economic powerhouse. What she does should not ever be mistaken for what Adolf Hitler could have, would have done.

Apparently only Whites cause Global Warming. They told us in the 80-90s to not have children to curb Carbon footprint. 
Now our numbers stagnate or decrease as demanded, but now they tell us we need 3rd worlders to replace decreasing numbers. It's all a joke. Global Warming science itself and its implications too. 
As far as the accuracy of texts, most can be translated via Google to get the idea. Unless it's really a crucial question on details in TT for example, translations don't need to be 100% accurate or simply are accurate by using Google only, imo. 

That's how I do it, with Google. It works well but is time-consuming and not easy.

Ya, if only we could just take care of our own people, how happy and healthy we would be. They sold this idea of "a small world" and a "global family" just like they sell everything else. We need to opt out of it.

The Emnid poll for the newspaper Bild am Sonntag on Sunday put support for the AfD at nine percent, up one percentage point from last week and at the same level as the radical Left Party (Die Linke, former Communist Party of East Germany before 1991), which lost one percentage point.

In eastern Germany, which has seen violent protests against refugees in recent months, support for the Alternativ für Deutschland party was particularly strong at 14 percent and even higher among east German men at 18 percent.

The AfD has attacked the government's policy, calling it "asylum chaos" and the party's deputy leader has accused Merkel of "people smuggling" for allowing thousands of asylum seekers into the country after they got stuck on the Hungarian border.

Some 5,000 AfD supporters marched in Berlin on Saturday in a protest against Merkel's asylum policies under the banner, "Asylum has its limits. Red card for Merkel."

Who do men-haters go to such lengths to look like men?  

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